• Unboxing: T-Mobile Touch Pro 2 freed of its cardboard cage

    BREAKING NEWS: The Touch Pro 2 is coming to T-Mobile! Oh. Wait. We already knew that? Alright, lets try this again. BREAKING NEWS: The T-Mobile Touch Pro2 will come in a box! Bam. Go ahead – try and find that little detail on any other site. You can’t. For the sake of proving that the Touch Pro2 does indeed come in a box, TmoNews has taken the handset through the ceremonial box… Read More

  • Live from London: The Europas Awards

    The Europas, the tech startup awards from TechCrunch Europe, will be streamed live from this post from 6pm tonight London time/GMT (10am SF, 1pm NYC). We’ll kick off with a startup pitch competition, followed by a panel of some of the leading lights in tech consisting of: our own Sarah Lacy, Jolicloud founder Tariq Krim, MyDeco’s Brent Hoberman and Michael Birch, co-founder of Bebo. Read More

  • MG Has A Chrome Attack

    After Google dropped its Chrome OS bomb yesterday, the news that Google is working on a new operating system generated a media frenzy. Our own MG Siegler covered the news from all angles, and did a live interview on Attack of The Show (embedded above). As MG points out in the interview, this is just an entry point for Google (netbooks today, PCs tomorrow), and the announcement was expertly… Read More

  • Old and busted: Google Chrome OS; New hotness: Hanna Montana Linux!

    The Interwebs are abuzz today with the news of the fancy Google operating system, but I’m here to tell you that it’s dead in the water. Like the Palm Pre, and the electric car, it’s too little too late. Nothing will be able to stand up to the latest, greatest iteration of the Linux operating system: Hanna Montana Linux! Read More

  • Seido extended Pre battery packs more bang for your dimensional buck

    Lets face it: battery life on the Pre is pretty terrible. Unless Palm sends out an update with a note reading “Oh, damn, sorry guys – we forgot to turn off the ‘Battery destroyer’ toggle in the firmware before we shipped this thing”, we don’t see it getting anything but marginally better over time. If you’re struggling to make it through the work… Read More

  • Verizon Wireless BlackBerry Tour specs and features

    The launch of the BlackBerry Tour on Verizon (and Sprint) will commence this coming Sunday, July 12. And to mark the occasion, Verizon has sent out a full “feature and spec” sheet for the Great White North device. Don’t ask me why, but they did. So, in case you were wondering about the Tour, please feel free to read on. Read More

  • Grilled Meat King: Bandai to sell BBQ simulator toy

    Just in time for summer, Japan gets a new toy that won’t require you to go out to get the BBQ experience anymore. This actually doesn’t make much sense, but Bandai has announced [JP] an-indoor BBQ simulator toy yesterday, the Yakiniki Ou (roughly: Grilled Meat King). Yakiniku is the name of a number of Japanese grilled meat dishes. Buyers of the Grilled Meat King get the grill, 14… Read More

  • Indaba Music Improves Collaboration Through Revamped Digital Music Workstation

    Music collaboration service Indaba Music has launched a new version of its Session Console, which is a digital audio workstation that lets musicians record, mix and edit music together from different locations. Indaba is a music community for musicians looking to share and collaborate with other musicians around the globe. The site offers artists a suite of online tools to help record and… Read More

  • Mollom Blocks Its 100 Millionth Spam Message

    Mollom, a spam prevention tool that competes with Automattic’s Akismet, has blocked a stunning 100,000,000 spam messages from appearing on websites, social networks and blogs since the product was introduced about 14 months ago. Given that the product has only been out of beta since September 2008, that gives you an idea of just how much junk travels the digital highways. According to… Read More

  • Web-based Productivity Suite Zoho Now Integrated With Microsoft Access

    Zoho Suite, a web-based software suite comprised of document, project and invoicing management tools, has rolled out another plug-in that allows integration with a Microsoft product. A few weeks ago Zoho launched an add-on that allows Zoho Office to integrate with Microsoft SharePoint. Today, Zoho will now provide access to Microsoft Access, a database management system for the… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Shark Bait Edition

    Peter Ha died on July 6, 2009, what the hell is Frenzied Waters
    My belt buckle, let me show you it.
    Best idea of all time: a key that is also a keyring Read More

  • Why Chrome OS Now? Because Microsoft Office In The Cloud Comes Monday.

