NuCaptcha Dynamically Alters Captchas To Promise Security

NuCaptcha, a startup that develops video captcha technology, is hoping to disrupt the captcha industry today with the launch of its dynamic captchas that promise security to website owners.

Captchas are security questions you find on Web sites that require you to decipher and type words or numbers and detects whether the user is a human or a spambot. Most Captchas you see are transcription, text-based Captchas.

Of course, captchas can often be confusing, and not user-friendly. NuCaptcha is trying to solve this pain point by offering site owners a more user-friendly alternative, called a video captcha. NuCaptcha has spent the last few years optimizing its security so that 3 un-distorted letters can be used on “most” sites. Sites that need more security can add up to 8 letters.

NuCaptcha’s Behavioral Analysis System detects unusual behavior dynamically and can increase the complexity of the Captcha and slow down the video, making it difficult for both bots and human-farms to solve Captcha in high volumes.

A variety of video-based templates are available for site owners, based on their required site look-and-feel, and can be deployed quickly. Currently serving millions of Captchas per month, NuCaptcha offers a Free, Pro and Enterprise offering, and users can determine the size, choice of videos, security level, and even optional branding, advertising and revenue generation through NuCaptcha’s Advertising Programs.

NuCaptcha faces competition from ReCaptcha, which Google acquired in 2009.