German company develops green laser for use in mini projectors

Berlin-based eagleyard Photonics is currently working on the development of a green laser to be used in mobile projectors, i.e. in cell phones. The laser features optical output power of 20mW, supposedly leading to brigher images. Whereas it is relatively easy to integrate blue and red laser sources into mobile projectors, green laser diodes cause massive difficulties.

eagleyard managed to produce a prototype of their green laser in cooperation with the Ferdinand Braun Institut für Höchstfrequenztechnik (institute for high-frequency engineering), which is based in Berlin as well. Apart from being directly modulated, the laser is said to be relatively small, precise (line width: 20 picometers), longlasting and economical.

As far as current chip technology is concerned, the institute said using the laser in mobile projectors is not a problem anymore. However, the production of a mini beamer, which is able to fit i.e. in a cell phone, still seems to be a challenge since the hardware will be subject to damage by heat, coldness and abrasion.

Directly competing with New York-based Corning, eagleyard wants to commercialize their technology in cell phones as early as 2009. Hardware prices are expected to be between $800 and $1,600. The mini projectors will not be manufactured in Germany but either in Japan, Korea or the USA.

Via Technology Review German Edition [GER]