• After Revealing Shift To WebKit, Opera Will Buy Mobile Video Optimization Provider Skyfire Labs For $155 Million

    After Revealing Shift To WebKit, Opera Will Buy Mobile Video Optimization Provider Skyfire Labs For $155 Million

    Opera Software is buying mobile video optimization and cloud solutions provider Skyfire Labs for about $155 million in cash and stock, the Oslo-based company announced today. The news comes a few days after after Opera revealed that it plans to transition its Web browsers to WebKit to increase competitiveness on Android and iOS. Skyfire will remain open as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Opera… Read More

  • Skyfire Raises $10M To Bring Its Mobile Optimization Tools To Global Carriers

    Skyfire Raises $10M To Bring Its Mobile Optimization Tools To Global Carriers

    Skyfire, which makes mobile browser products for both carriers and consumers, has raised $10 million in Series D funding. The company’s main carrier product is currently the Skyfire Rocket Optimizer, which can supposedly reduce the bandwidth needed to download videos by 60 percent and images by 50 percent. Skyfire says that with its carrier partnerships, it’s delivering optimized… Read More

  • Skyfire Raises $8 Million In A Round Funded By Verizon And Others

    Skyfire Raises $8 Million In A Round Funded By Verizon And Others

    After raising just shy of $23 million over the past 5 years, Skyfire today announced that they’ve raised their second biggest round of funding to date. Coming in at $8 million dollars, this Series C round is being funded by Verizon Investments (as in Verizon Communications’ venture arm) along with new investments from previous investors Matrix Partners, Trinity Ventures, and… Read More

  • Skyfire’s VideoQ Lets You Save Flash Videos To Watch On Your iPhone Later

    Skyfire’s VideoQ Lets You Save Flash Videos To Watch On Your iPhone Later

    Until Adobe and Apple work out their differences (Yeah, right) or the entire Internet miraculously switches to using HTML5 for all video content, the Skyfire browser will always have one steadfast selling point: through some on-the-fly conversion magic, it can play back Flash video content on iOS devices. The problem: outside of its Flash shortcomings, Safari is great. Most people probably… Read More

  • SkyFire for iPad Launching Tonight For $4.99 [Update: It's Live!]

    It’s been a busy couple of weeks for the folks over at SkyFire. They launched their Flash Video-friendly browser for the iPhone back in early November, only to pull it down almost immediately to ease the onslaught of users hammering their video transcoding server. Even with that temporary App Store absence, however, SkyFire for iPhone managed to pull in just shy of a million bucks in… Read More

  • SkyFire For iPad Goes Gold, Gets Shipped Off For Apple's Approval

    Just a few weeks back, SkyFire (a browser most known for its ability to play Flash videos on handsets that otherwise couldn’t) came along and turned the App Store upside down. In its first three days alone, it managed to pull down over $1 million in sales — and that’s without any sort of offering for iPad users. Well, iPad users, SkyFire is coming your way soon. How soon? As… Read More

  • SkyFire for iPhone Brings The Flash To France, Germany, and Italy

    After a slightly rocky (but still crazy fruitful) U.S. launch and a seemingly less painful debut in the U.K., SkyFire for iPhone is continuing its international roll out today. Best known for being that browser that offers up Flash Video playback support on iOS by way of some monkey-in-the-middle proxy magic, SkyFire has been surrounded by its fair share of hype & controversy. Now, everyone… Read More

  • SkyFire for iPhone goes live in the UK

    Just a quick note for all of our friends in the UK: that SkyFire application that was such a big deal just a few weeks back for kinda-sorta allowing Flash video playback on the iPhone? You can get it now; 21 days after the slightly bumpy US launch, SkyFire has pushed the browser up for sale on the UK App Store. Just in time for the Doctor Who Christmas Special next month! Hurrah! Thanks to… Read More

  • SkyFire 3.0 For Android Finds A Friend In Facebook

    Given the underwhelming past few years in Flock‘s history and the seemingly lukewarm post-launch response to RockMelt, I’m not entirely convinced that anyone actually wants a bunch of social networking stuff tied into their browser. So far, the browsers that pull the bigger numbers are the ones that suck the least, not the ones with the most feature bloat. Keep It Simple… Read More

