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Fisher-Price’s Chatter phone has a simple but problematic Bluetooth bug

As nostalgia goes, the Fisher-Price Chatter phone doesn’t disappoint. The classic retro kids toy was given a modern revamp for the holiday season with the new release for adults which, unlike th

This Fisher-Price stationary bike with a tablet attached feels kind of inevitable

The Think & Learn SmartCycle is already getting a mixed reaction. In the five or so minutes I stood in front of Fisher-Price’s booth at tonight’s CES kickoff event, reactions ranged from excit

Fisher-Price iXL: E-book reader, music player, games, and more

<img src="">Electronics for kids have always been a fascination of mine. When I first saw the iXL I immediately thought of the f

Cable Boxes And Their Fisher Price Remotes Are Junk. Demand Better.

<img src="" width="200" height="200" />About a year ago, I had enough. I

Contest: Free Little People Playsets for Poppets

Happy Birthday, Little People! Today is the 50th birthday of Fisher-Price’s Little People and we’re giving away five free wee people to five lucky commenters. Read on to learn how you and

CrunchGear's Dino Days: Hands on with Hasbro's Kota and Fisher Price's Ultra Dino

[] These two beasts are for kids ages 3 and older. The Kota is obviously the bigger one – the kids can actually ride on him – and he’ll be availabl

Fisher Price Easy Internet Launch Pad: Get Your Kid Addicted To The Internet At An Early Age

The first time I used the Internet was Christmas 1996, two months shy of my 11th birthday. Nowadays kids are checking their Facebook accounts right after escaping the womb. Sensing a “new and bu