Cracking safes for fun and profit

Forget hot-wiring cars. Peeps with real skill go for safes. You see, every safe has a weekness because someone, like a locksmith or you, might need to sneak in through a backdoor. This is what the safecracker are trying to exploit. It happens to be a rare skill that a person might never need, but then again, you never know when a priceless artifact is about to be stolen by baddies and the only hope is for you to crack a large 1915 bank vault.

Grab your lock pick and follow the rabbit through the link for a some safe-breaking resources.

How Stuff Works

In this article, we’ll examine the fundamentals of this rare skill and show you the ins and outs of safecracking.

Safecracking for the Computer Scientist [34-page illustrated PDF] – a must read

We examine security against forced, covert and surreptitious safe opening, focusing on the mechanical combination locks most commonly used on commercial safes in the US.

History of safes and safe breaking

In the last twenty years, the craft of safe cracking has tragically declined. It is no longer the glamorous activity featured in every other detective film, and the number of real criminal attacks on safes has fallen dramatically. 

Pro safe cracker

How to crack a safe on YouTube

Mythbusters on safe cracking

image source: SFhistory