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  • This Fisher-Price stationary bike with a tablet attached feels kind of inevitable

    This Fisher-Price stationary bike with a tablet attached feels kind of inevitable

    The Think & Learn SmartCycle is already getting a mixed reaction. In the five or so minutes I stood in front of Fisher-Price’s booth at tonight’s CES kickoff event, reactions ranged from excited to confused to downright disappointed in the human race. And indeed, it’s easy to see why someone might complain about the necessity of such a device, but here we are. Read More

  • Fisher-Price iXL: E-book reader, music player, games, and more

    Electronics for kids have always been a fascination of mine. When I first saw the iXL I immediately thought of the first and best piece of kids consumer electronics, the PXL-2000. Sadly, this device, the Fisher-Price iXL, has no camera – there are two little eyes on it that are actually light sensors – but it has a bright, crisp screen and can play games, MP3s, and you can even… Read More

  • Cable Boxes And Their Fisher Price Remotes Are Junk. Demand Better.

    About a year ago, I had enough. I was so sick of putting up with Comcast’s ridiculous rates for terrible service that I decided to cancel everything but the Internet. Truth be told, I kept basic cable only because it was cheaper to keep it with my Internet package then to not keep it. But I never watched it. For all intents and purposes I was cable-free. Most importantly, that meant… Read More

  • Contest: Free Little People Playsets for Poppets

    Happy Birthday, Little People! Today is the 50th birthday of Fisher-Price’s Little People and we’re giving away five free wee people to five lucky commenters. Read on to learn how you and your loved ones can enjoy free Little People. We’ll run the contest until Monday at noon. Read More

  • CrunchGear's Dino Days: Hands on with Hasbro's Kota and Fisher Price's Ultra Dino

    [ These two beasts are for kids ages 3 and older. The Kota is obviously the bigger one – the kids can actually ride on him – and he’ll be available in September for more than your allowance ($300), so you can’t have one. The Fisher Price Dino ($140) is a little more action-packed, reminiscient of the Wowwee Roboraptor without… Read More

  • Fisher Price Easy Internet Launch Pad: Get Your Kid Addicted To The Internet At An Early Age

    The first time I used the Internet was Christmas 1996, two months shy of my 11th birthday. Nowadays kids are checking their Facebook accounts right after escaping the womb. Sensing a “new and burgeoning” market, Fisher has come out with the Easy Internet Launch Pad. Essentially a kids toy, the device lets soon-to-be Internet addicts view Web pages of familiar characters like Elmo. Read More