• FPS-Brain energy pill gives pro-gamers all the concentration they could ever need

    [photopress:fpsbev.jpg,full,right] It’s “faster than you can think” and was developed to give pro gamers an edge over their competition. FPS-Brain, a product of Germany, is a sugar-free energy pill that’s the product of “extensive” research; it supposedly works within 60 minutes of consumption and the effects last up to six hours. If nothing else… Read More

  • A wearable tentacle arm shows just how much you care

    [photopress:tentaclearm.jpg,full,center] Pretty sure you know exactly what this is and exactly how to use it (and for only $15!). Enjoy your weekend. Tentacle Arm [Gaia Online Store via Kotaku] Read More

  • Sprint Announces Subscriber Losses

    Sprint Nextel, the third largest mobile phone provider in the United States, reported a net loss of 683,000 post-paid subscribers today. This loss is far greater than those predicted by analysts, which ranged between 350,000 and 500,000 subscribers. The company also reported net losses of 202,000 prepaid subscribers. Sprint’s subscriber base was 53.8 million at the end of 2007… Read More

  • Macbook Air: Why the hell not?

    http://www.collegehumor.com/moogaloop/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=1797523&fullscreen=1 Yeah, fine. I’m a sucker for parody. via CH Read More

  • Yahoo Asks Employees To Turn In Computers

    In a move that could be a hint of things to come, Yahoo told a group of about 30 or so employees yesterday that their jobs would be terminated in 60 days, and that they could look for other jobs within Yahoo. But could they please turn in their computers by the end of the day today. Other than the engineers, who tend to get quickly sucked into other groups, it is not likely many will find… Read More

  • 37Signals Down – Looks Like Rackspace Is To Blame Again

    37Signals is having a bad morning, according to their current home page image above. They’re pointing fingers at their service provider, which was (and we believe still is) Rackspace. Last November they suffered a three hour outage along with other Rackspace customers. Update: It’s back up, total outage was about 2 hours. Per the comments, 37Signals doesn’t seem super duper… Read More

  • Psst… wanna win a watch?

    Our good friends at WatchReport.com would like to give you guys a watch. Not just any watch, mind you. It will be an E-Ink watch and it will make you look so cool that you’ll ultimately reach the other end of the spectrum and become hot. But don’t take our word for it. Electronic ink is a high-contrast, low-power display technology. It is to ink what email is to mail: fast… Read More

  • Dell laptop (almost) electrocutes young boy, his dog, potentially grandma

    A fascinating post in Dell Community support forums details the travails of a young man and is XPS m1530. It seems that his laptop is “crackling” and “sparking” when he touches it, suggesting a grounding issue. While we’ve all felt that weird “smoothness because we’re about to be electrocuted” feeling on laptops and even lamps, this sounds… Read More

  • YouMail Launches New non-Intrusive Advertising Program

    YouMail, a free voicemail service, launched a new advertising program this week that will connect brands with mobile users through text-based advertising. This new feature will add short, non-intrusive 40-character marketing messages to the text alerts users already receive when a caller leaves a new voicemail. “Advertisers continue to struggle to find unobtrusive ways to reach consumers… Read More

  • Mobile Fun Offers Celebrity Autographs

    If you are an autograph hound, Mobile Fun may have the service for you. Your mobile phone can now be autographed online by famous and historical people like Stalin or Shakespeare without having to go to the trouble and cost of renting a time machine. Mobile Fun is currently working on a system that allows modern celebrities to sell limited editions of their autographs online so that customers… Read More

  • Countdown To Crunchies Tonight

    Most of the team will be in San Francisco today preparing for the Crunchies at 7:30 pm. We’ll have light news coverage and a couple of updates throughout the day around the ceremony and party afterwards (we’re still trying to fit yet more people in based on the fire codes – we’re adding tickets to inventory here as we can) and we’ll likely give away a free pair… Read More

  • OurStage Brings User Picked Content To Joost

    Indie music and film site OurStage has announced a new content partnership with Joost that will see user picked content offered to Joost users. Under the deal, OurStage will offer four channels on Joost: Best of OurStage Shorts, Best of OurStage Comedy, OurStage Music Videos and OurStage Artist Access. The channels will give Joost users access to 10 OurStage Artists on each channel and… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Nothing at All Edition

    Free Lines: Power cables that snap into each other
    A manila sleeve for the MacBook Air
    Monster Outlets To Go Power Strip review
    Nooka Zirc: How big! How bold!
    Library of Congress now uploading photos to Flickr Read More

  • House-keeeping note: Please use uk.techcrunch.com

    Some readers seem to have had trouble with the Techcrunch.co.uk web address, especially accessing headline links for some reason So for the time being, until we sort this out, please use uk.techcrunch.com – this is the ‘real’ address of this site. Thanks! Read More

  • China Close To Becoming World's Largest Internet Market By Users

    New statistics released by the Chinese Government show that China is due to surpass the United States as the nation with the most internet users in the coming months. The state-owned China Internet Network Information Center said that China’s total number of Internet users rose 53% to 210 million at the end of 2007 up from 137 million at the end of 2006 and 162 million in June 2007. Read More

  • Pentax looking to kick it up a notch at PMA

    Rumors are running rampant over what Pentax may or may not announce at PMA. One thing is for sure, Pentax is focusing on DSLRs this year and that’s coming straight from the horse’s mouth. Head of Japanese sales for Pentax, Hitoshi Sasaki, was recently quoted: We will keep focusing on DSLR as we did last year,” Sasaki said. “The segment will demand not only the cameras… Read More

  • Library of Congress now uploading photos to Flickr

    How cool would it have been to see Coney Island way back when? Just something random and neat I found that I thought I would share with all of you. LoC on Flickr Read More

  • Bricked iPhones come alive with 1.1.3

    The Gizza has confirmed that bricked iPhones come back to life with 1.1.3. Yay! Read More

  • We want more porn: The jam of 2008 (so far)

    I’m sitting at the airport in San Francisco, where I’ve been since early this morning, as every flight I need to be on is cancelled or, as is my current flight, delayed by hours and hours. Thankfully, my friend Shanon posted this gem on MySpace that cheered me up, i hope it has the same effect on you. Thanks, Shanon! Read More

  • Review: Monster Outlets To Go Power Strip

    Us bloggers/journalists/hacks often get free swag from companies at events and 90 percent of the time it’s all crap. No, really, it’s usually the crappiest crap you could ever see and you’d never want it to begin with. I go for the booze and shitty fabulous food. However, I can say without a doubt that the best thing I’ve ever received from any company at an event… Read More

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