• Revols Announces In-Ear Headphones That Mold To The Contours Of Your Disgusting Body

    Revols Announces In-Ear Headphones That Mold To The Contours Of Your Disgusting Body

    As if it weren’t bad enough that all of us contain a skeleton, Revols reminds us that we also have ears. This Montreal-based custom headphone company has created a very unique custom earbud system that allows you to create soft, sound-isolated headphones in a minute using a mobile app. Plus they’ve teamed with Onkyo to offer some of the most interesting industrial design… Read More

  • Onkyo Japan Announces Windows 7-Powered “Slate PC”

    Onkyo Japan Announces Windows 7-Powered “Slate PC”

    Onkyo Japan has been releasing quite a few Windows-powered tablets in the past months, and the company yesterday announced [JP] yet another model. The TW2A-A25Z7CK features Windows 7 Home Premium as the OS (32 bit), and comes with a stylus, a stand/case, and a Bluetooth keyboard. Onkyo’s so-called Slate PC has the following specs. Read More

  • Onkyo Updates Receivers And Remote App With Spotify Support

    Onkyo Updates Receivers And Remote App With Spotify Support

    Attention all Onkyo-using music lovers: if you’ve felt like your life has been too quiet as of late, a new update for the Onkyo Remote Android app may be just what the doctor ordered. Onkyo has announced that they have added support for Spotify Premium to their free app, and that a handful of their network-enabled receivers and home theater systems will be updated to play nicely with it. Read More

  • The Onkyo BD-SP809 Blu-ray Player: 3D, Netflix, And A Lovely THX Certification

    Once upon a time, buying a high-end audio or video device often meant sacrificing otherwise standard consumer features. Instead of a quality remote, you’d get fancy interior audio circuity. Instead of an on-screen GUI, the player would weigh 30 lbs. Such was the life of a fine media connoisseur. That trend is quickly fading, though. Onkyo just announced its latest flagship Blu-ray… Read More

  • Onkyo Releases Two Windows 7 Tablets

    Another day, another new tablet: this times it’s actually two tablets [JP] coming from Japanese maker Onkyo (they aren’t the company’s first ones). Both devices, the TW317A7PH (pictured) and the TW117A6PH, run on Windows 7 Professional and are primarily aimed at businesses. Read More

  • Onkyo Rolls Out New Networked Stereo Receiver

    Onkyo has added a new stereo receiver with networking capabilities to their lineup for 2011. The TX-8050 Network Stereo Receiver gets many of the new connection features found in Onkyo’s bigger multi-channel receivers like a USB port on the front and an ethernet port for connecting to multiple internet radio stations (Pandora, Rhapsody, Napster, SIRIUS XM Internet Radio, Slacker… Read More

  • Slatepad TA117: Onkyo Rolls Out 10.1-Inch Android Tablet

    Japanese PC maker Onkyo, which rolled out three Windows tablets in its home market earlier this year, has unveiled an Android-based tablet that will go on sale (again, in Japan first) this week. Dubbed SlatePad TA117 [JP], the device features a slew of nice features. Read More

  • Onkyo Announces Snoopy-Themed Windows Tablet

    I thought we’d get a Hello Kitty tablet before anything else, but today Onkyo Japan has announced a Snoopy-themed Windows tablet [JP, PDF] for the local market (Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit, to be more exact). Buyers will get a rebranded Onkyo device with a Snoopy drawing on the back, a Snoopy stylus, and a special “Peanuts” case. Read More

  • Onkyo Announces Three Windows 7 Tablets For Japan

    Onkyo (yes, that Onkyo) just announced that they are producing three different Windows 7 tablet computers for Japan. The bad news is there’s no word on if they will ever show up in the US. Read More

  • Onkyo's new picture frame boasts an HDMI port, doubles as secondary display

    Onkyo Japan announced [JP] the LPF10M01 today, a digital picture frame whose main selling point is its HDMI port. Apart from displaying photos, the 10.-1-inch frame can be used as a sub display for computers, to view movies, watch digital TV etc. Read More

