• CrunchDeals: Swatch Group Sample Sale happening in New York on November 13

    For those of you living in the Windy Apple we present the Swatch Group Sample Sale. This year it’s at the Metropolitan Pavillion on 18th street and it runs from 10am-8pm on November 13 and 8am to 7pm on November 14. Get there early! I’ve gone for a few years now and I always find great deals on Omega and Tissot. SWISS WATCH SALE
    50% TO 80% OFF NOVEMBER 13TH 10 AM TO 8 PM
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  • CrunchDeals: Black Friday Edition

    Black Friday is right around the corner – well, like a month away – and thanks to the leaky Internet, retailer’s deals will slowly appear allowing for a bit of preplanning. We are going to track the lowest priced GPS unit, Blu-ray player, and HDTV as each one of these advertisements leak out over the coming weeks. Sears’ deals have just surfaced and it’s a… Read More

  • Revision3 Cuts Back On Shows And Staff

    Web video production house Revsion3 is canceling three shows, cutting back staff, and ending distribution agreements with Wine Library TV and Epic Fu. Rumors started swirling earlier today about layoffs, when Rocketboom founder Andrew Barron put out a Tweet about one of the layoffs. Revision3 CEO Jim Louderback confirms in a blog post that three in-house shows have been canceled (the… Read More

  • WTF: Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter Blu-ray edition

    When C-run movies such as Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter drops on Blu-ray, it signals that the next-gen HD format is here and we better like it. Want the movie? m’kay $12.95 on Amazon right now. Read More

  • Microsoft offers cloud computing a hearty handclasp

    Microsoft and Ray Ozzie cracked the door half open this morning on Windows Azure, the infrastructure formerly known as Windows Cloud. In the process, Ozzie served notice that IT will remain in the Windows/Office grip but with an abstraction layer that blurs the on-premise and on-demand worlds. The outlines of Live Mesh’s role as arbiter of this abstraction were there to be inferred, but… Read More

  • Lego beer pouring machine run by the iPhone: The perfect Digg storm

    This video shows an iPhone controlled beer pouring machine that is triggered by the word “Pour” found in a Pownce RSS feed. It does not solve world hunger or cure cancer, but I think the creator’s heart is definitely in the right place. Digg users/Gizmodo take note: this product, made from Legos, run by the iPhone, and designed to pour an entire bottle of beer into a glass… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: HP Mini-Note (4GB, Linux) for $299

    Sorry to load up on the CrunchDeals today but, hey, it’s basically holiday shopping season, right? Late October? Sheesh. Anyhoo, Amazon has the HP 2133 Mini-Note – the one with the nice keyboard and above-average build quality – for $299. Here’s what you get: VIA C7-M CPU at 1GHz, 512MB of RAM, 4GB solid state hard drive, 8.9-inch display at 1280×768, 92% of… Read More

  • Analyst says Apple could drop iPhone price to $99 and still make 42.3% profit margin

    Would you buy an iPhone if it only cost $99 subsidized? It could make choosing other smartphone-like devices a lot tougher for most consumers. Analyst Charlie Wolf of Needham Research thinks that Apple would be able to lower the subsidized price of the 8GB iPhone 3G to $99 and still make a not-too-shabby 42.3% profit margin, according to Electronista. Wolf also said that if the price dropped… Read More

  • SmartFlicks brings NetFlix to Blackberry by way of the new API

    Got a bit of time between your big business emails and your big business texts? Why not manage your NetFlix queue? Utilizing the NetFlix API made available to developers just last month, Pyxis Mobile has released SmartFlicks, a NetFlix app for your BlackBerry. The application was built partly as a demonstration of Pyxis Mobile’s Application Studio, and was “designed and delivered… Read More

  • Visit Beautiful, Censorious China! Virtually!

    http://evan-roth.com/flowplayer/FlowPlayerDark.swf?config=%7Bembedded%3Atrue%2CbaseURL%3A%27http%3A%2F%2Fevan%2Droth%2Ecom%2Fflowplayer%27%2CvideoFile%3A%27http%3A%2F%2Fni9e%2Ecom%2Fflowplayer%2Fvideos%2Fccff%2Dscreencast%2DHD2%2Eflv%27%2CinitialScale%3A%27scale%27%2Cloop%3Afalse%2CcontrolBarBackgroundColor%3A%270×000000%27%2CautoBuffering%3Atrue%2CautoPlay%3Afalse%7D If you’d like… Read More

