Touch Diamond

Video: Sony Xperia Panels interface on an HTC Touch Diamond

A group of tinkers have been hard at work getting the Panels interface from the Sony Xperia working on the HTC Touch HD. Progress is being made at a decent rate, as evidenced by a few YouTube videos t starts shipping unlocked HTC Touch Diamonds

After right around 2 weeks of offering pre-orders for the unlocked WinMo 6.1 powered HTC Touch Diamond, Best Buy has started taking immediate orders from all the folks out there dying to get in on the

HTC Touch Diamond, Touch Pro get official on Sprint

We’ve gotten official word from HTC concerning the Touch Diamond and the Touch Pro release dates and prices for the Sprint network. We already kind of figured the launch date for the Diamond to be S

HTC Touch Diamond to Sprint on September 14th

While early rumors seemed to indicate that the HTC Touch Diamond would be coming to Sprint on September 2nd, it seems that the actual date will be September 14th instead, according to PC Magazine. The

Hidden multi-touch feature on HTC Touch Diamond?

Cool. Looks like the HTC Touch Diamond (and presumably the HTC Touch Diamond Pro) can actually do multi-touch. Apparently it’s just around the navigation buttons that the multi-touch works – not t

Hidden multi-touch feature on HTC Touch Diamond?

Cool. Looks like the HTC Touch Diamond (and presumably the HTC Touch Diamond Pro) can actually do multi-touch. Not only multi-touch on the screen itself, but all the way down around the navi-wheel and

HTC about to sell its millionth Touch Diamond

HTC says it’ll sell over a million Touch Diamonds by the middle of this month…iPhone, who? Even though Apple sold a million iPhone 3Gs in just 3 days, HTC says its still gonna celebrate. Launched

HTC Victor: A flat-back HTC Touch Diamond

Straight from a blog in a far away land, it appears that HTC has released the “Victor” (looks like in Taiwan only) which appears to be the HTC Touch Diamond, except with a flat back instead of dia

HTC Touch Diamond to Sprint in early September?

According to a photo on the forum — a photo which apparently came from HowardForums (I couldn’t find it there) — several new handsets will be available on the Sprint netw

Review: HTC Touch Diamond

Just got the HTC Touch Diamond smartphone today and I can tell you that it’s a pretty nice little gizmo. I’ll be taking it for a spin over the next few weeks, so if you have any questions about it

HTC increases Touch Diamond shipments

HTC CEO Peter Chou spoke at a symposium in Tokyo yesterday where he raised the projected shipment of Touch Diamond devices from two million to three million citing that it would only take seven months

HTC Touch Diamond accessories coming soon

Just got word from Matt of Tracy and Matt’s Blog that he’s been able to grab a shot of one of the upcoming accessories for the HTC Touch Diamond. From Matt’s post… “I mus

Video: UI and photo fun with the HTC Touch Diamond

Here’s some more video of the Touch Diamond’s interface. The various devices I’ve seen have at times been a little laggy with the photos and the tilt sensor — stuff like that.

Photos: HTC Touch Diamond

Here are some photos of the Touch Diamond. It’s a lot smaller than I thought. Enjoy.

Video: HTC Touch Diamond user interface

Video: HTC Touch Diamond Web Browser

The sound got all jacked up — my battery was dying. Forgiveness, please. Try to just listen with your eyes. I have a briefing in a couple hours so I’ll get better footage.

Live in London: 'HTC Touch Diamond' announcement

Doug Aamoth here in London at the HTC announcement. Hit the jump for more. VIDEOS TOO!