• Lensbaby's Composer Pro Offers Metal Construction, Better Focus

    I’ve only played with one of the cheaper Lensbaby models, and the plastic, creaky construction made me nervous, although it was fun to play with. Their new Composer Pro is supposed to be the best-constructed yet, though. Read More

  • National Photo Month contest winners!

    Next time I run a contest on CrunchGear, I am definitely not going to commit to selecting a random winner. The submissions for our National Photo Month contest were great! They were clever, artistic, and truly enjoyable. You guys outdid yourselves, and I really wish I could reward everyone who entered with a prize. But alas, I committed to selecting three random winners. Click on through to… Read More

  • Celebrate National Photo Month with free stuff from CrunchGear!

    The month of May, named after the Greek goddess Maia, is National Photography Month. What better way to celebrate than to buy a whole bunch of “Happy National Photography Month!” cards at Hallmark. What? Hallmark doesn’t sell any such cards? Okay, Plan B: what better way to celebrate National Photography Month than with a CrunchGear contest! We have three lovely prizes to… Read More

  • Lensbaby turns 6 and you get the presents

    Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday dear Lensbaby!
    Happy birthday to you! Read More

  • Lensbaby announces the 0.42x Super Wide Lens

    In case you didn’t know, PMA is going on in Vegas right now and I wish I were there. This weather is getting ridiculous. Anyway, Lensbaby announced their new 0.42x Super Wide Lens attachment that works with the recently announced Composer, Muse, and Control Freak fixed focus lenses. So what’s so special about this thing? Read More

  • Lensbabies 3G Medium Format

    Not a hugely exciting bit of news, but Lensbabies just launched a medium format version of their Lensbaby 3G product. The new model is for Mamiya 645 and Pentax 67 cameras and costs $390. For those not in the know, Lensbabies are odd, selective focus lenses that bring one point on a picture into focus and leave the rest blurry. The effect is similar to that the Miniature Model Effect but it… Read More