  • SkyFire Pulls In Nearly $1 Million In Its First Weekend On The App Store

    Just about every time I write about SkyFire, the cross-platform (and generally free) smartphone browser capable of churning through most Flash videos, someone always says: “Great! But uh, how are they going to make money?” Well, looks like they’ve figured that out. In their first weekend on iOS — the first and only current platform on which SkyFire isn’t free… Read More

  • SkyFire for iPhone pulled from the App Store, and it's not Apple's doing

    Didn’t get a chance to check out the Flash-friendly-ish SkyFire browser when it went live in the iPhone App Store earlier today? Sorry Charlie, it’s gone — and not because Apple decided to reverse their approval. Read More

  • SkyFire for iPhone now available

    After a two month journey, the SkyFire browser’s seemingly endless voyage onto the App Store has come to a successful end. After word got out yesterday that they’d got the green light from Apple, we figured it’d show up sometime in the next day or two — sure enough, it just went live. Haven’t been paying attention, and are now wondering what all the hubbubs about? Read More

  • SkyFire for iPhone gets Apple's stamp of approval

    Good news, everyone! If you’ve been keeping track of SkyFire’s voyage onto the iPhone, you’ll be happy to know: they just got the thumbs up from Apple. For those counting, it took just over two months for this Flash-friendly-ish browser to go from submitted to approved. Expect it to hit the App Store within the next two days. In the mean time, go dig through our hands-on… Read More

  • With SkyFire for iPhone Still Awaiting App Store Approval, We Go Hands-On

    As soon as we heard that the SkyFire browser was coming to the iPhone, we just knew it was going to sit in the approval queue for a while. With Apple/Adobe’s infamous squabbling, anything that claimed to support Flash — even through some server-side conversions, as with SkyFire — was going to be subject to some major scrutiny. 1 month, 20 days, and 2 hours later, our buddies… Read More

  • Skyfire Snags Two New Execs: One From Adobe, One From Akamai

    It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Skyfire, the folks behind the Flash-friendly smartphone browser of the same name. They’ve presumably been sitting quiet in anticipation of Skyfire for iPhone — which, by the way, has been in Apple’s approval queue for a month and a half now. Earlier today Skyfire reached out to us with a bit of exclusive info… Read More

  • Sure Enough, SkyFire Announces They've Submitted To The App Store

    Just last week, a couple of much-trusted birdies popped into the MobileCrunch office, claiming to have some details on SkyFire (a Flash-friendly mobile browser already available on a number of smartphone platforms) and its impending iPhone release. “They’ve entered the very final round of testing!” they said. “It’s going to get submitted to Apple early next… Read More

  • SkyFire for iPhone To Be Submitted To Apple Next Week?

    SkyFire. Heard of it? It’s the smartphone browser that was chewing through Flash video and other rich media long before any of the built-in browsers were supporting such things — and on a number of platforms, it’s still the only option. We’ve known that SkyFire Labs was crackin’ away at an iPhone port for some time now — the company confirmed it after Opera… Read More

  • Skyfire launches their first B2B offering: Skyfire Rocket

    We’ve written about Skyfire before. Plenty of times, actually. It’s the smartphone browser that, by way of data-compression proxies (and tiny wizards), can chew through Flash video and other Rich media formats on Android, Windows Mobile, and S60 handsets. Thus far, Skyfire has been an entirely business-to-consumer operation. Today, Skyfire makes the good ol’ jump to… Read More

  • Skyfire 2.0 for Android launching today

    Back in February, Skyfire (makers of the popular, Flash-enabled smartphone browser of the same name) announced that they’d snatched up Kolbysoft, the company behind the well-established Steel browser for Android. Today, we’re seeing the first fruits of that purchase coming to the market: Skyfire for Android is here. Skyfire’s flagship feature is that it supports Flash… Read More

  • Skyfire For Android Beta Leaked! Have some screenshots.

    By the time I got wind that Skyfire was looking for Alpha testers, the sign-up sheet had already been filled to the brim. Bummer, right? Fear not! As luck may have (the “luck” here being for early adopters, if not necessarily Skyfire), a Beta copy just leaked out for all to enjoy. Read More