Tailgate: Fully Transactional Web 2.0 Banners

tailgate.jpgBanner Advertising just got interesting again. Tailgate from London based Fhlame Limited is billed as the “Worlds First fully transactional web 2.0 banner system” that aims it to turn annoying adverts into a useful application that serves a purpose.

Tailgates technology delivers ecommerce transactions from the banner itself. Essentially users can purchase items by interacting with the banner as opposed to having to click through to another page. The benefits from web sites owners are immediately obvious: using Tailgate, advertisements will no longer take users from their sites. For advertisers, capturing impulse buyers just became that much more easy.

Fhlame is currently in due diligence with a number of large VC firms to fund the further development and marketing of the product.

It’s difficult to describe the product without looking at it; click here for a demonstration.

It’s usually difficult to get excited about advertising technology, and countless “new” offerings usually tend to be just variations on an existing theme. Tailgate on the other hand is quite simply remarkable. The simplicity of the offering combined with the wealth of potential it offers really does make Tailgate stand out from the crowd. There would be a learning curve involved in getting consumers to interact at this level with a banner ad, but it’s a small thing to consider compared to what this product could do to the online advertising industry. Tailgate could well be the banner advertising unit of tomorrow.