Becomes a Q&A Site For Business Questions

A year ago, KillerStartups bought the killer domain name for a few hundred thousand dollars. The company didn’t do anything with it other than redirect to the KillerStartups blog. Today, it realunched as a Q&A site for business questions.

Want to know “How to edit a business video before uploading it to YouTube”, “What is the typical annual income of a freelance webdesigner”, or “How can I copyright an idea?” (Answer: You can’t. Ideas aren’t protected by copyright). Well, you might not find the answers quite yet on, but KillerStartups CEO Gonzalo Arzuaga is hoping that you will soon. You can also ask questions via Twitter, by sending a Tweet to @askstartups, or you can follow different tags such as taxes, advertising, and management.

Questions are placed in the queue, and visitors can vote them up or down. Each one is also tagged so you can see all questions about marketing or copyright. Users earn reputation points and badges for filling out a profile and answering questions. The site was built on StackExchange.

Everyone and their mother seems to have a Q&A site these days, so why not have one aimed only at the startup community? (Update: Actually, as pointed out in comments, there already is one that is almost exactly the same, even built on the same technology, called Answers OnStartups). At bottom, many of these sites are SEO plays. Not that there is anything wrong with that.