Celebrate National Photo Month with free stuff from CrunchGear!

The month of May, named after the Greek goddess Maia, is National Photography Month. What better way to celebrate than to buy a whole bunch of “Happy National Photography Month!” cards at Hallmark. What? Hallmark doesn’t sell any such cards? Okay, Plan B: what better way to celebrate National Photography Month than with a CrunchGear contest!

We have three lovely prizes to give away, each to a different lucky winner. Sorry gang: we only have one of each to give away, and we want to make as many people happy as we can. That’s the whole point of National Photography Month, in case you didn’t know. Oh yeah, and the contest, like National Photography Month itself, is only open to U.S. residents. (It’s not World Photography Month, after all!)

booq: Boa flow M/XL
Full-featured laptop backpack designed to accommodate all the needs of the creative professional

  • Ballistic nylon exterior with water-repellant coating
  • HD Foam laptop compartment for optimum protection
  • Intelligent interior layout optimized for laptop accessories
  • Side pockets for phone, music player, or water bottle
  • Oversized YKK high-performance zippers
  • Boa flow M (13-17″ MAC, 13-15″ PC) / Boa flow XL (17″ Laptops)
  • Retail price: $199

To win the booq Boa, simply take a photo of your current camera bag.

Joby: GorillaPod SLR
Revolutionary line of tripods designed to affix cameras of any size to just about anything

  • Versions to fit point-and-shoots to large professional cameras supporting up to 11 pounds
  • Two dozen flexible leg joints bend & rotate for maximum tripod flexibility & functionality
  • Rubberized rings and foot grips ensure a steady shot on any surface or structure
  • Compact and lightweight design featured in bright 7 colors! (original GorillaPod)
  • Complete line of attachments & accessories to satisfy even the most serious photographer
  • Retail price: $40

To win the GorillaPod, simply take a photo of your current tripod.

Lensbaby: Composer
Ball and socket lens that delivers smooth selective focus photography

  • 50mm ball and socket manual lens allows the user to tilt it to a desired angle and then focus using the manual focusing ring
  • Locking Ring on the lens allows you to lock in the desired angle for extended shooting sessions
  • Comes with the Lensbaby Optic Swap system, which allows the user to have an endless variety of looks and styles (optics sold separately)
  • Magnetic aperture rings can be removed and swapped by using the Aperture Removal Tool
  • Compatible with Canon EF (EOS), Nikon F, Sony Alpha A / Minolta Maxxum, Pentax K / Samsung GX, and Olympus E1 / Panasonic Lumix DMC cameras
  • Retail price: $270

To win the lensbaby, simply take a photo of your current camera lens.

Sounds easy, right? Just take a photo of the thing you’re going to replace when you win this contest. In order to put a little spice into things, we require that your photo have something orange in it. Be creative. But remember, your photo won’t be considered if it doesn’t have some orange in it somewhere.

As stated above, we’re going to have three different winners, but you’re welcome to submit a photo for each of these items in order to increase your chances of winning something.

What do you do with the photos you’ve taken? You can send them to contest@crunchgear.com with a subject line of “National Photo Month”. Or you can tweet them with the hashtag #cgphoto. Or you can post them to the photo site of your choice and link to them in the comments.

We’ll pick a random winner for each item on Monday afternoon, to give everyone plenty of time this weekend to celebrate National Photography Month!