    The timing of Google’s announcement of Chrome OS was curious. I don’t mean the fact that Google moved up the post on it by a day when some details leaked out, I mean the fact that they were announcing it on some seemingly random date in July, well before anything is actually ready to show off. Now, we likely know why. On Monday, Microsoft is set to unveil its plans to counter… Read More

  • Bing Comes To Hotmail

    Microsoft has upgraded its Quick Add feature in Hotmail, first announced earlier this year, with a number of features from their new Bing search engine. We’re not talking about a small number of users who will be affected. Hotmail is still by far the largest web mail provider on the Internet, with 343 million monthly users according to Comscore. Second and third are Yahoo (285 million)… Read More

  • BlackBerry Clearly Has Some Apple Envy Issues

    So, we’ve known for a while that U2’s latest world tour was going to be sponsored by RIM, makers of the BlackBerry. And we’ve known that this was slightly odd because U2 lead singer Bono is a founder of Elevation Partners (which, yes, was named after a U2 song). The same Elevation Partners that owns a huge stake in Palm, makers of the Pre. But good for Bono, apparently not… Read More

  • I Am Stunningly Uninterested In Diller And Malone's Opinion Of Twitter

    The Wall Street Journal’s Julia Angwin, reporting from the prestigious Allen & Co. Sun Valley conference for the media and business elite, says “Sun Valley: Diller and Malone Pessimistic on Twitter.” She adds “Diller was pessimistic about Twitter’s prospects for making money,” and: Malone said he didn’t think that an advertising model made sense… Read More

  • Facebook: Less Errors, More Connections Please

    One thing I’ll grudgingly grant to MySpace – the site works. That’s more than I can say for Facebook over the last month or so. In the past Facebook has had desperately slow page views and occasional downtime. But recently, the site has become almost unusable for me. And no, I’m not just talking about the abysmal messaging system that still won’t let me properly… Read More

  • A third opinion on Google Chrome OS

    It’s a full-blown civil war on the internet right now over whether Google’s Chrome OS is going to be the web’s ultimate salvation or be completely and utterly useless. I humbly suggest we wait until we’ve actually seen the OS before we make conclusions about whether it’s going to kill Microsoft and invade our lives. After all, the only thing that happened today… Read More

  • Twitter Gets In Your Face About Upgrading to Firefox 3.5

    Woah, this is weird. Twitter has apparently starting promoting Firefox 3.5, which was released last week, to some of its users. Judging by Twitter Search, the banner began popping up around eight hours ago, and given how few people have tweeted about them it seems like they’re not being very widely distributed. The amusing thing about the banner is that Twitter’s site may not… Read More

  • Razer's Moray+, a compact gaming audio solution

    Razer’s had the Moray headset for some time now, but I never considered it worthwhile since really, it was just a pair of mid-range in-ear headphones. That’s changed a bit now, and I just got a package with a pair of Moray+ headphones in it. What’s the difference? Well, now it’s got an in-line microphone, which I foolishly did not include in the picture I just took. Read More

  • Why we need to chill about ChromeOS

    We’ve been sitting things out today as our brothers at TC pant over ChromeOS, the latest OS based on Linux to impress, however lightly, upon the synapses of our country’s journalistic elite. ChromeOS can’t beat anything. In fact suggesting that ChromeOS will beat Windows or even OS X is like expecting Coby to come up behind Sony and Samsung next year in Blu-Ray player popularity. Read More

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