Robot Pickup Lines On Twitter Will Turn You Out

robots_pimpbot_conanFridays on Twitter usually mean one thing: Being bombarded with “Follow Friday” messages. You know the ones, they contain usually no information other than a bunch of Twitter names followed by the #followfriday hashtag. But this Friday brings a new potential challenger: Robot Pickup Lines.

Thousands of messages are coming across the network tagged with #robotpickuplines. As you might expect, they are suave lines a robot might say to pickup another robot. Here are a few choice ones:

jamesBurton #robotpickuplines what’s your IP address? cause I’d sure love to ping you sometime.

JRadimus #robotpickuplines I was drawn over by your GUI, but I stayed for the data exchange.

BadAstronomer: “Your lips say 0 but your eyes say 1.” #robotpickuplines

paulrandal Hey, baby, ever do it AIBO style? #robotpickuplines

I have a feeling that the countdown to backlash against this meme is already on, so get your witty line out there before you’re ridiculed for it. I, for one, like this meme just because it beats the boring Follow Friday one, and reminds me of Conan O’Brien’s old Pimpbot 5000 routine.