• Wow, a $2,000 Ginza-theme speaker system

    A quick trip to Wikipedia identifies Ginza as the Fifth Avenue of Tokyo. (That I went there in 2007 is neither here nor there.) Very interesting, yes. So imagine the gang’s surprise when we discovered this Bandai-branded speaker, in the form of a diorama. It’s Ginza, just like it was in 1955. Read More

  • Lego hardsuit is Lego I'd totally not swallow

    Chewk, and apparently hundreds of other Flickr users, have been creating Lego mecha for for the edification of the world for a while now and BBG found this cute example complete with mad-eyed Marine. Read More

  • Tiny arcade machines for your train set

    Awwww, they’re adorable little video game cabinets! Choose from seven styles: Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Galaga, Centipede, Zaxxon, Phoenix, and Defender – all for $7.49 each. Read More

  • AT&T gets into the femtocell game with 3G MicroCell

    Following on the heels of Sprint and Verizon, AT&T is set to launch its own femtocell –  3G MicroCell – giving its customers (who pay for a 3G MicroCell plan) unlimited minutes while connected to any MicroCell at home, business, or otherwise. MicroCell is essentially a personal miniature cell tower that connects to AT&T’s network via your existing broadband connection… Read More

  • CrunchBoard Job of the Week: Developer for iPlatform

    This week’s TechCrunch Europe Job of the Week is for a developer for Theiplatform.com advertising startup. They are in London (though I think the description “Farming, Fishing, and Forestry” was entered incorrectly). Remember, it costs only £20 to post *any* kind of advert on the CrunchBoard related to your startup/business, whether it be jobs, searches for office space… Read More

  • BlackBerry Storm, she is not doing so well

    RIM’s BlackBerry Storm, the biggest lump of crap to come out of Canada since Celine Dion, sold 500,000 units in its first month. Everyone who was everyone basically told RIM that this was a heap but did they listen? Nope. “I found myself wanting to throw it in the ocean due to my frustration with its overall usability,” said Steven Golub, a longtime Verizon customer from… Read More

  • Simpsons switching to high definition for season 20 premiere

    The Simpsons has been a staple in many homes for nearly 20 years and finally, finally, the show will be broadcast in glorious high definition. Season 20 debuts on February 15 which is when the switch will be flipped and we’ll see Homer and Co. in HD. Plus, the show is going to have a new main title for the first time in 20 seasons. Oh, and for the record, The Simpsons is going HD before… Read More

  • Make aMap Of Your Best Arguments

    Sometimes the easiest way to convey an argument is with a diagram. UK-startup Team Rubber has come out with a nifty embeddable widget called aMap that lets you make a diagram of any argument with supporting logic in an interactive mindmap. The widget lets you flit from one point to another. For instance, in the aMap below an argument is made that Apple will flourish without Steve Jobs… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Lenovo S10e for $299

    Netbooks, netbooks, netbooks! The Lenovo S10e can be had for the low, low price of $299 with free shipping from Buy.com if you’re interested. Read More

  • Multi-touch on the G1 is here

    Do you have balls of steel? If you answered “YES!” or “SORT OF!” then you might have what it takes to flash the firmware on your T-Mobile G1 in order to get this multi-touch hack up and running, courtesy of developer Luke Hutchison. Read More

  • Mobile Startups Mass In Barcelona – Join Us For A Meetup

    Mobile World Congress spins up in a couple of weeks time but like any good event, the real action takes place “Off Broadway” at the fringe events. And that’s not just because TechCrunch is running a meetup event: TechCrunchTalk Mobile 2.0. In addition one of the other ones this year is The Mobile Peer Awards from the Mobile Monday global non-profit network. They have picked… Read More

  • What's just as effective as Brain Age but costs a lot less?

    A pen and a piece of paper. That’s what a British study has concluded, saying that the $40 Nintendo DS game is no better at keeping your brain “in shape” than doing a crossword puzzle, playing Sudoku or watching a documentary. (I recommend The Ascent of Money—it saves you from having to read the piece-of-junk book.) Now your children can’t pull this ol’… Read More

  • LG's ultra modular VX9600 Versa coming next month

    Well, consider me surprised. Even with pics of the hardware making their way out last week, my brain had haphazardly decided that the Versa was still a good number of moons away. Not so, according to BoyGenius‘ Best Buy spies. If the date in the inventory system is more than a best guess by a random blue polo jockey, we can expect the Versa to hit the shelves in all of its detachable… Read More

  • Qualcomm invests in tiny phone company Modu

    Calcalist is reporting (Hebrew only) that Modu has brought in another $7M in funding courtesy of Qualcomm which as part of the agreement will also manufacture the Modu “core”. Modu has had a whirlwind of a year, first debuting to much fanfare at last year’s Mobile World Congress, where we had a chance to sit with the company’s CEO, Dov Moran, for a 1-on-1 for a demo. Read More

  • DIY HDMI cables from audioquest coming soon

    HDMI cables have long been the bane of custom AV installers mainly because they previously could not be made to length. It seems that audioquest has solved the problem with a system that splits the HDMI wire into two wire groups for termination and crimping. That way, you are avoiding crimping all 19 wires at once. Most installers can crimp CAT-5’s eight wires in their sleep so doing… Read More

  • Warning: Android app MemoryUp appears to be malware

    Word on the Interstreets today is that Android Market app – MemoryUp – is giving users much more than they bargained for.  Instead of optimizing users’ G1 memory (as advertised), the now suspected malware app is doing the exact opposite – causing lots of Android headaches in the form of memory wipes, contact disappearances, OS crashes, adware, and spam galore. In… Read More

  • Attention: Shilling in comments will not be tolerated (DRINK PEPSI!)

    We’ve got three crazy comments from Andy Gowen touting the magic of Clear dot com’s fascination USB modem package which, for $50 a month, offers you a WiMAX connection (??) wherever you go and may or may not cause infertility in rats. Andy, please stop. We’re sure your service is amazing but we’re moderating you and I’ve taken the liberty of changing your comments… Read More

  • Sprint axing 8,000 employees, Philips 6,000

    Talk about a case of the Mondays. Sprint and Philips are the latest to announce layoffs with Sprint cutting 8,000 and Philips 6,000 employees. You know the drone. It’s cause we can’t borrow against our overinflated home’s equity to buy these companies latest crap anymore. We’re too busy dumping all of our cash into organic foodstuff now. The Sprint layoffs are expected… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson C903 shows its backside

    We caught the Sony Ericsson C903 (previously known as “Frances”) showing off its frontside last week, and now we’re getting a sneak peak of this not-yet-announced Cybershot’s rear. As you can tell by the side-by-side above, Sony Ericsson’s taking the “Camera” part of “Cameraphone” pretty seriously, with the backside designed to fit… Read More

  • TripIt Launches An API. Travel Sites, Please Use It

    TripIt, the helpful travel site that lets you generate an itinerary by simply forwarding the service your Email confirmations from hotels and airlines, has opened up an API for outside developers. The API will give third party applications access to TripIt’s itinerary sysytem, which now accepts data from 350 travel sites. Developers can find all the details for joining the program… Read More

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