HTC Victor: A flat-back HTC Touch Diamond


Straight from a blog in a far away land, it appears that HTC has released the “Victor” (looks like in Taiwan only) which appears to be the HTC Touch Diamond, except with a flat back instead of diamond-bumpy, jagged-edge back found on the company’s current model.

To that, I say “Hoo-ray!” I’m using the Touch Diamond right now and the back doesn’t cause me any undue concern except that, as BGR’s Josh Karp points out, it “causes some problems when you attempt to lay the device firmly on a flat surface.”

Speaking of problems – funny story. I was sitting next to Josh Karp at dinner one night during the conference where HTC announced the Touch Diamond and failed to notice that I had held my menu directly over a lit candle while conversing with someone at the table. It caught on fire and the waitress had to throw it on the floor and stomp it out with her shoes. And that, my friends, is why you can’t take CrunchGear anywhere.