green laser

  • Japanese company develops first original green laser diode

    Japan-based Sumitomo Electric Industries has developed the world’s first laser that’s able to produce “pure” green light (press release in English), meaning its semiconductor laser doesn’t need to convert light to green via another color. Until now, original semiconductor lasers were only available for the other primary colors of light, red and blue. Read More

  • German company develops green laser for use in mini projectors

    Berlin-based eagleyard Photonics is currently working on the development of a green laser to be used in mobile projectors, i.e. in cell phones. The laser features optical output power of 20mW, supposedly leading to brigher images. Whereas it is relatively easy to integrate blue and red laser sources into mobile projectors, green laser diodes cause massive difficulties. eagleyard managed to… Read More

  • Magician Doing Green Laser Tricks Here’s a video of a pretty cool magician doing some rad tricks with a green laser beam that looks pretty powerful. Obviously some mirrors are involved, but watch the whole thing and you’ll see that this guy is no amateur. Any readers who dabble in magic want to fancy a guess how he’s pulling off some of these moves? Laser magician [MAKE] Read More