  • Onkyo presents super-cute Miffy netbook

    Here’s your chance in case you want to surprise your daughter or little sister with a geeky present: Onkyo in Japan has announced [JP, PDF] a super-cute, kid-friendly, and Miffy-themed netbook today. It’s not only the hardware itself that’s covered with Miffy designs, but Onkyo (in cooperation with Bandai Namco) is shipping it with Miffy-powered software as well. Read More

  • Onkyo's high-end audio system for iPods and PCs

    Onkyo in Japan announced [JP, PDF] a new “digital media audio system” for iPod and PC owners today. The system consists of the ND-S1, a so-called digital media transport interface/cradle, and the DP-M1, a set of active speakers. Onkyo already offers the ND-S1 (even outside Japan), which serves as a link between your home theater or PC and your iPod. Read More

  • Onkyo's new notebook is 22mm thin, offers over 14 hours of battery life

    Onkyo in Japan announced [JP, PDF] a new notebook today, the Sotec MX1007A4. It has a 10.1-inch screen featuring 1,024×600 resolution and LED backlight, with Onkyo saying one of the two selling points is its thickness (the notebook is 22mm thin – 18mm at it thinnest part). It weighs just 1.16kg, too. Read More

  • Onkyo to sell beefed up version of Kohjinsha's dual-screen notebook

    I’m sure many of you remember the pretty cool-looking dual-screen notebook Japanese company Kohjinsha announced last month (it’s already available over here). As it turns out, another Japanese PC maker, Onkyo, thought the device is worthy enough to get rebranded and improved spec-wise. The result is the DX1007A5 [JP], which is slightly more expensive than the Kohjinsha original… Read More

  • Onkyo's 7-inch tablet PC with integrated GPS module

    Onkyo Japan has announced a few notebooks today, all of which are in fact re-branded (but beefed up) models competitor Kohjinsha released earlier on the Japanese market. Perhaps the most interesting new model is the NX707A4 [JP], a 7-inch tablet netbook with an built-in GPS module. The tablet is powered by Atom Z520 processor (1.33 GHz) and has an 80GB HDD, 1GB RAM, Intel US15W chipset, two… Read More

  • The Onkyo DV-BD507 Blu-ray player is now shipping Stateside

    The Onkyo DV-BD507 is headed to America, everyone. The AV company went all offical on the player last month with European launch info, but was mum about a US release. Well, it’s here and it looks great – including the price. Read More

  • Best Buy's Magnolia Home Theater to sell Onkyo products soon

    Having trouble finding Onkyo products after all the Circuit City stores closed up? Yeah, sometimes we forget that when major retailers go down, some vendors suffer a lot too including Onkyo. Well, soon an underpaid Best Buy Magnolia Home Theater worker will be happy to demo and sell you products from the brand. Read More

  • Onkyo HDC-1L HTPC/netop: now with less audiophile goodies

    The first-gen Onkyo hasn’t exactly made a splash in the HTPC market – do you know anyone that owns one? – but maybe the new models will help the home theater namesake penetrate more markets. By ditching audiophile-grade amplifier along with a DAC, the price has dropped from 200,00 yen ($2,149) to 59,800 ($643) which should spur some sales. Still, the netop is… Read More

  • Onkyo/Sotec releases Hello Kitty netbook

    Onkyo Japan today announced the Sotec C1 Hello Kitty (C101K3W) [JP], a netbook designed for fans of the famous cartoon cat from Sanrio. Unlike other Hello Kitty PCs, this model has been modified not only design- but also hardware-wise (see the picture above). The Hello Kitty C1 features an Atom N270 CPU (1.60 GHZ), 1GB of RAM, a 120GB HDD, a 10.1″ TFT display (resolution: 1,024×600)… Read More

  • Onkyo announces THX-certified 7.1-channel speaker system

    Today, the HT-S9100THX system was announced and it has its sights set on HD theater buffs across the country. The 7.1-channel system (130W/channel) includes THX’s Loudnes Plus technology and comes with four HDMI v1.3a ports. The more HDMI ports, the better, I say. Audyssey and Faroudja handle onboard audio and video processing. Faroudja’s DCDi Edge technology bumps all… Read More