Study: Gamers Aren't Better Drivers Than Non-Gamers (And May Even Be Worse!)

<img src="" />Bad news for people who think they’re great drivers because they play games like <a HREF="

McAfee's Tips To Keep You Safe Online: Mostly Common Sense (One Would Think!)

<img src="" />This should be an interesting year when it comes to keeping your data safe. Odds are you (and even your parents!) eithe

U.S. Transportation Secretary Wants To Outright Ban Phones From Cars

<img src="" />We all know that <a HREF="

iSAVE: Airbags Attached To The Outside Of Cars

<img src="" /> I am not sure if this is a good way to protect pedestrians, but a team of Japanese researchers developed them: airbags for

Rash Of Traffic Accidents Blamed On 'iPod Oblivion'

<img src="" /><a HREF="">Apple</a>’s <a HREF="">iPod</a> has be

Shock study: Adult Web sites are filled with malware

<img src="" />Wow, who would have guessed that visiting adult Web sites would be dangerous to the health of your computer? I mean, of al

TSA: Your iPad should make it through airport security without hassle

<img src="" />Good news for <a HREF="">iPad</a>-owning travelers: the <a HREF="http://www.crunchgear.

2.5 percent of the population can drive and use their phone at the same time. That means 97.5 percent can't.

<img src="" />A new study from the University of Utah suggests that a very small percentage of people are able to drive safely while u

It's all well and good to demand secure electronic medical records, but when has your data ever been secure in the first place?

<img src="" />Pretty much spot-on, this. There's an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal that argues that Americans should badger Con

TSA to track your cellphone signal to improve airport security waiting time

<img src="" />The Transportation Security Administration, ominously known as the TSA, wants to be able to track your cellphone while y

Is Wikileaks trying to destroy America? (No.)

<img src="" />Just hilarious. Apparently the U.S. intelligence community thought Wikileaks so odious that it labeled it a "potential

The Lab vs. The Real World: product testing is hard

<img src="" />Unless you've been living under a rock for the last couple months, you know that Toyota has had problems with su

Should we even bother going after cyber-criminals?

<img src="" />At what point do you stop trying to track and prosecute cyber-criminals? Obviously, you can't let criminals run around

A first? Muslim woman refuses to submit to airport body scan, not allowed to board flight

<img src="" />It finally happened. A Muslim woman in Manchester refused to submit to a <a HREF="

Be careful when handling that iBuyPower laptop!

<img src="" />Whoa. It seems that our amigos over at Laptop Magazine had a bit of a run-in with an iBuyPower laptop, and that nasty li

The madness continues: Paris airport installs full-body scanning machines

<img src="" />Another international airport has adopted those full-body scanners that have proven to be <i>so controversial</i>. Paris' Ch

This hand sanitzer uses plasma, for cleaning

<img src="" />The New York Times highlights the development of a new type of hand sanitizer, primarily developed for hospitals, that uses

For your protection: In the UK, if you refuse body scan you won't be allowed to board airplane

<img src="" />You're certainly familiar with those <a HREF="

Armatix handgun can only be fired by someone wearing the correct watch

<img title="gun" src="" />This seems like a really good idea. A German company called Armatix has developed a handgun that can only be fired

Nationwide no texting law goes into effect for buses and commercial trucks

<img src="">Newsflash: Sending text messages while driving is dangerous. There’s really no safe way to send a text while behind the wheel
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