Maine may add warning labels to cellphones

<img src="" />Maine could well become the first state in the Union to require cellphone manufacturers to add a cigarette-like warning

Stupid teens still text and drive because they're stupid

<img src="" alt="teenstext" />Despite the fact that you'd have to be a stupid idiot to still text and drive, plenty of teens in the

Nokia recalls several mobile phone chargers over shock hazard

<img src="" />Nokia has recalled several mobile phone chargers, manufactured by third-parties for the company, because of the chanc

Ford announces inflatable seatbelts, one step closer to Demolition Man

<img src="" />Ford just announced the inflatable seatbelt, intended to protect passengers seated in the back of the vehicle, where they

The bomb detector that may or may not be hocus pocus

<img src="" />Let's move onto something a little more serious for a moment. There's a device that the New York Times highlighted yesterday

What's to be done about texting and driving?

<img src="" />New Yorkers now have to live <a HREF="

Texting and driving now banned in New York State

<img src="" />Residents of New York State, beware: texting and driving is now 100 percent banned. No, it's not the first state to enac

Ontario law bans the use of portable gadgets while driving

<img src="" />A new law in Ontario, Canada has banned the use of handheld devices while driving. This includes cellphones, GPS devices, M

French health agency: Try to limit your exposure to mobile phones if only because we don't have enough data to say otherwise

<img src="" />A group of researchers in France just recommended that we all limit our exposure to wireless devices, including mobile

Advice: If your Internet connection drops out while playing an online game, don't stab a random person

<img src="" />Oh, dear. We've all been there: you're playing your favorite game online, and then WHAM-O~! you lose your Internet connectio

Get ready for more of those TSA body scanners!

<img src="" />Oh, dear. The TSA will expand the use of those body scanners we've talked about <a HREF="

Portable media players will have a mandatory volume limiter in Europe soon

<img src="" />It's expected that the European Commission will pass legislation that will require manufacturers to include a noise limiter

Lok8u: GPS wristwatch keeps tabs on kids

<img src="">UK-based Lok8u (Get it? Locate you?) is a GPS-enabled wristwatch meant to be worn by children. The watch also features a bu

Nationwide Insurance: 80 percent of Americans want legislation ‘to restrict’ driving while using mobile phone

<img src="" />We've already noted the dangers of driving while texting, but today there's evidence that suggests many other people reco

Toyota's anti-drunk driving gadget elicits comparison to, yes, Nazi Germany

<img src="" />Help me understand this. Toyota today announced some sort of anti-drunk driving “gadget” (more like a complete system,

Once upon a time, the NHSA wanted to ban the use of cellphones while driving

<img src="" />Seven years ago the National Highway Safety Administration called for a complete and total ban on the use of cellphones w

D.C. police chief doesn't want you to use iPhone Apps to detect traffic cameras

<img src="" />This is a few days old, so apologies in advance for that. Anyway, the Washington D.C. police chief, Cathy Lanier,

Car and Driver: Texting and driving is worse than drinking and driving

<img src="" />Here's more evidence that texting and driving is terribly dangerous. Car and Driver magazine tested to see how long it t

NJ bill would ban the use of non-hands-free GPS devices while driving

<img src="" />A new bill floating around the New Jersey legislature would ban the use of GPS devices while driving. You already know why,

CATS.i: The tracking device that's the size of a cellphone battery

<img src="" />This is theCATS.i. It's a tracking device that its creator says is so small it's “almost undetectable when being worn.”
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