Fisher-Price iXL: E-book reader, music player, games, and more

Electronics for kids have always been a fascination of mine. When I first saw the iXL I immediately thought of the first and best piece of kids consumer electronics, the PXL-2000. Sadly, this device, the Fisher-Price iXL, has no camera – there are two little eyes on it that are actually light sensors – but it has a bright, crisp screen and can play games, MP3s, and you can even paint over photos or color things in like a coloring book.

Fisher-Price is aiming this at kids who may not be old enough to fool around with your iPhone but still want cool stuff to play with in the car. Again, this is en electronic device for kids and, for my money, the jury is still out on whether this encourages constructive play. However, if mom and dad can’t give up their iPhones, why should junior have to go without?

The Fisher-Price iXL arrives in July and starts at $79.99.