• Nintendo DSi packaging found

    Japan is getting the Nintendo DSi on November 1st. Stores over there are understandably taking pre-orders and previewing the upcoming handheld by putting the actual packaging out on display. It’s too bad we here in the States have to wait until after the New Year for the refreshed Nintendo DSi. Read More

  • TechCrunch LateCrunch Event Wrapup

    What’s a good strategy when about 1,000 developers and startups converge on one point? Throw a Techcrunch party of course. So it was with some relish that we threw an end of conference networking event for startups following the Web 2.0 Expo Europe O’Reilly / TechWeb conference in Berlin. We decided to call it LateCrunch, opened up tickets and over 300 people turned up. Read More

  • Samsung adding 3x optical zoom to 8MP cameraphones in '09, then on to 12MP

    With Sony Ericsson, Samsung, and LG battling all pushing 8 megapixel handsets to the market, the feature is slightly less brag-worthy than it was just a few months ago. Looking to make their 8MP handsets stand-out amongst the ever-growing crowd, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, a South Korean Samsung subsidiary, has announced that they’ve developed an 8MP camera module with 3x optical zoom. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: $400 off $999-and-up HP desktops

    I actually found it kind of difficult to spec an HP desktop up over $999 but if you’re able to swing it, you can get $400 lopped off the top by using coupon code DT7708 at checkout. Be advised, though, that the d5000 series and the TouchSmart series aren’t eligible for the savings. The coupon code will last until its been redeemed 900 times, so keep that in mind if you’re… Read More

  • The NYTimes.com Prepares For HD Video; Drops the FeedRoom For Brightcove

    The New York Times is hurting financially these days, and its online business doesn’t seem to be helping much, but at least it keeps pushing forward. One area where the NYTimes.com has put a lot of effort is in video, and it has just redesigned its video page around the new Brightcove 3 player. Previously, the NYTimes was using the FeedRoom as its main video platform. (This swap… Read More

  • Apple patent shows RF embedded all over the place

    An Apple patent application is currently burning up the Internet, what with the possibility that we’ll all, one day, be outfitted with a series of tiny RF transmitters. The application, named “Personal area network systems and devices and methods for use thereof,” envisions a world where our shoes, socks, shirts, iPods, MacBooks and everything else are connected via radio… Read More

  • Review: Myvu Shades made for iPod Edition

    I’ve really been looking forward to trying out the Myvu Shades made for iPod edition.  I’ve always had some techno-lust for wearable computing, and I love the idea of being able to enjoy watching the old Dungeons and Dragons cartoons without people making fun of me.  Keep on reading for my thoughts. Read More

  • Mac Mini receiving updates and not getting kicked off the team?

    Claims of the Mac Mini’s demise might have been premature as a new source indicates that a spec bump is coming soon. Macminicolo, a Las Vagas-based Mac Mini firm, is stating that they are 100% percent sure that Amazon’s best selling desktop computer will be around to fight another day and should receive Apple’s latest standard upgrades of a Mini DisplayPort output, 4GB… Read More

  • Joel Johnson reviews the Griffin AirCurve

    Griffin AirCurve Dock Review from Joel on Vimeo. Griffin has been putting out some wonky stuff lately and, as we see from Joel’s review of the AirCurve dock, the wonk is getting critical. This thing “acoustically”… Read More

  • T-Mobile to Neil Gaiman on the G1: "The cat's eaten it"

    Author Neil Gaiman now lives near Minneapolis, Minnesota. He needed a new phone and thought the G1 might be nice so he headed down to his local T-Mo shop where he found posters advertising the phone and an eager, if slightly dim, staff. Read More

  • How are we doing?

    We’ve been doing this for a little over two years now and I’d like to see what you guys think of the site as it stands today. Feel free to excoriate or laud us in comments or email me directly at john at crunchgear.com. What can we do differently? What needs to change? What should we add? Read More

  • Just In Time For The Election, Politics.com (re)Launches

    It might be too little, too late to launch a political news site. The U.S. election is only 11 days away, and interest in politics will taper off from the fever-high pitch we see now. But that’s not stopping Politics.com, which just launched yesterday as user-submitted site for political news, blog posts, and Youtube videos. It is kind of The Huffington Post meets Digg. The site is run… Read More

  • Dell Vostro A90: a netbook for the suits

    Dell has taken the Inspiron Mini 9 netbook and dressed it up for the business types. The innards are exactly the same as the pedestrian counterpart with an Intel 1.6 Atom CPU, 8GB SSD, 1GB of RAM and a 8.9-inch screen. So far the stark black netbook is announced only for the Japanese market and carries an astonishing high price of ¥92,830 ($999 USD), and unless this netbook fad takes off… Read More

  • Some rumor suggests a February release for the Nikon D3x or D4

    Some German photography message board claims that the Nikon D3 will be replaced—that’s key, replaced, and not sold side-by-side—by either the D3x or D4 as early as February, 2009. The original post even has two stats for us: 24 megapixels and 6-7 photos per second in burst mode. The only reason we’re even acknowledging this rumor is because it does sync up with that… Read More

  • Sprint officially releasing HTC Touch Pro next week

    Here comes the HTC Touch Pro. It’ll be available on the Sprint network with availability starting next week at “select national retailers” followed by availability in Sprint stores and on Sprint’s website starting November 2nd. So if you’re looking for one, better check places like Best Buy and Radio Shack next week because it appears that they’ll have… Read More

  • RIDES Mac-powered Hyundai Genesis

    It’s every Mac fanboys wet dream to embed an OS X touchscreen computer inside their ride. When RIDES does a mobile Mac workstation though, it’s more of an Apple Store on wheels with – get this – two Mac Mini’s, a MacBook Air, iPod Touch, iPhone 3G, 20-inch Cinema display, along with a bunch of car audio wares all within the surprisingly sexy Hyundai Genesis sedan. Read More

  • Checking In On Facebook Connect: Where Are All The Partners?

    Facebook Connect, a product that ties a user’s Facebook account to other sites on the Internet, was first announced on May 9, more than five months ago. Digg was announced as a launch partner. It’s a strategically important product, with competition from both Google and MySpace. So the big question is, how is it doing? Read More

  • 150 copies per minute: The ORPHIS X9050 is the world's fastest photocopier

    Japanese office equipment manufacturer Riso has developed the world’s fastest color photocopier for office use [JP] (at least this is what they and their partner Olympus claim). The ORPHIS X9050 is able to make 150 copies per minute. This performance has a price: The machine’s list price is $46,000. Riso is also planning to sell a trimmed down version of the X9050, the ORPHIX… Read More

  • New alarm clock shaped like a railroad crossing sign wakes you up with annoying signals

    The sleep-deprived Japanese seem to have a soft spot for wacky alarm clocks. Now Tokyo-based toy and video game maker Banpresto presents an alarm clock in the shape of a Japanese railroad crossing sign. Banpresto hasn’t included its newest product on their own website yet but the (official) promo picture above says the clock has extra-large speakers (40mm) to make sure you wake up when… Read More

  • Canon Japan sells super-cute Hello Kitty-branded Selphy photo printer

    Here is yet another Hello Kitty-powered device from Japan. This time, Canon used the character to spice up its Selphy CP770 [JP], a portable photo printer. While the printer itself is available outside Japan (i.e. in the USA where it costs about $150), this special edition will most likely remain Nippon-only. Technically, Canon didn’t change anything at all. You still get a 2.5-inch LCD… Read More

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