The Xbox 360 and Netflix HDCP situation explained correctly

The Xbox 360 just gained Netflix high-def streaming capability but a small issue has arisen concerning HDCP and compatible displays. It seems that these high-def files are protected by the copy protection, but no fear, it has nothing to do with component video – and never did. You see, HDCP was devised to protect digital audio and video content that travels over digital mediums such as DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, GVIF, and UDI. Since component video is an analog signal, the movies, will of course stream just fine. 

However, if you have a LCD monitor or older HDTV – say, pre-2005 – your display has a DVI port that might not be HDCP compatible; some were and some were not back then. So users can either revert back to component video or utilize a VGA adapter. True, you will be losing your 100% digital signal and the switch might mess up your whole wiring scheme if the gaming system is within a home theater setup, but at least you will be able to stream HD Netflix movies.