Chip, the chatbot savings app, raises over £1M in crowdfunding with plans to apply for a banking license

<a target="_blank" href="">Chip</a>, the chatbot app that plugs into your bank account and lets you automatically save for a rainy day, has raised nearly £1.1 million on equity cro

Crunch Report | KKR Buys WebMD for $2.8 Billion

KKR is buying WebMD for $2.8 billion, Didi and SoftBank invest $2 billion into Grab, Daimler and Bosch create a driverless parking garage and the next Microsoft HoloLens gets an AI chip. All this on C

Chip’s new chatbot app points the way to ‘plugin banking’

When London fintech startup <a target="_blank" href="">Chip</a> launched <a target="_blank" href="

Become Michael Knight with Dashbot, an AI for your car

Who needs a smart car when you have a cool car? The Dashbot is a $49 add on for your vehicle that allows you to interact with your phone and Alexa while driving, thereby keeping your hands free to fen

Impinj soars 28% in internet-of-things IPO

It has been a very slow year for tech IPOs, but Seattle-based Impinj decided to brave the public markets and list on the Nasdaq today. The company priced at the top of the range at $14 and then saw it

Indice Semiconductor, Maker Of Energy-Saving Chips, Raises $6M Series A

Indice Semiconductor has raised a $6 million Series A to focus on marketing its chips, which use an algorithm that the company says can help appliances save energy. The round was led by Allen Alley, t

New chip to boost image quality of cheap TVs

<img src="" /> In case you can afford an LCD TV but not one of the good ones (I, for example, still have my Sony CRT-T

Epson and Infineon present superior single-chip GPS receiver

<img src="" /> Germany's top chipmaker <a href="">Infineon</a> and <a href="

Toshiba announces the world's first 128 Megabit FeRAM

<img src="" /> <a href="">Toshiba today in Tokyo unveiled a prototy

New chip enhances video playback quality on mobile phones

Relatively blurry screenshots (1-seg digital TV broadcast for portable devices in Japan) Toshiba Japan managed to develop a prototype chip that makes it possible to view videos on cell phones and port

Sequans announces tiny WiMax chip that brings it all together.

Sequans Communications just announced their new sixth WiMax chip, the SQN1170. It packs baseband, RF, and memory into one tight package, squeezing in at about the size of a penny. Read more…

Samsung Introduces 4GB Memory Chip

(Sung to the tune of Emerson, Lake & Palmer’s “Karn Evil 9 – 1st Impression (Part 2)“) Welcome back my friends To the show that never ends We’re so glad you could att