• Exclusive: OTOY Goes Mobile, Turns Your Cell Phone Into A Powerful Gaming Rig

    Last week we posted a pair of videos showing off OTOY, the upcoming server-side rendering service that can stream complex 3D games to your computer through any web browser. It’s a very impressive technology, requiring no plugins or lengthy installs — just open your browser and you can instantly jump into a game of Crysis or GTA4, streamed in HD quality. Today we’ve gotten… Read More

  • Interview: Jared Brown, iPhone developer about having his app rejected

    Every day the Internet pays lip service to the “apps” “yanked” by Apple. But what happens when something Apple does in the SDK shuts down an entire type of app, namely the camera apps that added interesting new functionality to the phone? Jared Brown write Quick Shot, an app that added a number of cool features to the iPhone camera. Apple has decided to strictly… Read More

  • Bush Advisor: Twitter Founders Should Get Nobel Peace Prize

    Oh my God, the haters of Twitter are going to love this. Speaking to Fox News, Mark Pfeifle, a former Deputy National Security Advisor to George W. Bush, offered up this appraisal of the Iran situation: “If there’s anybody that should possibly get a Nobel Peace Prize in the next time around, it should be the founders of Twitter who delayed the tuning up of their system in order for… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 1.5TB desktop hard drive for $99

    Dell has a nice deal going until this Wednesday — a 1.5TB desktop hard drive for $99 after $40 instant savings. It’s a SATA Seagate Barracuda with a 7200RPM spindle speed and 32MB of cache. Read More

  • Ikea strainer turned into super Wi-Fi antenna

    An enterprising young man studying abroad in Russia has turned a run-of-the-mill strainer from Ikea into a Wi-Fi super antenna using little more than the aforementioned strainer, a marker, and SKOTCH tape. Read More

  • Review: Palm Pre

    Now that everyone has had their say about the Palm Pre, I thought it wise to say a few words about the oft labeled “iPhone killer” that Sprint and Palm hope will bring each back from the edge of the dreaded deadpool. It seems as though every touch-screen device to launch since the first generation iPhone has faced an uphill battle and the Pre is no different. It’s… Read More

  • TiVo and Time Warner apparently discussing DVR deal

    Looks like Time Warner cable subscribers may someday get the option of the TiVo interface on their DVR boxes. According to Bloomberg, “TiVo is in talks to provide service through Time Warner Cable Inc.” although nothing specific has really been revealed yet. Read More

  • Tesla CEO Elon Musk Sets The Record Straight About Pending Lawsuit

    We reported a few weeks ago that Tesla co-founder Martin Eberhard filed a lawsuit against Tesla and Tesla CEO Elon Musk, citing allegations of slander, libel and breach of contract. Tesla issued a short statement when the lawsuit was filed, calling the lawsuit a “fictionalized account of Tesla’s early years.” Now Musk has taken to Tesla’s blog to give his own version of… Read More

  • CNBC misrepresents Opie and Anthony iPhone 3G S interview

    Apple released the iPhone 3G S on Friday, and the world is much better off because of it. What didn’t sit well with me is this CNBC segment that aired on Friday. It shows a several people clamoring over the device, saying how great it is, why they want it, etc. But fast-forward to 1:03 and you’ll see Prime Time Sam Roberts from the Opie and Anthony show. Here’s where the… Read More

  • And here we have a wooden iPod

    I don’t think you have to be a craftsman to appreciate the beauty of this handmade iPod. It’s a tad large and bulky, but it’s still beautiful in its own right. The outside casing is Australian red cedar, the working touch-sensitive click wheel is Camphor Laurel, and brass makes up the rest. Gorgeous. Now where is a wooden iPhone? Read More

  • What's In A Name, Indeed. Apple Now Calling It The "iPhone 3GS", No Space

    When the iPhone 3G S was announced at this year’s WWDC conference, I first wrote it as the “iPhone 3GS” and was corrected by a colleague that according to Apple, there was a space between the “G” and the “S.” That seemed to be the case on Apple’s entire website. But today, with its million units sold announcement, I noticed that Apple has… Read More

  • Japanese company sells cabinet that converts into a coffin

    I have no idea who would be cold-blooded (or in fact rational) enough to buy this, but it exists: A cabinet that doubles as a coffin [JP] when the owner or anybody else needs one. Why not? Read More

  • A Social Force Departs Google

    Kevin Marks, a social force within Google and one of the main drivers behind its recent social efforts (including OpenSocial, its Social Graph API, and Microformats) is leaving the company. He announced his departure today on his blog. Marks was an evangelist to other engineers outside Google, his official title was Developer Advocate. For many Web developers outside Google, he has been… Read More

  • Poll finds that physical media is dying, HD DVD as popular as Blu-ray

    Blu-ray was declared the winning format last year when HD DVD threw in the towel. This victory came after major studios left the HD DVD camp and joined up with Blu-ray. But just because a victory was celebrated, that doesn’t mean the format is successful. In fact, a recent Harris Interactive poll shows that many purchased an HD DVD player last year and most don’t plan on buying… Read More

  • Optimum Online Ultra, one month later: Hope you plan to P2P a lot

    It’s been about a month since I subscribed to Optimum Online Ultra, the fastest Internet service in the country—sorry, Peter. Consider this a predictable, rubbish explanation of how my Internet habits—nay, my life!—have changed as a result of having a 101 megabits-down/15 megabits-up connection. Read More

  • Uprise Apps merges its cloud with MS Office

    TechCrunch has repeatedly raised the problem of simultaneously collaboration on same documents in online/offline with engagement of traditional (Microsoft Office) desktop and modern online (Google Docs) productivity tools. There are group of companies (like DocVerse, Expresso, OffiSync) that are developing solutions in this area. Recently, this group has been supplemented by a new member… Read More

  • What has more buttons: an F1 steering wheel or your BlackBerry?

    As Matt will tell you, I know absolutely nothing about cars. Four wheels, a steering wheel, a couple of pedals—that’s the extent of my knowledge. That said, for whatever reason, I find myself getting into Formula One; it’s just fun! So, with that in mind, watch as I watch Force India’s team manager explain all the high-tech wonderment of a Formula 1 steering wheel. Read More

  • Serbian mobile startup KlikMee does tags for printed content

    KlikMee is a new mobile startup based out of Serbia a mobile application which allows users to take a picture of a special tag printed on a page and automatically open content on the web using their mobile. Its interesting that this kind of application is appears in Europe, where it’s been pretty commonplace in Asia for quite some time.Your download and use of this application is free… Read More

  • Instapaper Gets Folders And Goes Social

    The online bookmarking functionality I use most often isn’t Delicious or Google Bookmarks or even my browser’s bookmarking area. Instead, I use Instapaper, a really simple way to store things that you want read or come back to later. And the service just got a series of updates over the weekend to make it even better. The biggest update is the addition is the addition of folders. Read More

  • Flash Player 10 coming to Android, Symbian, WinMo, and webOS in October

    If you’re rocking an iPhone and are looking to get Flash up on your handset, continue holding your breath. If you’re on an Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, or webOS-powered handset, however, we’ve got good some news. In Adobe’s earnings call last week, CEO Shantanu Narayen slipped in one little meaty morsel on Flash on the go: Read More

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