• YouTube Coming to a TiVo Near You

    Putting YouTube on something is like a gang initiation for Valley companies. “Sure,” VCs say, “You’ve made a plastic robotic drink coaster with social networking capabilities. But does it have YouTube?” That said, Series 3 and HD TiVo owners will soon be able to stream YouTube content through the TiVo dashboard. Series 2 owners, however, are out of luck because… Read More

  • Creepy Japanese mobile phone commercial

    This commercial for Sony Ericsson’s W63S is currently airing on Japanese TV stations. It’s kind of original but it really creeps me out. The person in the video is Oguri Shun, a famous Japanese actor. Read More

  • Amazon To Debut Streaming Movie/TV Service Today

    Amazon will launch a new streaming video service to select customers on Thursday called Amazon Video on Demand. The service is different from its year-and-a-half old Unbox download service, which offers downloads of movies and TV to rent and buy, but only works on Windows machines. Amazon has clearly been rethinking the Unbox business lately, and let some details slip about this new service… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Office Indignity Edition

    NASA building new toilet, asks workers to ‘evacuate’
    Resonance Field 2.0 visualizes human behavior in working environments
    This week in iPhone 3G cases: The Leather Ones
    Now you can stop using that real croissant for a wrist rest
    Exclusive: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for iPhone Read More

  • Is there room for a 'WordPress for mobile blogging'?

    Is there such a concept left in the lexicon as mobile blogging, or “moblogging”? Devices like the iPhone, services like Twitter and mobile photo blogging apps like Shozu blur the lines between “presence” updates, micro-blogging and mobile blogging. What is left to be done in this space that’s new? The UK-based Moblog.net thinks that a platform play might be it… Read More

  • Channel Intelligence Sues Just About Everyone Who Offers Wishlists

    Channel Intelligence, a company based in Florida, filed a lawsuit for patent infringement in Delaware on Tuesday against a long list of startups and other companies and individuals who have one thing in common – they offer wish lists for products people may want others to buy for them. The complaint is embedded below. Our understanding is that many of these companies don’t yet… Read More

  • Sony follows Microsoft with price cuts

    Sony announced this week that they are slashing $100 off the price tag for the PS3. This fall, the 80-gigabyte version will be marked down from $500. The 40-gigabyte version, which sold for $400 will be discontinued. At $400, the 80 GB configuration will be a direct competition with the new Xbox 60 GB model. Microsoft recently cut prices on the Xbox and is phasing out the 20 GB model entirely. Read More

  • Virgin Mobile grows up

    Virgin Mobile, which recently announced plans to acquire Helio, continues to mature while mostly avoiding growing pains. With 5.1 million customers and well over a billion dollars in revenue last year, the MVNO seems well situated to expand. VM has consistently stood apart from the pack by continuing to offer no-contract plans and in the process attracted a lot of younger, no credit or bad… Read More

  • Meebo To Turn On Chat For Communities

    Instant messaging service Meebo announced a new product tonight called community Instant Messaging that will effectively provide “instant messaging in a box” to any site with a community. It will be a federated system, which means users can access friends on other meebo powered social networks, too. DanceJam, Flixster, myYearbook, Nickelodeon/MTVN Kids and Family Group’s… Read More

  • Advertising and marketing on the go

    Hey, how many iPhone 3G’s were sold during that first weekend? Oh, that’s right. How could I forget? IT WAS ONE MILLION, in case you didn’t hear. Well, now with so many users accessing the Mobile Web, some are saying that it has reached a “critical mass”. Images of plutonium accidents race through my head, but in reality it has more to do with marketing and… Read More

  • Apricado: Selling Your Music Has Never Been This Easy

    Over the last few years we’ve seen a number of online music stores that offer independent artists a way to sell their music without a recording contract. And while a handful of these sites, like AmieStreet, have done especially well, but they tend to be pretty involved – you can’t just upload your songs and start getting paid. Apricado, a new startup that launches today… Read More

  • Is This The Future Of Search?

    The video above shows a user interface being bucket tested by Google to select (probably randomly determined) users. Earlier today we showed a screen shot of the interface and a video of the search history, recorded by Adrian Pike, the CTO of startup Tatango. This new video, however (also recorded by Pike), shows the full Google search experience with a very Digg-like interface. Users vote… Read More

  • Samsung SL310W: She is so wide-angle!

    13.6-megapixels, 3.6x zoom, and optical image stabilization differentiate this model from the other three we covered today. Good times. $229. Read More

  • Is Facebook Ready To Face The Music?

    On today’s Gillmor Gang recording, Marc Canter frequently alluded to a Facebook announcement next Wednesday, July 23rd at its F8 platform conference in San Francisco, about their new thinking on the privacy of user-contributed data. While Canter is under NDA until the 23rd, this clearly is the much-promised and answer-avoided response to Facebook’s denial of service attack on… Read More

  • Now you can stop using that real croissant for a wrist rest

    Finally I can stop using my breakfast as a wrist rest. After years of working at the computer, I have found the only proper wrist rest that can be used comes in croissant form. The crescent shape forms a comfortable half circle, which allows for perfect wrist-resting convenience. I’ve learned to live with the soggy remains as my croissant decays throughout the day. When the thing… Read More

  • Voodoo's instant-on OS

    Laptop has some hands-on footage of Voodoo’s Splashtop browsing system for instant-on functionality in its Envy laptop. It offers instant messaging, browsing, and Skype. It then takes about 50 seconds to boot into Vista. Read More

  • This week in iPhone 3G cases: The Leather Ones

    A slew of cases have followed in the wake of the iPhone 3G release last week. For now: The Leather Ones… Read More

  • Google Continues To Test A Search Interface That Looks More Like Digg Every Day

    A couple of days ago we posted screen shots of a new search interface being bucket tested by Google that lets users vote up or down on search results. The resulting interface was very Digg-like, and included a total vote count, etc. Today Adrian Pike, the CTO of startup Tatango, noticed that the interface changed yet again and now includes user comments. Like Digg, each comment has an up or… Read More

  • Review: Samson G-Track microphone

    Making music on your PC has never been easier – or harder. While the recording side of things is fairly straight-forward, getting good audio using your PC’s limited complement of hardware tools is difficult. Hissing, bad levels, and odd artifacts plague home recording. That’s why I like the G-Track microphone from Samson. It essentially puts a good microphone and nice… Read More

  • Why Google Slows Down Acquired Companies

    In Febuary of this year Google re-launched JotSpot as Google Sites. Google had acquired Jotspot some 16 months earlier, during which time Jot was only available to existing customers and closed to new signups. What happen during those 16 months and why did the process of integrating with Google take so long? Looking through the list of companies that Google has acquired, Jotspot would be… Read More

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