• Review: Booq Cobra Courier M And XS Bags

    Short version: Beautiful and well-made, but somewhat restrictive space-wise (especially the twee XS), these premium bags are great for the pro on the go, but not really for any kind of travel. Do you like the slick black style for your laptop bags? This one is probably the sexiest out there right now. Read More

  • New Upscale Cobra Booq Bags Are Sleek And Expensive

    Bag maker Booq has a new line of gear aimed at the high end — you know, business guys who want understated black stuff but don’t want to be a Samsonite guy. I really like the look of the shoulder bag above, the Cobra Courier XS ($145), for when I want to go around with just my iPad and a book or two. Read More

  • Bag Week Reviews: Booq Mamba Catch L

    Short version: A totally novel messenger bag. But it works. In fact, it works really, really well. You have to see this. Read More

  • Booq's new Mamba Catch bag is ready for your shoulder

    It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Booq, but you may remember our reviews of the Mamba Shift and Boa Squeeze. The identifying characteristics of Booq bags are a slick exterior and pocket-packed interior, and the new Catch doesn’t disappoint there. It’s a messenger/shoulder bag with a bit of structure to it so it doesn’t collapse when empty. Personally I like… Read More

  • National Photo Month contest winners!

    Next time I run a contest on CrunchGear, I am definitely not going to commit to selecting a random winner. The submissions for our National Photo Month contest were great! They were clever, artistic, and truly enjoyable. You guys outdid yourselves, and I really wish I could reward everyone who entered with a prize. But alas, I committed to selecting three random winners. Click on through to… Read More

  • Celebrate National Photo Month with free stuff from CrunchGear!

    The month of May, named after the Greek goddess Maia, is National Photography Month. What better way to celebrate than to buy a whole bunch of “Happy National Photography Month!” cards at Hallmark. What? Hallmark doesn’t sell any such cards? Okay, Plan B: what better way to celebrate National Photography Month than with a CrunchGear contest! We have three lovely prizes to… Read More

  • booq Boa skin XS for iPad

    While you’re waiting for your iPad you can stock up on all the new accouterments you’re going to need. Like the new Boa Skin XS from booq! “Designed specifically for the iPad, Boa skin XS gives today’s creative professional stylish options to protect their new gear.” Read More

  • Review: Booq Mamba Shift L laptop backpack

    Short version: An excellent backpack for bloggers or the Batman. It has a ton of pockets and compartments, lots of space, a padded laptop section, and a water-resistant exterior. Its main flaws: no good spot for a big camera, and no readily accessible outside pockets. Read More

  • Contest: Show us your remote office

    Are you a road warrior? A coffeeshop telecommuter? A co-working aficionado? If so, today is your lucky day. We want to see photos of your home away from home! Whether it’s your favorite comfy chair at the local coffee shop, the departures lounge at your favorite airport, or even the front seat of your car, take a picture of it for your chance to win a fabulous gift set! Read More

  • Bag Week: Booq Mamba Shift quick video tour
    Since the Mamba Shift just came out this week, I haven’t had time to put it through its paces for a full review. But because Bag Week is coming to an end, I thought I should at least give a quick overview for those looking… Read More

  • Booq announces Mamba shift backpack

    Booq (remember Booq?) just announced the latest addition to their product line, the Booq Mamba shift. The Mamba shift is a sleek backpack style bag, made from nylon and designed to fit anything from a 13-15 inch laptop system. Booq’s bags feature a 5-year warranty, and the Terralinq badge with serial number, allowing you to register the bag with Booq in case you ever lose it. Read More

  • Bag Week: Booq Boa Flow XL

    The Booq Boa Flow XL is huge! You can stuff a small dog in it and still have room for your computer and DSLR. Read More

  • Bag Week: Booq Boa Squeeze

    Short version: Like lots of pockets in a laptop backpack? I count 27 on the Booq Boa Squeeze and wouldn’t be surprised if there are some hiding. Read More

  • Booq Taipan shadow loves your luggage

    There you are, racing from Terminal A to Terminal Z so you can catch that flight home, which departs in exactly three minutes. You’ve got your carry-on bag trundling along beside you, and your trusty laptop bag thrown over one shoulder. Every step causes that thin pleather strap to slide a little farther down your shoulder, until *blam* your laptop bag drops to the floor, tripping you in… Read More

  • Booq's new rigid laptop case is ready for deployment

    It seems like when you watch movies where there are scientists out in the field, they inevitably have a hard-case laptop bag that they just set on a rock and open up. Boom, laptop! Well, those big ol’ chrome suitcases may look cool, but they’re a bit unwieldy. Better to get something a little smaller and softer, yet robust enough to withstand a few kicks. The Viper from Booq (not to… Read More

  • GAI backpack is just confused

    Ah, acronyms. The downfall of society. It started with “lol” and now this backpack for Geniuses, Artists, and Innovators is continuing the tradition. OK, so it’s really the Booq Boa, a bag which has won multiple awards for being totally awesome but that’s beside the point. I mean is this thing gai or what? It has a whole lot of James Bond-y features like a rain… Read More

  • Battletest: Vyper exo by Booq

    Fresh off the assembly line comes the brand new Vyper exo briefcase from Booq, a company whose motto reads, “Empowering the next generation of creative performance.” It’s an ambitious and open-ended goal, that is most appreciated by a very specific demographic (you). In the interest of full-disclosure, my current day pack is a Vyper XM, so it’s possible that… Read More

  • Booq Vyper Exo: A Laptop Case

    Some guys get off on cars, some guys like wine or women. Brian at Spungle likes laptop cases. How do we know? Why else would a grown man make pee over a heavy duty laptop case with plenty of pockets but little that would encourage erotic or even platonic love. That said, head over for the full review and you can even win a Vyper if you’re careful. Booq Vyper Exo (Verdict: Perfect… Read More

  • Battle Test: Python XM by booq

    Meet my new day bag. The Python XM from booq. You might remember its special edition sister the Bianco from a few days ago. Both versions are identical in terms of functionality, but one comes in black while the other comes in a dubious white. The bag is all sorts of stylish and a versatile packer to boot. It’s designed specifically for use with Apple portables, but other laptops could… Read More