• Sulu snubs Captain Kirk on his wedding – or something like that

      There’s nothing like a good ‘ol fashion Treky feud. Apparently, William Shatner was under the impression that former Star Trek co-actor George Takei invited others from the Star Trek cast to his wedding, but not Captain Kirk. George had previously said though that he and his life partner did in fact send out an invitation, but Shatner didn’t send back the RSVP. Oh well… Read More

  • Can Syndicaster Sell TV Broadcasters On Online Video Editing?

    Critical Media CEO Sean Morgan has some advice for TV broadcasters who are still using $50,000 workstations and a team of professional video editors to upload TV clips to their Websites: Fire your editor, and here is your username and password. The password he wants to give them is for Syndicaster, his online video editing and syndication platform. Launched in beta in January, he has now… Read More

  • Yes, the Toshiba Portégé R600 is really light at 800g

    What better way to make your commodity product stand out than by adding some fins? Of course, the laptop equivalent of adding fins is to make them thinner and lighter than the previous generation. That’s just what Toshiba did with its Portégé R600, a laptop with a 12.1-inch display that weighs a paltry 800g, or 28.2 oz. Keep in my that’s if you decide you don’t need a… Read More

  • Android Market Takes On Apple's App Store: Games Still Rule, But Should They?

    24 hours have passed since the launch of the Android Market, the Google equivalent to Apple’s App Store. Medialets has conducted a thorough analysis of the two store launches. The verdict: the size of Android Market pales in comparison to Apple’s store at launch, and won’t allow for paid applications until next year. But the stores are more alike than they are different… Read More

  • TrueCall secures your landline against fraud – or you could just disconnect it

    I guess if you’ve still got a landline, you’re a primary target for fraudsters. After all, it’s the year 2008 and you have a landline. Fortunately, something that sounds like it’s out of a 2004 SkyMall catalog is coming to the rescue. The TrueCall device answers every call with an unknown number instantly and asks who it is. The person identifies themselves, then… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Logitech Harmony 880 Remote for $69.99

    Disclaimer: it’s a refurb, but still a hell of a price for a great remote. Remotes like these Harmony’s are must-haves if you use multiple AV components. They consolidate everything into one, very easy to use package that’s programmed on your computer making controlling your entire AV system a breeze. It’s too bad that the 880 sends out only IR signals and not RF… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson releases Beta SDK for Windows Mobile v1.0.4

    Looking to develop your big idea for the mobile world, but just not vibing with the iPhone or the Android platform? Sony Ericsson wants you to come hang out in their camp for a bit. Along with adding an XPERIA category to the 2008 Sony Ericsson Content Awards, they’ve released a new Windows Mobile SDK to the public. Amongst other things, the new SDK adds drastically improved support for… Read More

  • One year later: Remembering OiNK's Pink Palace

    One year ago today OiNK’s Pink Palace was shut down by police. It’s only appropriate to pour one out for it today. OiNK had been in operation for a little over three years; I had joined exactly one year before it was shut down, invited to the party by CrunchGear alum Vince Veneziani, who’s now kicking about over at GearFuse. Be sure to say hi. The thing about OiNK (and… Read More

  • Video streaming comes to BlackBerry Bold, Razr soon. Hello mainstream.

    Last week we reported that Next2Friends had come out with what appeared to be the first application for the BlackBerry Curve and Pearl handsets to stream live video to the Web, in a similar fashion to early players like Qik, Flixwagon, and Kyte. That’s pretty interesting because till now the BlackBerry has been a bit like the PC guy in those Mac ads – a little dorky, without… Read More

  • HD Radio coming to Audi lineup – eventually

    HD Radio seems to be drifting along, picking up supports in a leisurely fashion with Audi being the latest manufacturer to pick up the format. The alleged next-gen radio technology should be standard on most Audi vehicles by the 2011 model year as the luxury carmaker strives to deliver the best of the best. Sirius Satellite has been standard for a while now on most Audi models but… Read More

