Nintendo DS Lite Onyx discontinued, other models to join it soon?


The next-gen Nintendo DSi is already for sale in Japan and American gamers should get access to it within the coming months. It seems that The DS Lite Onyx might be the first of the current generation to get that axe. This comes from an internal GameStop newsletter and begs the question if other models will soon join this model.

DS Lite Onyx hardware systems have been discontinued and stores will no longer be replenished on this product. Once your store sells through its current stock of this item, please remove any empty DS Onyx display boxes (onyx color only) from the sales floor and discard. Please continue to display the other colors of the DS Lite system display boxes on the sales floor (eye level and above perimeter of DS software section, above the DS accessory section, etc)

So far only the black model has been discontinued leaving the silver, red and blue models alone on the shelves to gather dust before the DSi becomes available. We initially heard the the next-gen model was coming sometime in the summer but rumor circulated a few weeks ago stating an April 1st launch date. Maybe it was true. Fingers crossed.