• Google Puts The Squeeze On Free Apps (Updated)

    Google says the vast majority of the 1 million businesses that use Google Apps opt for the free advertising supported version. To make the free option less attractive they’ve been quietly lowering the number of user accounts that can be associated with a free account. Now as businesses grow, they’ll be forced to move to the paid version much more quickly than before. Google Apps is… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Maid in America Edition

    Limited edition $600 hand-painted Chumby
    Flipside: Is a wallet really ‘revolutionary’ when it’s fundamentally still a normal wallet?
    Tomy Dustbot: The original floor cleaning robot Read More

  • Superstar Team To Launch Flash MMOG Called Ohai

    New startup Ohai has been getting big cocktail party buzz over the last few months. The company won’t disclose much about what they’re doing, except that they’re building a Flash-based massively multiplayer online game (MMOG). And they certainly have the team to do it. Susan Wu, the founder and CEO, is a former principal at Charles River Ventures and the former CMO of the… Read More

  • The API Wars

    Although the data is fragmentary and the likelihood of anything significant happening soon is impossible to calculate, something tells me FriendFeed has reached the point where it is in the driver’s seat of social media. Whether that means something important in today’s climate of layoffs and hard looks at viral business models is certainly debatable. But FriendFeed has… Read More

  • Seagate releases an actual fix for freezing HDDs

    Remember those issues Seagate was having? No, not those issues; everybody has those right now (except Apple and Google). I’m talking about the thousands upon thousands of drives that have been freezing up due to a firmware issue. Seagate released a “fix” a while ago that took fixed the problem by bricking the drive, which was, needless to say, poorly received. Read More

  • Run AMD's Fusion utility on any processor

    Although we were a little underwhelmed at what Fusion actually turned out to be (it got a lot of hype), the good news is that it’s helpful anyway, and it’s not bound to hardware. AMD doesn’t want you to do this of course, and the usual caveats of “at your own risk, etc” apply, but there is a way to make Fusion work on your Intel or (I should think) even VIA processor. Read More

  • Dreading Taxes? Let Shoeboxed Do Some Of The Legwork

    With tax season rapidly approaching, the prospect of digging through receipts for business expenses and tax deductions is looming large. Shoeboxed, a site that helps manage your purchases by scanning your receipts and posting them to the web, is looking to make the process a little easier. We last covered the site back in November 2007, when it experimented with a social shopping feature that… Read More

  • EA announces further plans to milk Spore dry

    Remember when we were all excited for like three years when Spore was being developed? I remember watching that first GDC video of Will Wright demoing Spore, and nearly falling out of my chair when he went interstellar. How things have changed. Read More

  • Jolicloud netbook OS interface looks really sweet

    Check out this clear shot of the in-progress netbook OS Jolicloud. There’s more info on its history and usability over at TechCrunch, but this screenshot was just too sweet not to post. Keep an eye on the Jolicloud Flickr page for more. Read More

  • Apple's secret sauce: A simple product line

    Apple is doing something right because every other company, including Microsoft and Sony, is laying folks off but Apple is paving the halls with gold. Didja hear? Apple made $10 billion last year and their simple product line is the key. Look at it. There really aren’t that many products: One cellphone, four iPods, three notebooks, and three desktop computers. Now look at HP’s… Read More

  • F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin demo now available

    Just a quick head’s up to the gamers in the audience that WB’s F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin demo is now live for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC owners. The Xbox 360 demo should be live now and the PS3 demo will be up later today (depending on when you read this it might already be up). The game ships on February 10th if you’re willing to wait and not spoil all the fun. I had a private… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 22-inch ViewSonic monitor for $140

    Holy crap, look at this deal. CompUSA has the 22-inch ViewSonic VA2226w LCD monitor for $139.99 after $100 instant savings and a $50 mail-in rebate. Read More

  • Video: Casio G-Shock gets violently disassembled

    If you’re a fan of the Casio G-Shock Riseman, you might not want to watch this. It’s brutal, and bloody. It even made me throw up a little. Mainly because of the poor lighting and video quality, but also because I like G-Shock watches. Read More

  • Vudu releases an iPhone app

    Vudu‘s iPhone app is now available from the App Store. You can now browse, purchase and rent movies from your iPhone so when you get home you won’t have to wait around. That is all. iTunes link Read More

  • Bulb-Sound-Speaker puts your music in your… lamp

    This is a pretty awesome idea. The Bulb-Sound-Speaker, designed by Castiglione Morelli, is, as you might guess from the name, a light bulb that’s actually a speaker. It’s powered in the same way bulbs are, via the screw-in bit there, and then there’s a Bluetooth transceiver and Altec Lansing speaker. You plug the other part of the unit into your iPod and there you have it… Read More

  • Tweetdeck confirms $0.5m Angel funding round

    UK-based Tweetdeck, probably the best desktop application to date for tracking your Twitter feeds, has completed the funding round hinted at recently. The funding will come it at just under $500,000. As expected, Betaworks is leading the investment into Tweetdeck. The announcement caps a great story, whereby lone developer, Iain Dodsworth, came up with the Tweetdeck idea just a few months ago. Read More

  • New Screenshot of Jolicloud Netbook Operating System

    Netvibes founder Tariq Krim sent me a new screenshot of Jolicloud, the Linux-based Netbook-optimized operating system he’s building (we first covered Jolicloud last December). The screen shot, which is significantly evolved from what we saw in Paris, shows a set of featured applications that mixes desktop and cloud software – Facebook, Skype, Meebo and Youtube, among others, are… Read More

  • Flipside: Is a wallet really ‘revolutionary’ when it's fundamentally still a normal wallet?

    You know what’s the most annoying word in this whole technology song and dance? The word “revolutionary.” It’s a word that should only be applied to certain items. In the official CrunchGear chat room, we decided that we’d use the word to describe the iPhone (first mass market touchscreen smartphone), the Wii (it prints money) … Read More

  • Crunch-time in The North – come along and get slaughtered

    TechCrunch Europe Announcement: I’ll be heading up to a Northern Startup 2.0 event on January 28 in Manchester. There’ll be some chat from myself and others and then a pitch competition ominously entitled “StartUp4Slaughter”. I’d heard they were pretty hard in The North, but… Here are the details: Thriving as a Tech StartUp in an UpStart economy –… Read More

  • Fact: There is no HP Mini 1100 series

    I’ve been exchanging e-mails with HP for the better part of the day and we have the final word on the supposed Mini 1100 series with an ExpressCard slot. It doesn’t exist and it was mistake made by the Web team. This is straight from horse’s mouth, people. Read More

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