Finally, A Decent Website To Browse Android Apps: AndroLib

Ever tried finding applications for the Android platform on the web rather than from your handset? Don’t even consider using the regular web version of Android Market – Google’s official app directory – on your computer’s browser: it has no search (irony much?), no categories, no community involvement like comments, ratings and reviews, and it’s only available in English for now.

In other words: it sucks.

As a reporter lacking an Android-powered phone but with a great interest in the platform, it sucks even more. Sometimes I need to know which applications in a certain category are available for Android, what people are saying about them, what version a certain app is at, and so on. Until now, I used Cyrket for that, a third-party directory that provides me with most of the functionality I need for doing a bit of research about Android apps. But the website is slow, regularly returns errors and doesn’t provide a decent filter between paid and free apps, so the experience was usually below par.

But now, thanks to @conoro, I found another website with Android apps listings that should suit my needs for now: AndroLib. A tad more pleasing to the eyes than Cyrket (albeit not that much), AndroLib is available in 7 of the most spoken languages in the world, has proper search and RSS, clear application overview pages and supports feedback from the user and developer community.