• The Twitting Point

    Bill O’Reilly has the last word on Twitter for today. He thinks the Twitterati is crushing talk radio, by sucking up all our listener time. He thinks that’s bad; I hope he’s right and it drives Rush out of business. It won’t drive The View out of business if Barbara Walters has a say; she regularly tries to shut down the Twitversation. We’re becoming a nation… Read More

  • Update on Canon's rumored new video device

    More info! Keep in mind this update is merely an update to the rumor. It’s not a confirmation or anything like that. The anonymous source, bless him, has added some tidbits to the earlier announcement, which was slightly cryptic. For instance, “120Hz” is clarified to 120 full frames, but the camera will supposedly be limited to 60. Why? No one knows. Read More

  • High-res display now available for Dell Mini 10 or is it?

    HP’s 2140 was supposed to start shipping with a HD display sometime last month and quick check on the site reveals that it’s still not available. Some of the personal reviews state that the low-res displays caused them to return the netbook. It makes me wonder if there’s some manufacturing issue over in China with these high-res displays. I bring this up because it appears… Read More

  • Mega Man II for iPhone: it sucks

    How to kill buzz: After releasing an excellent retro-remake (say Mega Man 9), offer a poorly-ported version of perhaps the series’ most treasured game. Let’s just look at the basics, here. In porting a game from the original system, you might want to consider whether said system had a joystick or a D-pad, and then use that. I guess Capcom felt this was a better solution. Not to… Read More

  • Tinker Gives Twitter Its Long Awaited Events Firehose

    Over a year ago Fred Wilson wrote about the need for a Twitter events firehose – a place where users could input a handful of keywords collectively referred to as an ‘event’, which could be used to monitor current news as it happens in near real-time. Tomorrow morning, he’ll get his wish when Glam Media launches a new service called Tinker to the public. As its… Read More

  • Lala Gets A Fresh Coat Of Paint, Still Rocks

    Tonight music-streaming service Lala will be rolling out a number of improvements to its homepage and integrated music player. While the site has had a clean feel since its relaunch last October, it has also been a bit spartan – users had to navigate to various links to find their playlists and songs, and while it looked good it wasn’t as functional as it could have been. The… Read More

  • Some classy-looking PC cases in latest from Antec

    Antec, perhaps the most popular PC case maker around, has released a couple cases which are actually quite tempting. I see a lot of gaudy cases about, but these, particularly the P183, are understated and classy. They look as if they have plenty of room, too, although it isn’t as adventurous as Corsair’s debut case. Read More

  • Best Buy to sell Webster Hall bootlegs

    In the three years that I’ve lived in Manhattan, I’ve had the chance to frequent all the famous concert venues that this town has to offer except for CBGB. I know, I know. Let’s just not go there. It’s in these dark, damp and rank halls that I’ve seen a handful of amazing bands perform while watching others crash and burn. I’ve always thought that a band is… Read More

  • A moment of silence, if you will, for Microsoft Encarta

    The digital encyclopedia that was, ladies and gentlemen. I remember thinking how obsolete that first CD set made my Funk & Wagnall’s encyclopedia — and yet, 15 years later, Encarta is going to a better place and I still have the Funk & Wagnall’s, which combined with Wikipedia encompasses the whole of human knowledge. The well-meaning but perennially obsolete… Read More

  • Video Review: Vestalife Butterfly Dock for iPod

    The Vestalife Butterfly is an $80 iPod dock with no remote control and so-so sound quality. The build quality is okay, but the whole getup looks like it should be hanging over a baby’s crib. If it cost $30 or $40 it’d be a whole different story, but at $80 this one’s truly for butterfly enthusiasts and family members of Vestalife employees only. Read More

  • Jonathan Miller, Who's Taking Over MySpace, Doesn't Have A MySpace Profile

    As far as we can tell, the guy who’s going to be taking over MySpace along with the rest of News Corp.’s digital assets doesn’t actually use the site itself. We cannot locate a MySpace profile for Jonathan Miller, who will shortly become the CEO of Digital Media for News Corp. We’re big believers in company executives eating their own dog food, and more often than not… Read More

  • If bit.ly Is Worth $8 Million, TinyURL Is Worth At Least $46 Million

    In a world where everything is being jammed into 140 characters or less, shorter is better. That goes double (or is it half?) for lengthy URLs. So-called URL shortening services are increasingly becoming indispensable to anyone who uses Twitter. It is the only practical way to share links on the service. Today, one of these URL shortening services, bit.ly, raised $2 million, sparking… Read More

  • Chrome for OS X coming this Fall, according to Google devs

    I’m not the biggest “download the source and compile” person out there, but if you are, you may have been following Google’s ongoing browser experiment as it rockets through release numbers. It’s not exactly available for macs just yet, but you can compile it and make it go as a sort of pre-Alpha program. It should have all the features and optimizations of… Read More

  • Rumor: Canon producing a pro digital video camera?

    Canon may have decided to take the digital recording to the next level. There’s been some pretty amazing stuff being done with the Canon 5D mkII, and there have been some leaks about where they might be going with this. Keep in mind, this a rumor only and unconfirmed, it could very easily be a fanboy hoax. But if the rumor is true, Canon is working on a pro-level video camera using their… Read More

  • Shock! Horror! iPhones don't make a Top 20 popularity list

    Here’s something from the department of Quelle Surprise: Bango (AIM: BGO) reckons the iPhone lags behind the top 20 mobile handsets most used in browsing and buying on the mobile web. The Bango Top 20 handset list, based on Bango’s February statistics, puts the Nokia 3110c on top, followed by the Samsung M800 in 2nd and the Nokia 6300 in 3rd place. On the whole, smartphones account… Read More

  • AirCoaster iPhone App Turns The Stock Market Into A Scary Ride

    The stock market has been a wild ride the past 12 months. If you don’t feel sick already, you can actually turn the ups and downs of the stock market into a virtual roller coaster. Ziconic, the developers of AirCoaster 3D, a high speed 3D roller coaster app for the iPhone, has turned the Dow Jones and Apple stock charts into roller coaster tracks that users can download and ride. The… Read More

  • Sony denies PS3 price drop for tomorrow

    We figured it was just a rumor, but Sony just got back to us and they’ve denied all rumors surrounding a price drop on the PS3. Read More

  • CrunchGear presents Slow-mo Reel 2: Electric Boogaloo

    You asked for it. Actually, you asked for girls washing cars. But you have to understand that I live in Seattle and this year when it hasn’t been raining, it’s been hailing. So just be satisfied that it’s not entirely bearded guys high-fiving each other — although I threw in a little of that for those of you who secretly liked it. It’s a sort of slow-motion… Read More

  • Review: Casio Exilim EX-FC100

    I use a DSLR and I love it, and while I appreciate what point-and-shoots do, I’ve never really wanted one. This is partly due to the superior picture-taking ability of a DSLR, but mostly it’s other cameras’ unimaginative feature lists. The latest cameras boast huge numbers of features which I would never use (smile shutter? more megapixels on a tiny sensor?), and… Read More

  • Netflix raising Blu-ray prices, again

    To all 1 million or so Netflix subscribers who’ve opted for Blu-ray discs, you’re in for another price hike in the coming weeks. What started as a $1 surcharge last September will eventually amount to an increase that’s triple or quadruple what you’re paying now for your online DVD rental service. Before steam starts blowing out of your ears let’s see what… Read More

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