• This Won’t End Well: Toyota Connects With Nintendo DS For In-Car Navigation Interface

    This Won’t End Well: Toyota Connects With Nintendo DS For In-Car Navigation Interface

    For some inexplicable reason, Nintendo and Toyota have teamed up to turn the Nintendo DS into a navigational remote control, thereby allowing drivers (although I hope passengers do most of the fiddling) to set their routes using their game consoles. The service, called Kuruma de DS lets you see map and destination info as well as tour information as you drive through town. The service… Read More

  • Nintendo Sees Profit Falling 66%, Announces Wii Successor For 2012

    Nintendo posted a new financial report today, and in a nutshell, things aren’t looking too good. The company’s net profit dropped a whopping 66% to $944 million in the fiscal year that ended March 31, compared with $2.78 billion in the same period a year earlier. Revenue in the same time frame fell 29.3% to $12.2 billion. Read More

  • Certina DS Rookie Watch

    In addition to Tissot, Certina offers nicely designed Swiss watches are affordable prices, and is part of the Swatch Group. While not as common in the US, there are some real nice Certina timepieces that should be considered when looking for a decently priced quartz watch. Though there are mechanical Certina watches available as well. Basically, Certina watches are priced in the 200 –… Read More

  • Petit Computer Brings BASIC To Nintendo DSiWare

    A new DSiWare title gives users the ability to create computer programs using the BASIC programming language. Not only can users create their own programs, but it also comes pre-loaded with a few simple games that demonstrate the raw power of the language. Read More

  • Nintendo DS Is Now The Best Selling Console Of All Time

    Nintendo has let the world know that the DS is the single best selling video game console of all time in the U.S. Of all time~! It makes you wonder whether or not Nintendo really ought to be concerned at all with the likes of mobile phone-based gaming. After all, isn’t Angry Birds, the single most important video game of all time, now available on non-mobile phone platforms? Read More

  • PS3 Sales Doubled Last Quarter, While Nintendo DS Sales Dropped By 50%

    Both Sony and Nintendo reported their financials today. And in a nutshell, things look good for Sony and not so good for big N. As we reported earlier this week, Sony returned to profitability in the second quarter of this year. But we now have confirmed numbers. Sony reported a net profit of $290 million as of June 30 (it suffered from a $296 million loss in the same quarter last year)… Read More

  • PSA: DSiWare games don't transfer to the DSi XL

    Remember that DSi XL that’s coming out next week? Well, I hope you didn’t spend a bunch of money in the DSiWare store with your regular size DSi. Yep, turns out that you can’t transfer games to your new hand-held. That really sucks. Read More

  • Nintendo 3DS: New details leak in Japan

    Nintendo’s announcement of its new portable 3D gamimg device 3DS was very brief, prompting us to speculate about possible features and implications for the way people will play games in the future. But today the Nikkei, Japan’s Wall Street Journal, is offering a bit more insight (and the Nikkei is usually a very reliable source). Read More

  • 3DS: Nintendo announces portable 3D gaming device

    Big news from the Japanese video game world today: Nintendo announced [JP, PDF] they will launch a successor to the DS/DSi for the next fiscal year (which begins next month in Japan and ends in March 2011). And what sounds particularly cool so far about the Nintendo 3DS is that the new portable device won’t require any special glasses for users to see the 3D images, according to Nintendo. Read More

  • The Nintendo DS2 is coming! The Nintendo DS2 is coming!

    So here’s a quick rundown on what’s going on with the new Nintendo DS, tentatively called the DS2 but, knowing Nintendo, they’ll probably call it the WiiDSBoard2Screen or something. The first improvement is an almost bezel-less set of two screens, so close together that they can act as one. It will also have an accelerometer and the dev kit is out and folks are currently… Read More

  • What I did today: Nintendo DS case replacement

    Not a big deal but I just wanted to write a bit about replacing parts on your valuable and delicate electronics. Friends, I’m here to tell you that while it’s hard, it’s not impossible to fix things yourself. Read More

  • The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks available today on Nintendo DS/DSi

    Fans of the Legend of Zelda games who happen to leave the house once in awhile don’t need to be told that today marks the newest installment of portable Zelda games, as The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks hits store shelves for the Nintendo DS and DSi for $34.99. Read More

  • Biggest Loser fitness game now available for Wii and DSi

    Announced back in May, The Biggest Loser is now officially available for the Nintendo Wii and DSi platforms for $40 and $30, respectively, bringing the grand total of fitness games on the market up to seven billion and one. Developed by THQ, the game mimics the experience of being on The Biggest Loser Ranch just like the TV contestants, except that you get to live in your own house and you… Read More

  • Nearly 7 million Nintendo DSis have been sold, let's just call it a hit

    The Nintendo DSi launched in Japan on November 1st, 2008 and the first 170,000 were sold out within two days. 435,000 were sold during the first week here in the States, and UK gamers snatched up 92,000 units during the first weekend. But in all, Nintendo has sold nearly 7 million DSis and over 100 million DSs. That’s a lot. Read More

  • Band Hero for Nintendo DS to feature drum peripheral, won't work with DSi

    Band Hero is coming to the Nintendo DS this fall and, yes, you’ll be able to play drums and, double yes, there will be an actual drum peripheral for your DS. Nothing too fancy, just something called the “drum grip” that fits over the DS’ buttons and D-pad. Oh, and as luck would (not) have it, the drum grip won’t work with the DSi. So there’s that. Read More

  • Disney announces multi-platform Alice in Wonderland video game

    Disney Interactive Studios announced today that French dev Etranges Libellules has begun development of videogame adaptations of Lewis Carroll’s beloved Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass to complement Tim Burton’s upcoming film, Alice in Wonderland. The Wii, DS and PC title take place a few years after both stories in Underland and players must… Read More

  • Band Hero DS attachements revealed, DSi owners are S.O.L.

    Band Hero is almost here to rock out on your Nintendo DS and it sounds like it’s going to be a decent adaptation. Soon you’ll be able to jam with your buds over the four-way ad-hoc network and play either the guitar, drummer, or lead vocalist. Players will be able to configure the game so if you all want to be drummers, you can. But there is one little thing that might bug some of… Read More

  • Where's Waldo? Ubisoft knows

    Launching in September for the Wii, DS, PC and Mac is a childhood favorite of mine, Waldo. Yes, the striped sweater wearing dope is making his triumphant return to the world in the form of a videogame. The question is: where the hell has he been for the last 21 years? I’d like to buy him a beer. Read More

  • Lucas Arts announces Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron for PSP, DS

    Shipping this Fall for the Sony PSP and Nintendo DS is Lucas Arts’ latest installment in the Star Wars Battlefront series, Elite Squadron. Players can now engage in battle on foot and then take to the skies to continue the fight with every shot fired affecting the outcome of each battle on every front. Read More

  • Everybody panic: Nintendo says Wii, DS software sales will be flat this year

    Nobody wants to read “businessy” news on a Friday afternoon on CrunchGear, so let’s keep this one short: Nintendo only had an okay year last year; this year, it expects sales to be flat. It chalks that up to a decline in the software tie-in ration for new DS and Wii consoles. That is, the sheen of Wii Sports has worn off, and people are no longer compelled to buy the four… Read More

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