Kari Byron of Mythbusters Gets Her Own Show

[youtube] Kari Byron, everyone’s favorite wom

Video: MythBusters, Modern Warfare 2 style

[youtube] We’ve all seen MythBusters when there’s nothing else on TV, right? Right. Well here’s a video showi

Kari from Mythbusters wants you to say hello to her leetle friend

<img src="" />Fresh from the <a HREF="">Twitter feed of

Mythbusters test golf ball effect on real car

<img src="" />It's almost like someone got their Top Gear in my Mythbusters lately. First the duct tape holding up a car, and now

Up close with the Mythbusters PopMech just interviewed the Mythbusters in their M5 headquarters in some strange corner

Video: Car + 650mph rocket sled = 650mph rocket sled – car

[youtube] Incidentally this reminds me of a great pick-up line: “Hey, ladies, which of the Mythbusters do I most resemble.”

Recent ‘Mythbusters’ explosion shatters windows up to a mile away

<img src="">Residents of Esparto, California had their windows shattered by an explosion created a

MythBusters asking YouTube community for ideas

[youtube=]  There isn’t another website out there that serves up more modern day myths than YouTube and so MythBusters is reachin

Adam Savage of Mythbusters on Discover's shut-down of RFID segment

[youtube] Adam Savage of Mythbusters basically busted the myth of RFID security – and th

Cracking safes for fun and profit

Forget hot-wiring cars. Peeps with real skill go for safes. You see, every safe has a weekness because someone, like a locksmith or you, might need to sneak in through a backdoor. This is what the saf