• Good morning, little XBox Flash Drive: SanDisk ships their 360 USB drive

    If you need an official XBox 360 USB Flash Drive (and we all do), why not go down to the SanDisk store and pick up an 8 or 16GB flash drive for $34.99 and $69.99 respectively. N.B. – You can basically use any flash drive with your XBox and, as nice as SanDisk is, this stuff is a bit pricey. Read More

  • Final Fantasy XIII bundle coming to America

    Get ready to spend some Gil – it looks like Square isn’t going to ignore the US this time. Square Enix and Microsoft just announced that they are putting together a special Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360. And while these are normally restricted to Japan, this time you’ll actually be able to buy one without have to pay to import it! Read More

  • The Xbox 360 Elegant Edition

    Does your Xbox 360 look out of place on your equipment rack? Does it just look too juvenile with the concaved case? Are you a boring old fart that still want the the Xbox 360 but need it to look more like a VCR than a gaming system? If so, the Xbox 360 Elegant Edition is for you. Read More

  • PS360 up for auction on eBay

    Yes, you read the title correctly. Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. Up for auction on eBay is a PS360: an Xbox 360 in a PS3 case. Read More

  • Columbia Pictures ready to stream on Xbox 360

    Conspiracy or not, Sony-owned Columbia Pictures movies are mostly good to go from Netflix to the Xbox 360. Initially the studio claimed that licensing was to blame for the restricted access but apparently the proper papers have been pushed ’cause most Columbia flicks can now be played with the notable exceptions of Walk Hard and Bad Boys. Chances are those will be available soon. Read More

  • Xbox 360 game install sizes

    Now that the NXE lets users install games onto the hard drive, space is premium cause these games aren’t small. Plus, the Xbox’s standard hard drive space for the majority of the past three years was a measly 20GB so you really should know how much space these games are going to take up. Full list after the jump. Read More

  • Xbox Experience now available to preview participants

    Looks like the NXE is out for those who signed up for a preview account and Netflix has confirmed that there will be 300 HD titles in the new streaming system. Looks like Christmas came early! Instead of adding another 10,000 people to the preview program like we did last week, we’ve decided to do something a little different: everyone who successfully applied to the preview program… Read More

  • The Xbox 360 and Netflix HDCP situation explained correctly

    The Xbox 360 just gained Netflix high-def streaming capability but a small issue has arisen concerning HDCP and compatible displays. It seems that these high-def files are protected by the copy protection, but no fear, it has nothing to do with component video – and never did. You see, HDCP was devised to protect digital audio and video content that travels over digital mediums such… Read More

  • Xbox 360 Netflix requires HDCP

    HD Netflix streaming just dropped on the Xbox 360 and while the reviews have so far been stellar, a little issue just appeared in the form of copy protection. It seems in order to stream the HD videos, the Xbox 360 must be connected to a HDCP-compatible display, therefore alienating most owners using DVI-equipped screens. The situation doesn’t come as much as a surprise though now… Read More

  • Microsoft suing DHL over poorly shipped Xbox 360s

    We have all had poorly shipped packages, but apparently Microsoft has had enough with DHL’s piss-pore shipping; specifically after a whole train derailed destroying 21,600 Xbox 360s. The suit is seeking $2 million in total damages due to the October 13, 2007 incident. It seems that we here in the States would not have noticed an inventory shortage as these units were destined for… Read More

  • New XBox Experience will be slooooow then quick

    But then it will get faster say some folks at Golem. Apparently games on the hard drive suffer from a seek problem that DVD based games don’t have. While the game is loading on DVD, for example, pertinent blocks are placed closer together to speed load times – and the PS3 writes those blocks a few times on the disk to make things even faster – while the HD drive spins… Read More