• Kari Byron of Mythbusters Gets Her Own Show

    Kari Byron, everyone’s favorite woman on a show dedicated to blowing things up, is getting her own show dedicated to science on, well, the Science Channel. It will run every day from 4-5pm (!!) with no commercials and feature Kari talking about fun science stuff like spiders, egg shells, and how to be cool and into science when your central pop role models are Lady Gaga and the cast… Read More

  • Video: MythBusters, Modern Warfare 2 style

    We’ve all seen MythBusters when there’s nothing else on TV, right? Right. Well here’s a video showing a Modern Warfare 2 several game myths either busted or confirmed. Well, mainly confirmed. Sorta reminds me of that Halo Warthog video. Read More

  • Kari from Mythbusters wants you to say hello to her leetle friend

    Fresh from the Twitter feed of Grant Imahara we see Kari from Mythbusters going nuts with a sniper rifle taller than her. I hope it’s for an experiment and not a Discovery-channel sponsored “Deadliest Game” reality show where the prey will be hosts of various Food Network programs. Click to embiggen. Read More

  • Mythbusters test golf ball effect on real car

    It’s almost like someone got their Top Gear in my Mythbusters lately. First the duct tape holding up a car, and now the ‘golf ball’ effect on mileage. So what exactly does happen when you cover a car with clay, and then dimple it like a golf ball? Read More

  • Up close with the Mythbusters PopMech just interviewed the Mythbusters in their M5 headquarters in some strange corner of San Francisco where robots run wild and men have effusive, untamed facial hair. Read More

  • Video: Car + 650mph rocket sled = 650mph rocket sled – car

    Incidentally this reminds me of a great pick-up line: “Hey, ladies, which of the Mythbusters do I most resemble.” Great way to break the ice. In this clip, the MBusters try to “fuse” a car first by crushing it with two trucks and then with a rocket sled. The result? Powdered car. Watch and learn. Read More

  • Recent ‘Mythbusters’ explosion shatters windows up to a mile away

    Residents of Esparto, California had their windows shattered by an explosion created as part of a Mythbusters segment designed to see whether or not it was truly possible to knock someone’s socks off. According to KCRA news, the Mythbusters crew ignited 500 pounds of ammonium nitrate about a mile outside of Esparto that resulted in an explosion that “was a lot bigger than they… Read More

  • MythBusters asking YouTube community for ideas

      There isn’t another website out there that serves up more modern day myths than YouTube and so MythBusters is reaching out to the YouTube community for their ideas. Adam and Jamie are asking that ideas are submitted either by replying to the video above or posting it in the MythBusters forum. I vote for the cell phone popcorn thing. My mom stopped using her cell phone ’cause of… Read More

  • Adam Savage of Mythbusters on Discover's shut-down of RFID segment

    Adam Savage of Mythbusters basically busted the myth of RFID security – and the Discovery Channel wouldn’t air the segment. Here he talks at the HOPE conference about the experience. Read More

  • Cracking safes for fun and profit

    Forget hot-wiring cars. Peeps with real skill go for safes. You see, every safe has a weekness because someone, like a locksmith or you, might need to sneak in through a backdoor. This is what the safecracker are trying to exploit. It happens to be a rare skill that a person might never need, but then again, you never know when a priceless artifact is about to be stolen by baddies and the… Read More