• iTrip Auto has a new look, still just as useful

    Word “got out” a few days ago that Griffin has revised its iTrip line of FM transmitters for the iPod. First up was the iTrip Universal, which, shockingly, works with any device with a 3.5mm audio jack. Second up is the iTrip Auto, which is being showed off right now at IFA in Berlin. Griffin says it’s been redesigned from “the ground up,” which is fair to say. Read More

  • Logicube's SuperSonix SATA hard drive duplicator

    Got some hard drives you need duplicated. And fast you say. All right, NSA super-nerd. Pick up Logicubes SuperSonix then. It sports up to 6GB/min transfer speeds, all controlled via a color touch screen. Your drives hook up through SATA, PATA, USB, or Firewire and the whole thing is compatible with Vista. Hopefully your dubbing can wait ’till early September when it drops for an… Read More

  • Target leaks Motorola i776, the ugliest handset ever created

    So, pretend you’re Motorola’s handset division for a second. You’re constantly under fire from the vast majority of the blog-bearing internet for failing to create anything vaguely interesting since 2003 1996. Your future existence relies on the success of two handsets. What do you do? Apparently, you strive to create the ugliest handset the world has seen in a really… Read More

  • TiVo partners with E.W. to force crappy TV into your home

    Entertainment Weekly has teemed up with TiVo to create a service that will automatically record recommendations from the “largest, most-respected brand in the entertainment industry”. The content stems from Entertainment Weekly’s ‘What to Watch’ suggestions. I don’t see how this is good news for anybody. Seriously, TiVo lay off the press releases. Read More

  • Review: Palm Treo Pro

    So we return to the Palm Treo Pro, a $549 unlocked Windows Mobile Treo aimed squarely at the business set. It’s been about a week and I’ve used this guy off and on. It kept a nice charge – two days, for the most part, without much data use – and fit nicely in the pocket. But is it the Treo of which we all incessantly dream? Is it the Treo that will bring us closer to… Read More

  • Garmin throws down the nüMaps guarantee

    Guarantee you say… Here’s how I see it. A guy puts a guarantee on the box ’cause he wants you to fell all warm and toasty inside. Ya think if you leave that box under your pillow at night, the Guarantee Fairy might come by and leave a quarter. The point is, how do you know the Guarantee Fairy isn’t a crazy glue sniffer? “Building model airplanes” says… Read More

  • Peek gets reviewed

    The e-mail only handset Peek gets the hands-on treatment thanks to LaptopMag. The device isn’t aimed at us gadgetphiles but rather our moms and pops. Think of the device as a cell phone-less Blackberry ’cause all it knows how to do is email. The Peek is aimed at people that don’t need a full fledge smart phone but still want to be part of the Internet crowd. So how does it work? Read More

  • Google Expands Its Wiki Approach to Map Making (India Edition)

    When it comes to the availability of good mapping data, not all parts of the world are created equal. That’s why Google is taking a wiki approach to filling out the white spaces on its maps, particularly in developing nations. Back in June, it launched Map Maker for a small group of island nations where there isn’t great existing cartography data. But now it’s added India… Read More

  • Yep, We Redesigned

    As many of our readers have noticed (and noted) already, we rolled out a new design for TechCrunch yesterday evening. And while we’re still making lots of small changes, we wanted to take a second to write a proper post explaining our intentions and soliciting your feedback. Read More

  • Microsoft campaigning the Zune at Democratic and Republican conventions

    Lets not read too much into this. Sure, Microsoft is pimping the Zune at both Democratic and Republican conventions. Maybe Microsoft is truly trying to help both members find new friends via the Zune’s social networking feature. Alternatively, perhaps the Zune has made an appearance hoping for one of those lucrative government contracts placing a Zune in every solders hands. Or… Read More

  • Panasonic Japan to introduce Plasma TVs with built-in 1 TB HDDs and YouTube support

    Panasonic announced today in Japan [JP] they will release three Viera PDP TVs in this country starting September 10. All models (42, 46 and 50 inches) of the new PZR900 series will house a 1TB HDD for recording terrestrial and digital TV programs, which can then be copied on DVDs or Blu-ray discs. From September 30, Japanese customers will also be able to view YouTube videos on their… Read More

  • Pixel Art: Game Boy de-makes

    Here are a few shots from a contest over on Pixelation. They’re from almost a year ago so if you’ve seen them, forgiveness please. I came across them via Geekologie today. Sometimes stuff hides on the internet for a while. Oh well. It’s still cool to see current games as they’d look on the original Gameboy. Read More

  • Free tetris clone Tris removed from App Store

    EA Games pushes out an iPhone port Tetris, and sells it for $9.99. An independent developer goes and makes his own Tetris clone (as has been done on just about every single electronic device ever created since the dawn of man) called Tris and offers it for the world for free. This is all going to go perfectly smooth, right? Of course not. Tris’ developer Noah Witherspoon has received… Read More

  • Security flaw in iPhone could expose your personal data (if you leave it unattended)

    Did you know that putting a password on your iPhone is completely useless, as someone can your phone’s data with a couple of taps? Giz has the scoop, along with chilling video, that describes a method whereby en Evildoer can bypass the iPhone’s lock screen by tapping the emergency call icon once, then tapping the home button twice. From there you’ll have access to the… Read More

  • Facebook and Dell meet in the clouds

    Dell tossed its hat into the cloud computing ring last night, or more precisely declared its having done so about 2 years ago with a group providing optimized storage, server, and data center solutions for its top 50 customers. At a press briefing high above San Francisco on the 52nd floor, Dell officials suggested they are moving to the cloud and places in the technology stack where customers… Read More

  • Tiny Linux Space Cube: Oh boy, more stuff to misplace

    The future! Look at the size of this tiny Linux PC, wouldja? It’s nary larger than a small apple. What’s crammed inside, you ask? A 300 MHz processor, 16MB of onboard flash memory, 64MB of SDRAM, and a 1GB CompactFlash card loaded with Red Hat Linux. On the outside, there’s a single USB port, VGA, Ethernet port, RS232 port, and mic and speaker plugs. The whole… Read More

  • ESPN Helps The Active Network Raise $80 Million More

    The Active Network, a network of sites focused on getting people involved in sports and other activities, has raised an additional $80 million in a Series F round led by ESPN and joined by Canaan Partners, North Bridge Venture Partners, and Performance Equity Partners. Read More

  • Epson rolls out 4-inch high-res photo viewers

    Epson Imaging today announced the P-7000, a photo viewer with a 160-Gbyte HDD, which holds RAW data of about 9,000 shots from a 10 megapixel resolution digital camera. The low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) TFT LCD displays 16,770k colors (200 ppi), supports SD/CF (Type II) cards and is equipped with two USB 2.0 ports. Users will have to wait only for 1.5 seconds to see a 10 megapixel JPEG file… Read More

  • GamePark releasing new GP2X portable in October

    GP2X, fine purveyor of open source handheld gaming devices, will be releasing the GP2X Wiz on October 9th for around $180. The Wiz will replace the F-200 from about a year ago. You can pre-order the Wiz at Play-Asia if you’re the type that likes to cross stuff off the to-do list well in advance. The device features a 533MHz processor with 3D accelerator, Linux-based OS, an SDK… Read More

  • CrunchGear Featured Review: Palm Treo Pro

    Today CrunchGear reviews the $549 Palm Treo Pro, a Windows Mobile Smartphone with the good looks of the Blackberry Bold and the goodness of unlocked G.S.M. with 3G and G.P.S. support. Read More

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