• Nokia's Ovi Improved With PIM Sync, File Sharing

    Nokia’s Ovi service was originally a simple photo-sharing system that took emailed, uploaded, and MMSed images from your phone or computer and put them online. Fair enough. Now, however, Nokia is adding some compelling features to the online suite to make it considerably more usable for personal and enterprise PIM and file sharing purposes. Read More

  • Internet-connected toaster burns news into bread

    Oh my. It’s this kind of stuff that makes it all worthwhile. I present to you an idea for a toaster that hooks up to your computer and can burn just about anything you throw at it onto the bread you drop into the slots – weather, news, photos – your call. The Scan Toaster is the brainchild of designer Sung Bae Chang and is currently a finalist in the 2008 Electrolux Design… Read More

  • Slacker coming to BlackBerry

    Today at CTIA, Slacker announced that come October they will have a full fledged app ready to roll on BlackBerry devices. I previewed this yesterday on a Bold that happened to be T-Mobile branded, but it’s probably a European model. Anyway, the app was integrated into the BB very well and left rather impressed. The app and service are free, but you do have the option of the pay… Read More

  • Now SD cards will come built-in; and why wasn't this done years ago?

    I’ve always kind of wondered why more phones and media players didn’t have more built-in storage. SD is cheap, and fast enough for most low-demand data uses — mp3s, small videos, any kind of office doc — yet while my phone has a MicroSD slot, I believe its internal storage (the default for pictures, music and so on) is a whopping 16 megabytes. You’d think… Read More

  • TiVo coming to Blackberrys; addiction rates set to skyrocket

    The details are slim at this point, but sometime in the near future, Blackberry owners will be able to control their TiVos while on the go.  Initially, BlackBerry smartphone users will gain the convenience of being able to discover what shows are on and schedule television recordings while away from the living room and on the go. Future collaboration between the companies will focus on… Read More

  • Finally, a reality show about ‘Rock Band 2’

    This is kind of along the lines of the Onion’s World of World of Warcraft spoof, except that it appears to be real. According to a Craigslist post in the LA area, MTV is apparently looking for people to star in a reality show about Rock Band 2. So basically, a reality show about non-musicians with toy instruments pretending to be musicians. And with that, reality TV has officially hit… Read More

  • First lady biographies exclusively head to Kindle

    So how ’bout them first ladies? Pretty interesting, right? Hopefully. Amazon just inked a deal with Globe Pequot Press to offer two books about each of the potential first ladies. They’re exclusive to the Kindle, which is certainly a feather in Amazon’s cap, but I don’t know how much touchy-feely-nes I can handle from books like these. Take the titles, “Cindy… Read More

  • RIM Turns to Microsoft For Search

    Microsoft and RIM announced today that they have struck a deal that will see all BlackBerry smartphones running Microsoft Live Search. The deal’s specifics weren’t released, but Microsoft’s ability to bring Live Search to the BlackBerry is a major development in the mobile space and could prove troublesome for Google, which is currently providing the iPhone with its search… Read More

  • Blue fish hand warmer mouse pad thing

    Dammit. I might have to order one of these adorable fish warmy hand mouth things. My hands get mighty cold in the winter thanks to a drafty home office and my slightly below-average circulation, so I could probably use one of these. You plug the fish into a USB port and feed your mouse cord through the fish’s derriere and, after about ten minutes, you’ll be wrist-deep in 107.6… Read More

  • Amazon Is Getting Into the Alcohol Business

    Amazon has again announced that it will start selling US-produced wine to its American customers by the beginning of October. But before you start getting excited about buying wine online, there’s one catch: it will only be available to people in about 26 states due to interstate regulations, but the company is working with New Vine Logistics, a firm that specializes in interstate… Read More

  • Linux used for Large Hadron Collider project

    According to InternetNews.com, the Large Hadron Collider project that we’ve been hearing so much about runs a customized version of Linux called CernVM. Apparently it ran Vista at first, but the Aero interface kept slowing down the proton acceleration. Try as they might, scientists just couldn’t get the Windows Experience Index above a 4.2. I kid, I kid. There was also an… Read More

  • TC50: Iamnews Emerges From The DemoPit To Win People's Choice

    The last company to present yesterday at TechCrunch50 was picked by the audience from the more than 100 additional companies vying for attention in our DemoPit. Every attendee got three TC50 poker chips that they could give to a DemoPit company each day, and the one with the most chips at the end of the conference became our 52nd finalist. This year’s winner was Iamnews, a… Read More

  • The Genius Sidebar is really just a big, fat iTunes money tree

    Ads have invaded iTunes 8 and I hate it. Suddenly, on the right side of iTunes, the Genius Sidebar now displays at least 23 one-click buy links for me to spend my hard-earned cash through. What Apple calls a friendly recommendation is more like impulsive music buying.  Read More

  • Sony iPod/iPhone dock, alarm clock, and CD player

    It still strikes me as a little bit odd whenever I see an iPod accessory from Sony but, hey, might as well make a little dough, huh? And this accessory looks pretty nice. It’s an iPod/iPhone dock with alarm clock, CD player, remote control, and line-in. It also apparently has a dual alarm function that allows you to set an alarm on the apparatus itself and use your iPod/iPhone alarm… Read More

  • Genius: Oh, so you mean like a smart playlist? Real genius, sure

    One of the new features of iTunes 8 is Genius, a preposterously named playlist creator that seems, to me, completely overhyped. What does it do, really? Apple’s highly detailed instructions (above) say all you have to do is play a song, click the Genius button, then off you go. It scans your iTunes library for songs that “go great together,” then creates a playlist of… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: All Lenovo notebooks on sale

    Today and tomorrow, you can save up to 36% on Lenovo notebooks by using e-coupon USP2DAYSONLY at Lenovo’s online store. It’s one of those “You Pay What We Pay” sales that seem to be so popular with withering domestic automakers except that this time, it’s Lenovo, which is based in China. Go figure. Lenovo Two Day Sale [Lenovo.com] Read More

  • Uwe Boll's latest amazing rant: The movie industry is broken

    Uwe Boll is like a more fun, less harmful Jack Thompson, constantly spouting nonsense that we find love to pieces. Mr. Boll’s latest awesome tirade is about the movie industry in general, and how it’s impossible to make any more in it. He singles out the handsomely paid megastars, the guys who make $20 million+ per film, as one of the primary reasons why the movie biz stinks on ice. Read More

  • Wow, what a shock: Many users hate the new Facebook redesign

    The new Facebook design goes live, what, this week or next, and plenty of kids—you know, the original demographic before the site was overrun by social media wonks—are none too pleased. As one of the early users of the site (I joined in June, 2004) I couldn’t give a damn what they do to it at this point. As far as I’m concerned, it’s all dumb zombie apps and… Read More

  • German court bans iPhone VoIP app Sipgate

    Good luck trying to use VoIP app Sipgate on your iPhone in Germany, since a court there just effectively banned it. T-Mobile, which is Germany’s exclusive iPhone provider, had argued in court that the application encourages users to jailbreak their iPhone. By jailbreaking the iPhone, users would be violating T-Mobile’s terms and conditions, apparently punishable under pain of… Read More

  • MySpace Will Allow Direct Uploads, But Is It Too Late?

    MySpace yesterday announced that it would allow users to finally upload videos directly to the site. According to the company, users can hook up a camcorder, go to MySpace TV, and click the “Record” button to record a video to the site on-the-fly. The company thinks it may be on to something with its new direct upload feature, though. MySpace claims the videos can be embedded… Read More

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