Trova launches a stylish hiding spot for your unmentionables

We all have one; a place in our house where we hide things that need to be kept out of reach of children. At CES in Las Vegas, one company believes it has a more stylish way of tackling that particula

Cracking safes for fun and profit

Forget hot-wiring cars. Peeps with real skill go for safes. You see, every safe has a weekness because someone, like a locksmith or you, might need to sneak in through a backdoor. This is what the saf

Neither flame, nor flood…

SentrySafe has announced its latest flame resistant, waterproof 250 GB harddrive. Sentry Safe developed the next generation disaster proof drive in a collaboration with Maxtor Storage Solutions. Of co

Cell-Lock Keeps Cellphones Safe During Class

Cellphones really must be a problem in South Africa if they have to confiscate them and lock ’em up during class hours. Lots of classrooms are now using the Security Cell-Lock safe to hold iPods


Yea that’s right, you too can now protect your most valuable possessions by the most Bond-esque means ever: the laser beam. It also features, secret codes and biometric thumbprint recognition. F