Apple Mulls Price Cuts On TV Shows

In the wake of NBC canceling its contract with Apple, rumors are flying high about Apple informing networks and studios that they’ll be cutting the price of TV shows on iTunes in half. This is great news for the consumer, but the networks and studios aren’t too keen on the idea. Maybe this is the reason for NBC’s departure, but it appears that had they renewed their contract the price cut would not have applied. But it doesn’t matter much now.

In any case, networks and studios are putting up a fuss saying that a price cut would undercut DVD sales and leave them in the red. Apple’s rebuttal is that the increased volume will offset the price cut, which makes perfect sense. I’d certainly purchase a few episodes for 99¢. There’s talk of a pricing tier system where old ‘library’ titles would be 99¢, episodes of Heroes would have remained at $1.99 and premium shows like Dexter or Weeds would be $2.99. We’ll see how this one works itself out.

Apple seeks TV price cut