  • Bryston intros the $500 BR2 Multifunction remote, non-audiophiles look on with astonishment

    The Bryston BR2 Multifunction remote is an audiophiles wet dream-type remote. Those type fantasize of spending 500 bones on a 1980’s Zenith TV look alike remote to control their high-end audio equipment. No word if the remote sports RF type signals or universal brand controls, but it does come with a 20-year warranty; something I wish my $500 Monster Cable AVL300 remote had when… Read More

  • Wireless HDMI devices delayed six months [UPDATE]

    It’s gonna be a long, cold, dark, cord-filled winter for those of you waiting for wireless HDMI devices from the likes of Belkin (FlyWire shown above) and Monster Cable. Electronic House is reporting that the technology’s not quite there yet. An unidentified owner of an A/V store in Manhattan told EH the following: “HDMI is not perfected yet. I was eagerly awaiting… Read More

  • Rage Wireless Guitar recalled for acid leaks

    57,000 Rage Wireless Guitars were sold to date and now the Chinese-made Guitar Hero axe is being recalled. Allegedly, if an user installs the AA batteries incorrectly, a circuit board malfunctions causing acid to leak and the world to implode. Owners are asked to return the dangerous guitars to the original place of purchase for a full refund. Maybe you can apply $40 to $60 refund to… Read More

  • 131 Rails Apps Launched This Past Weekend; You Get To Vote For The Best

    The 2008 Rails Rumble, a competition for Ruby on Rails coders, saw 131 web applications launch into the wild this past weekend. The quality of the applications increased dramatically this year, turning the competition into something of a startup hyper-incubator, with the goal of producing apps that not only win votes but become sustained products. The rules are simple: you, along with up to… Read More

  • HP netbook launching in December

    Vivienne Tam’s ornate little HP notebook debuted in September during fashion week and it was supposed to launch in October, but Glam’s Tech Chic site is now saying that the Vivienne Tam Edition will be out in December. We’re still not sure on the specs, but we do know that it will have an Intel Atom proc. And I’d say it’s a safe bet that the screen size is… Read More

  • Google Fixes Gmail For The Blackberry And Java Phones

    Google finally got around to fixing Gmail on the Blackberry and J2ME phones like the Nokia N95 or Sony Ericsson W910i. Now you can compose emails while offline. When you hit “send, they sit in the outbox until your handset finds a network again. Gmail is also being updated with the ability to compose and save more than one draft at the same time, toggle between different email… Read More

  • Sony VAIO TT Notebook: James Bond Edition

    The ultraportable 11.1-inch Sony VAIO TT notebook is available in a “James Bond 007 Edition” for $2,399. Sony’s only selling 100 of these, so if you’re really into Bond you might want to get a move on. The rig itself isn’t all that different from the standard TT series except for that little 007 logo down in the left-hand corner, a leather case, and some… Read More

  • Pantech Duo gets the Windows Mobile 6.1 treatment

    Right after Helio worked with Pantech on the Ocean, Pantech cranked out the strikingly similar (albeit with less spring-loaded-slider goodness) Duo. This morning, Pantech announced that not only had all the Duos currently sitting on AT&T’s shelves been bumped up to Windows Mobile 6.1, but that the folks back at home could get in on the fun too. If you’ve got a Helio Ocean… Read More

  • A map: The technology of your voting machine

    Kudos to Dvice, which put together this pretty gosh darn interesting map of voting machines in the U S of A. The map shows, county by county, what type of voting machine is in use—electronic, paper, optical scan lever and punch card—and ranks them on how error prone they are. Electronic voting machines are less error prone, while punch cards—remember Florida?—are most… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 20-inch LCD for $149.99 after rebate

    If anybody buys this, will you please leave a comment so I can live vicariously through you? Unfortunately all my monitors are currently working just fine, otherwise I’d buy this myself. Buy.com has the 20-inch Viewsonic VA2026W monitor for $179.99 with free shipping, plus a $30 mail-in rebate that’s good until November 2nd. Specs include a 1680×1050 resolution, 2000:1… Read More

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