• Now Offers Daily Deals For Online Business Owners

    Back in October 2008, KillerStartups acquired the domain name for roughly $500,000 in cash. About a year later, was relaunched as a Q&A site for business questions. Today, KillerStartups is launching a new initiative: a daily deals site for Internet entrepreneurs and online business owners. The new site, which will be hosted at (the Q&A section… Read More

  • Becomes a Q&A Site For Business Questions

    A year ago, KillerStartups bought the killer domain name for a few hundred thousand dollars. The company didn’t do anything with it other than redirect to the KillerStartups blog. Today, it realunched as a Q&A site for business questions. Want to know “How to edit a business video before uploading it to YouTube”, “What is the typical annual income of… Read More

  • KillerStartups Launches Dataopedia, A One-Stop Shop For Information About Websites

    KillerStartups, or rather its overarching company Networks, has been in the news lately. First, they picked up in a killer deal, next thing you know they’re launching their own web applications (Twingr). Now, they’re introducing the strangely named but quite useful Dataopedia, which is meant to serve as an information resource for websites. It’s… Read More

  • KillerStartups Gets A Killer Deal On

    In a downturn, cash is king. KillerStartups, a blog that covers killer startups (and any other startup that issues a press release, actually) has acquired the domain for “mid six figures” in cash, CEO Gonzalo Arzuaga tells me. So let’s call it $500,000. That is within reason for a primo domain name. After all, was built into a business that sold… Read More