  • Spoiler Alert: Leaked GoW2 boss battle makes me a little scared, excited

    In what seems to be a Polish version of GoW2 which, as we know, leaked like a sieve all over the Internets last week, we find Marcus facing the final boss battle on charming craft in what looks like the heart of Old World Venice. Don’t watch this if you’re like my buddy Rick who can’t stand to have his gaming experience spoiled but it does make us all excited to go out… Read More

  • MOTONAV GPS units dropping exclusively at RadioShack

    Motorola has quietly released its new GPS units – MOTONAV TN20 & TN30 – and the two are going to be for sale only at RadioShack. The TN20 rocks a 3.5-inch touchscreen with NAVTEQ provided maps and more than one million searchable points of interest. The big bro TN30 is equipped with all the TN20 functions, but has a larger 4.3-inch touchscreen along with Puerto Rico and… Read More

  • Truphone brings VOIP app to Blackberry

    Truphone, the VoIP-calls over mobile software developer made most famous by its iPhone app, now has a beta version of the app running on the BlackBerry 8801 and Curve devices. The product is called Truphone Anywhere for Blackberry. Read More

  • Ray Ozzie Has His Head in The Clouds

    Microsoft wants in on cloud computing. At the company’s Professional Developer’s Conference today, Microsoft’s chief software architect Ray Ozzie announced Windows Azure, its “internet-scale cloud services platform hosted in Microsoft data centers.” Windows Azure will only be open as a technology preview to a very limited number of developers for now, and no… Read More

  • In marketing, Obama is like Nokia while McCain is like Apple

    When you think about Barack Obama what words come to mind? Change? Hope? Socialism? What about John McCain? Maverick? Strength? Bush? Well, according to one market research firm, Synovate, Obama is to Nokia as McCain is to Apple. But of course! It goes like this: Obama’s campaign has focused on linking “his” issues—the economy, education, why the Iraq war was a waste… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: New iPod Nano for $134.99

    Been waiting to pull the trigger on the new iPod Nano? Pull, damn it, pull! Amazon.com has the 8GB version for about $15 cheaper than most places. You can also get the 16GB version for $188.54, which is a little over $11 off the regular price of $200. The fourth generation iPod Nano has a new curvy design, shake-to-shuffle feature, and an accelerometer for games, videos, and photos in… Read More

  • Best Buy to sell Jawbone headsets in two new colors

    The newish Jawbone is one of the hottest Bluetooth headsets on the market and two new color options are going to be available at Best Buy. Previously, the color palette was limited to black, silver and gold; or as Jawbone likes to call ’em: Blah Blah Black, Silver Tongue, and Goldy Lips. The new color options of Babbling Blue and Rambling Rose are going to carry the same $139.99 price… Read More

  • TC50 DemoPit Company Joongel Nets Investment for Stealth Product

    The founders of Joongel which presented at the TC50 DemoPit are announcing a $100K investment from Israeli uber-Angel Dr. Yossi Vardi. Vardi pledged the investment on the spot at TC50 and the parties have since worked on finalizing the terms and paperwork. Interestingly, the investment will go into a new company called “Modular Patterns, Ltd.” (no site yet) and is intended for… Read More

  • Poor timing: Samsung S9402 dual-SIM ‘luxury’ phone

    The luxury phone market must be absolutely screaming as we await the collapse of civilization and begin our rapid descent into barbarism—using Windows PCs because they’re cheaper than Macs. That’s the only way to explain why Samsung is coming out with the S9402 DuoS, a “luxury” cellphone that has two SIM cards. (Two-SIM phones are marketed like, “What if… Read More

  • The Joy of JOYity: Bringing "Massive Multiplayer Trans-Reality" Games To Android Phones

    What makes a great Android app? One that melds the virtual world with the real world in a fun or informative way. One app that does that in an impressive fashion is called JOYity and it comes from Zelfi, a German mobile gaming startup. JOYity uses the GPS in the Android phone to let you play games and go on adventures based on your location in the real world. JOYity is a gaming platform in… Read More

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