• Ford's new dash HUD: very cool

    Considering the very nature of vehicular transport is changing, it stands to reason that the all-important cluster of gauges and warning lights ought to change as well. And nothing’s more versatile than an LCD screen. In Ford’s new 2010 hybrids, instead of mechanical gauges and such, you’ll be able to choose your own electronically displayed readouts, and I imagine customize… Read More

  • Best Buy announces Black Friday VIP contest

    Ho… lee… crap. Best Buy is running a contest for Black Friday. One winner in each of 25 select markets gets a $1,000 gift card, a ride to Best Buy in a limo, early access to the store (that’s at 4:30 AM, mind you), and a bunch of other stuff. Sheesh. So how do you win? You submit a 250-word story on AskABlueShirt.net about what you do “to make the day after Thanksgiving a… Read More

  • At ease: Blackhawk's High Performance Fighting Uniform

    America’s sons and daughters are still Over There, fighting the good fight and making it possible for jerks like us to fawn over cellphones, big screen TVs and impossibly tiny laptops on a daily basis. Naturally, any chance to learn more about what high-tech gizmos they use is welcome by all of us here. For example, Blackhawk has developed the High Performance Fighting Uniform, which… Read More

  • $100 360 pack with 60GB HDD, headset, 3 months of Gold

    Still rocking that Core system from launch — and it hasn’t gotten the RROD yet? Then allow me to congratulate you twice! But it may be time to upgrade. What you need is a hard drive, my friend, and dare I say, a headset as well. My blogmates tell me the Xbox Live experience (new or not) is slightly more juvenile than the PC gaming voice communication world, but it could still… Read More

  • User Privacy Settings By Geography: A Flickr Study

    This picture was presented by Elizabeth Churchill, Principal Research Scientist at Yahoo at a meeting I am attending today. It shows the privacy settings of a sample of a million Flickr users from 2005. Red spots note users who have photo sharing turned off (private), green shows users who have photo sharing turned on (public). The results are fascinating. The US is widely public except for… Read More

  • Build the Enterprise from stuff laying around the office

    I take issue with the idea that binder clips are “useless,” as this article implies, but if I’m honest, making a starship out of them is a cooler function than their intended one. The best thing about this instructable is that it’s super easy and once you’ve done it, you can probably remember how to do it again and again without looking at the web page. Plus, you… Read More

  • Red BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 finally goes on sale at T-Mobile

    Though the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 has been shipping for a few weeks now, the long known about red variant has yet to launch – until now. Beginning this morning, folks looking to nab this rosy red release can stop by T-Mobile.com (Product Page) or their local T-Mo spot and pick one up for $149.99 on a 2-year contract. Not looking for a commitment? That’ll be $349.99. We… Read More

  • Come to Helsinki for the TechCrunchBrunch@Slush event

    It’s cold and dark in November, especially in Finland. But you can’t keep a good Finn down! That’s why Slush is going to be a cool new event for tech startups showcasing all the major Finnish Internet era success stories from F-secure to Jaiku, from Habbo Hotel to MySQL, along with all the latest Finnish startups. TechCrunch UK is partnering with Slush, and we’ll be… Read More

  • Six accessories for the new HP Mini 1000 netbook

    What would a netbook be without all sorts of tiny accessories? The HP Mini 1000 will have at least six of them; some available now and some available in January. Apparently available now is an extra three-cell battery, although I couldn’t find it listed on HP’s shopping site, the HP Wireless Laser Mini Mouse ($40), and the HP Bluetooth Pendant Headphones ($99). Pretty… Read More

  • The iPhone Now Comes With Free WiFi At All AT&T Hotspots

    AT&T just sweetened the pot for all of its iPhone subscribers. If you own an AT&T iPhone, you now get free WiFi access at AT&Ts 17,000 hotspots across the country, including at most Starbucks. Although just last summer AT&T teased customers with the same freebie service, only to put up a pay wall afterwards, this time it looks like the free WiFi is here to stay. So if you live… Read More

  • CrunchGear Live Podcast

    You can chat with us during the show via AIM by pinging username “crunchtips” or call into the show at (646) 200-4163 should the mood strike you. Here’s the link for today’s show… [Podcast RSS Feed | Podcast in iTunes] Read More

  • Do you still have a landline?

    A simple question: do you still have a landline telephone, or do you exclusively use a cellphone nowadays? Maybe you use both? I ask because there’s some question as to whether or not all these election polls are accurate. Several of them only call people who have landlines, which excludes people who exclusively use cellphones—young voters and the tech-savvy (you guys), I’m… Read More

  • Mechanical Zoo Gets $6 Million To Build Aardvark Social Search Product

    It’s a wonder to me how San Francisco based Mechanical Zoo, a startup founded by Max Ventilla (Google corp dev), Nathan Stoll (Google News) and Damon Horowitz (Perspecta), has managed to keep its social search product called Aardvark mostly out of the press these last few months. Even as it spreads virally via friend invitations in the private beta. But that’s all going to end soon. Read More

  • NEC develops tech for larger and more slim LCD TVs

    Next generation connectivity circuity should lead to larger and thinner LCDs – how much thinner can they get? NEC’s new process reduces the amount of wiring in between the displays driver chips and the image processing board. So for instance, a conventional 37-inch LCD currently requires 21 wires but with this new process, it would only need eight. Fewer wires result in a… Read More

  • EA announces a slew of impending N-Gage games

    If you’re part of the overlapping pool of people who like both Nokia’s N-Gage platform AND the mobile offerings from Electronic Arts, then here’s what to expect over the next year or so. EA has announced a handful of N-Gage games to be available for the holidays, along with a few more over the next 12 months. For the holidays: FIFA 09, Spore Origins, Monopoly Here & Now… Read More

  • Kimberlina solar plant in California generates electricity like it's its job

    Asura just opened the first-of-its-kind thermal energy plant in California, which should generate enough electricity to power some 3,500 homes. The best part is that this plant, which is named Kimberlina, is merely a proof of concept of sorts— the real plant, to be constructed by 2010, will generate enough electricity to power, like, 120,000 homes. The idea is dead simple: you’ve… Read More

  • Review and Contest: Penguin United 4X Quad Charge Station for Wii

    I honestly can’t remember the last time I went to the store and bought a pack of AA batteries. I have a few packs of rechargeable Energizer batteries that I use for my DSLR or other random gadgets that don’t charge over USB. However, three of my four Wiimotes are left in the cold because I don’t have enough rechargeable batteries to go around and often times I’m… Read More

  • T-Mobile G1 gets unlocked, though it loses a few features

    And we’re off! Just 7 days after the G1’s release, some clever folks have managed to get the handset up and running on networks outside of T-Mobile’s grasp. Unfortunately, they’re also clever enough to go about it as entrepreneurs; if you want the unlock code, it’ll set you back $22.99. Once you’ve given Unlock-TMobileG1.com some cash and your… Read More

  • Step up and finger the panda!

    If you’ll recall, the Tuttuki Bako Box is a strangle little Tamagotchi-like thing involving your finger, a panda, and lots of pushing. BBG has found video of what they’re calling a digital “glory hole” and, as I’ve been telling Serkan for quite a while now, this proves that the Japanese totally need to get laid. Turn down the sound but, like most Japanese… Read More

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    DIY: Wooden USB flash drive

    With a lot of sanding and basic woodworking skills, you can turn your plastic thumb drive into a classy wooden drive. Let me show you how. Read More

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