• Apple capitulating on revenue sharing to get iPhone into China

    Bad news for Apple. Although a deal with China Mobile to get the iPhone available to the biggest untapped mobile market in the world will be nice, their margins are going to be as thin as the skin on their teeth. China Mobile spokesperson Rainie Lei: “Apple is no longer insisting on a revenue-sharing policy, so the biggest hurdle for China Mobile to bring in the iPhone has been… Read More

  • Team Fortress 2 trading cards: Collect them all where all = 2

    Valve created, but never released, a set of trading cards for TF2. Now you can download them in full hi-res and make your own double-sided cards to trade with one or more of your friends, although the trading permutations are severely limited with only two items in the set. Why not make up your own cards? Or drop in some J.R. Grossouts? via Kotaku Read More

  • This Week On TechcrunchIT

    Our first week is over on TechcrunchIT and it has been a busy one. Steve Gillmor and I spent time with Salesforce, Sun, at Velocity with a super-smart guy about to join Twitter and with two other smart guys who have a new Javascript platform called SproutCore that Apple has taken a keen interest in. It was also a big week for Open Source as a business as we heard about rapid growth at RedHat… Read More

  • Sound-sensitive table tells you who's dominating the conversation

    As if you didn’t already know. These “Reflect” tables have built-in microphones and they light up depending on who’s talking, for how long, and probably some other metrics. While the idea is kind of cool, it’s really very ridiculous as well and I seriously can’t imagine these any place but possibly in a committee room in Congress or… Read More

  • Posterous Beats Tumblr In Simplicity

    New Y Combinator startup Posterous launches today with what might be the simplest blogging platform to date. Yes, it’s even easier to use than Tumblr, which has a cult-following of users who like to post lots of pictures and short messages. Here’s how you create a blog on Posterous – email something to post@posterous.com. You’re done. Here’s how you post something… Read More

  • Sony announces a Trojan Horse – no, really

    Well, they didn’t announce one in its current parlance exactly. It’s more like the original horse — the one that disgorged the elite Achaeans into Troy. In this case, the Trojan Horse is the PS3 console, and it will be disgorging content. It’s not I who made this historical comparison, some analyst did, but I sure wish I had. The plan was, all along it seems, to roll… Read More

  • MSI Wind running Leopard: Dare to dream

    Some folks have convinced an MSI Wind that it is a Mac Pro and that it can run Leopard like a champ. Using Kalyway 10.5.2, a Leopard install, some Spanish hackers installed and ran the OS with no issues. Ethernet and Bluetooth both work sans problems. Our own experience with the Wind seems to point to an amazing machine without peer in the ultralight category, so maybe it deserves a little… Read More

  • High-End SSD in an Eee basically doubles performance

    You may have seen the teardown of an Eee 1000H a week ago. That was cool and it also revealed that the hard drive was trivially easy to replace. Of course, the 5400RPM, 80GB drive was never meant as a performance piece, more a cost and energy saver than anything. But if you could replace it with something awesome, why wouldn’t you? And that’s just what these guys did. They took… Read More

  • Flipswap: Send in your old phone for $$$, plant a tree and donate to charity

    Sending in your old phone or iPod for money isn’t anything new, but I recently found Flipswap and they’re a little bit different than other services out there. For one thing, everything is free and they even pay for your shipping costs. I’m not sure how their algorithm works, but they claim to give the highest trade-in value for your phone. Simply input your info, answer a… Read More

  • Diablo III announced, and it looks freakin awesome

    OMG OMG OMG. I just woke up and it is like Christmas up in here. I tell you, I am nerding out right now. I’ve been digging through all my old games looking for a Diablo fix lately: Titan Quest was good, Sacred was big, Dungeon Siege II was almost as good as I remember,and Shadowgrounds was scary, but it goes without saying that the king of the hill has always been Diablo II. Diablo III… Read More

  • The Smoking Gun

    As Bill Gates closed the door for the final time Friday on his ex-office (Ballmer takes over Monday) the rhetoric about continued one day a week doesn’t match the reality. Whether you believe Bill will have an ongoing role in Office and Windows futures, I bet most of Bill’s input is already factored in by the owners of those two dominant sources of Microsoft revenue. What comes… Read More

  • TechCrunch Euro Tour – it's time for the Istanbul Meetup

    As I have said previously, I’m on a tour around Europe, looking for Europe’s best and brightest startups, and I’m happy to say, it’s going very well. I already have a stack of content to write up in between plane journeys and queuing for passport control, and to that end, today I’m in Turkey. TechCrunch and Turkish Web 2.0 blog Webrazzi teamed up to do a meetup… Read More

  • G8 summit won't touch global climate issue

    This is obviously off topic but an important issue nonetheless. This months’ issue of GQ (Hello Gisele!) has a fairly interesting feature, “You can’t save the planet”, that touches on a handful of issues surrounding the whole green movement and what we can do to help bring about change. The gist is that we’re basically screwed. One particular fact was astounding… Read More

  • The Smoking Gun

    As Bill Gates closed the door for the final time Friday on his ex-office (Ballmer takes over Monday) the rhetoric about continued one day a week doesn’t match the reality. Whether you believe Bill will have an ongoing role in Office and Windows futures, I bet most of Bill’s input is already factored in by the owners of those two dominant sources of Microsoft revenue. What comes… Read More

  • Rumor: Sprint pushing out software update for Samsung Instinct this Monday?

    According to Instinct-Samsung forum poster lrosenman, Sprint is getting ready to push out a software update on 6/30/08. No idea what the software update will entail if there is one at all, but we’ve got a couple Instincts floating around the office, so we’ll check on it in a couple days. I apologize for your disappointment regarding some of the software. We will have a software… Read More

  • Video: Batman vs. Batman vs. Batman

    http://dms.partner.eyespot.com/flash/medialoader.swf Anyone else purchased their tickets for the midnight showing? I’m watching it at the IMAX. *Joygasm* via techamok Read More

  • BlackBerry BIE 2.5 coming to T-Mobile tonight, OS 4.5 not coming til September

    Well, it’s nice to know that T-Mobile will be upgrading BIE to 2.5 tonight, but without the upgrade to OS 4.5 it’s pretty much useless. I would love nothing more than to finally have HTML e-mail, but it’s simply a waste of my time for T-Mobile to upgrade because none of us are running OS 4.5. It’s more of a nuisance to have the downtime, right? So don’t expect… Read More

  • Want Some Facebook Stock At A $3 Billion Valuation? We Know Who To Call.

    Facebook may have talked a few investors, including Microsoft, Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing and Germany’s Samwer brothers, into investing in the company’s preferred stockat a $15 billion valuation. But that’s a hard number to justify given Facebook’s revenue projections and comparisons to other big networks, and a lot of people think it’s vastly overvalued… Read More

  • Sales Guy vs. Web Dude

    I saw this on Dave Winer’s Friendfeed stream yesterday. Its just too good not to post, even though its staged. Some adult language in there, and one NSFW image at the end. The website for this show is usually at www.thewebsiteisdown.com, which is currently down and redirecting visitors directly to the video on Blip.TV. Read More

  • 3G iPhone to win tens of thousands of new customers in Germany

    German newspaper Die Welt is reporting in their online version [GER] today that Apple is about to win tens of thousands of new corporate customers for their iPhone. German mega bank Deutsche Bank and other corporations are apparently willing to add the 3G iPhone to their line-up of cell phones provided to employees. Until now, Blackberry models dominated this market segment in Germany. In… Read More

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