New chip to boost image quality of cheap TVs

In case you can afford an LCD TV but not one of the good ones (I, for example, still have my Sony CRT-TV from 2004), Mitsumi Electric‘s new solution might be of interest to you. The company, which is known for manufacturing controllers for video game consoles, is developing an IC chip that can boost the sharpness of images LCD TVs produce.

Once it’s placed on the image processor or the scaler chip, the so-called MRFX-0001 can boost the color, white balance and sharpness of pictures. Mitsumi says the chip automatically emphasizes flesh colors when the TV shows people or green colors when forests are displayed. The chip can be used for pictures with full HD resolution and a frame rate of up to 60fps.

Mitsumi plans to start shipping the first chips to China- and Taiwan-based makers of inexpensive LCD TVs by year-end.

Via Tech-On