Skyfire Snags Two New Execs: One From Adobe, One From Akamai

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Skyfire, the folks behind the Flash-friendly smartphone browser of the same name. They’ve presumably been sitting quiet in anticipation of Skyfire for iPhone — which, by the way, has been in Apple’s approval queue for a month and a half now.

Earlier today Skyfire reached out to us with a bit of exclusive info: they’ve got two new executives joining their team. They poached one of’em from Adobe’s Flash team, while the other comes from Akamai (who, for those unfamiliar, pretty much hosts the Internet… or at least its videos. Hulu,, Apple — all their videos are belong to Akamai).

From Adobe comes Vinay Ramani, who was Group Product Manager for Flash from 2006 until earlier this year. He’ll be joining Skyfire as an advisor, while also serving as Sr. Director of Products at communications software company, Ecrio. Busy guy!

Previously Akamai’s Senior Director of Engineering, John Metzger will now act as Skyfire’s Vice President of Engineering. Metzger was previously part of the team that built up Akamai’s multimedia acceleration and scalability solutions. With Skyfire’s heavy use of proxy servers for on-the-fly Flash conversion, this talent-grab makes perfect sense.

Now, if only one of these dudes knows someone at Apple who can hurry the Skyfire approval process the hell up.