Tesla recalls 2,700 Model X vehicles over potentially dangerous seat flaw

Tesla is voluntarily recalling 2,700 of its Model X vehicles over a flaw in the third-row seat that may be dangerous in an accident. In the meantime, the company has advised owners via email that they

Chariot for Women is a new ridesharing service for women only

Uber driver Michael Pelletz is launching a new ridesharing service with a twist: All the drivers and passengers will be women. Chariot for Women will be active in the Boston area on April 19. But does

5 apps that could help you in an earthquake

Several countries have been conducting earthquake drills and various forms of disaster preparedness activities in anticipation of this potentially cataclysmic earthquake. Technology companies have mob

Sat-nav? More like stab-nav: RedZone routes you around the shady part of town

Most mapping companies are pretty good at getting you from point A to point B. They usually optimize for the quickest or shortest route, but rarely take into account the risks of navigating the shady

Guardian Circle crowdsources your safety

In situations where you might not feel threatened enough to call the police, but where you do want to reach out to a friend and say 'something's not right here', freshly launched app Guardian Circle h

Use Tinder Or Grindr? This Billboard Suggests Getting Tested For An STD

I’d like to point out that there is no scientific evidence saying that just using the apps Tinder or Grindr will cause an STD. However, what happens after using those apps as partially intended

Volvo Brings Cloud To The Car To Transmit Safety Data Automatically

Imagine you’re driving down the road in winter and you encounter a patch of black ice. Your car swerves treacherously, and as it does, the built-in sensors in the automobile detect it, collect

PlaceUs Uses Context Awareness To Maintain Close Connections Through Automation

There is no shortage of tracking apps used by families and loved ones to keep an eye on another, whether it's to know where they are or for safety concerns.

Smart Driving Assistant Comes To Android With Safety-Focused “Do Not Disturb” And Crash Alert Features

Automatic, the smart driving assistant that combines a small hardware device that plugs in your car and a mobile app that provides drivers with data about their vehicle and their driving habits, is no

Apple Patents Driver Distraction Lockdown Mode For iPhones

Apple has been granted a new patent by the USPTO (via AppleInsider), and it’s one that could potentially prevent a lot of careless driving. The tech described in the patent would use a phone&#8

Kitestring, The App That Makes Sure You Get Home Safe

You don't have to walk alone anymore. Rather than asking your mom, bestie, or significant other to stay on the phone with you while you walk down a sketchy street at night, you can use Kitestring. You

Guardly Launches Mobile Mass Notifications With Indoor Positioning To Help With Emergency Response

Toronto-based startup Guardly is launching a new product today, a mobile mass notification system (MMNS) that will allow its clients to broadcast out alerts and notifications of emergencies to their u

Family Safety App Alert.Us Goes Beyond Kid Tracking With Message Boards, Battery Alerts & More

<a target="_blank" href="">Alert.Us</a>, a recently launched mobile family safety application, has some interesting ideas about the direction that these sorts of GPS tracking a

Google+ Rolls Out New Features To Keep Its Community Safe, Including A More Granular Reporting Functionality

As I've noted before, <a target="_blank" href="">Google's shift to soc

Guardly Partners With Code Blue To Combine Old And New Tech For On-Campus Safety

Toronto-based <a target="_blank" href="">Guardly</a>, a startup providing mobile apps to help increase personal safety, today announced a partnership with <a target="_blank" href="ht

Life360’s Family Safety App Grabs $3.5 Million Series A

Family safety startup <a href="">Life360</a>, which makes a freemium mobile security app by the same name, is today announcing it has secured $3.5 million in Series A funding. T

McAfee's Top Tips To Keep You Safe From Valentine's Day Scams & Malware

<img src="" />Continuing our series of <a HREF="">Valentine’s Day</a>-related p

Study: Gamers Aren't Better Drivers Than Non-Gamers (And May Even Be Worse!)

<img src="" />Bad news for people who think they’re great drivers because they play games like <a HREF="

McAfee's Tips To Keep You Safe Online: Mostly Common Sense (One Would Think!)

<img src="" />This should be an interesting year when it comes to keeping your data safe. Odds are you (and even your parents!) eithe

U.S. Transportation Secretary Wants To Outright Ban Phones From Cars

<img src="" />We all know that <a HREF="
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