NuCaptcha's Advertising Network For Video Captchas Goes Self-Serve

NuCaptcha, a startup that develops video captcha technology, unveiled its ad formats last year. Today, the startup is releasing a self-serve advertising server that will enable both advertisers and publishers to sell their own captcha ads directly.

Captchas are security questions you find on Web sites that require you to decipher and type words or numbers and detects whether the user is a human or a spambot. Most Captchas you see are transcription, text-based Captchas. NuCaptcha is trying to disrupt the space by adding video to the mix. NuCaptcha’s ad format allows brands to place advertisements behind the actual Captcha text. NuCaptcha’s video animation technology aims to be easier to read and more secure, with animation that makes the captcha far easier for humans to solve.

Online publishers can replace website Captchas with the video-based advertisements and earn revenue. Brand advertisers can upload their video ads into NuCaptcha’s system to. It is essentially becoming an ad network for video captchas.

NuCaptcha had over a dozen advertisers who are using the platform and the startup is optimistic that more advertisers will sign up now that the service is self-serve. The startup says that it has seen high engagement rates with ads, so there is a benefit to brands using the format. Since June 2010, NuCaptcha has served millions of video-based Captchas.