toy fair 2010

Hands-on with the Rubik's Slide

<img src="">What good is a <a href="">Rubik's Slide</

Fisher-Price iXL: E-book reader, music player, games, and more

<img src="">Electronics for kids have always been a fascination of mine. When I first saw the iXL I immediately thought of the f

What is this?

What is this strange orb-shaped thing? Is it a Jedi Mind Trainer? A strange onacup? A magical ball of joy? Perhaps all of those things are right… and none of them.

Kettquad: Das Off-Road Fun

You like that? It’s kind of a big quad racer for kids and/or smaller adults and it’s coming to the US from Germany thanks to toy maker Kettler. Now here’s the bad part: this monster

Fisher Price's clever Bigfoot Robot

<img src="">Who doesn't like <a HREF="">Bigfoot</a>. Nobody, that's who. I got a chance to l

Talkatoo: Tell your kids every little thing's going to be alright

I just got back from the New York Toy Fair and saw quite a few great items, including this clever little thing called the Talkatoo. It’s a little tag that can record your voice and then attach t