toy fair 2010

  • Hands-on with the Rubik's Slide

    What good is a Rubik’s Slide if you can’t take off all the stickers and convince your mom that you’re a super genius? Interestingly, however, the Rubik’s Slide doesn’t use stickers and it’s actually much harder than it looks. You basically twist and turn the device to move the lights into various configurations and there are multiple modes, including… Read More

  • Fisher-Price iXL: E-book reader, music player, games, and more

    Electronics for kids have always been a fascination of mine. When I first saw the iXL I immediately thought of the first and best piece of kids consumer electronics, the PXL-2000. Sadly, this device, the Fisher-Price iXL, has no camera – there are two little eyes on it that are actually light sensors – but it has a bright, crisp screen and can play games, MP3s, and you can even… Read More

  • What is this?

    What is this strange orb-shaped thing? Is it a Jedi Mind Trainer? A strange onacup? A magical ball of joy? Perhaps all of those things are right… and none of them. Read More

  • Kettquad: Das Off-Road Fun

    You like that? It’s kind of a big quad racer for kids and/or smaller adults and it’s coming to the US from Germany thanks to toy maker Kettler. Now here’s the bad part: this monster costs over $800 but it has a completely enclosed chain and disk brakes. There’s not a lot of specs on it right now but I totally want to ride one. Click through for video. Read More

  • Fisher Price's clever Bigfoot Robot

    Who doesn’t like Bigfoot. Nobody, that’s who. I got a chance to look at Mattel’s singing, dancing, and rolling Bigfoot robot. He can even throw balls at you and sleeps when he gets tired. Very, very cute. Read More

  • Talkatoo: Tell your kids every little thing's going to be alright

    I just got back from the New York Toy Fair and saw quite a few great items, including this clever little thing called the Talkatoo. It’s a little tag that can record your voice and then attach to your wee one’s backpack or bag. When your kid is upset at Day Care or on a five year journey in the Antarctic, they can simply press the button and hear your soothing voice. Read More