YC-Backed Move Loot Brings Furniture Consignment Into The 21st Century

Buying and selling anything online that can easily be shipped in a small box is easy, but what about bulky furniture? Move Loot, a Y Combinator-backed startup, wants to take the hassle out of buying a

Mobly, Rocket Internet’s Home Furnishings Site In Brazil, Raises Up To $20M From LatAm Media Giant Cisneros Group

<a target="_blank" href="">Rocket Internet</a>, the Samwer brothers' Berlin-based incubator that runs a <a target="_blank" href="">va

Deal Décor Brings Its Factory-Direct Furniture Discounts Nationwide

Fresh off the heels of a $1.2 million round of funding, the furniture-focused e-commerce site <a target="_blank" href="">Deal Décor</a> is today announcing its official nat

A Chair Made Entirely Of The Cracks Between The Cushions

<img src="" />You know how your phone, change, pen, or whatever is always disappearing into that crack between adjacent cushions or

Pricey massage chair folds into a cube

<img src="" alt="" />The Venn diagram that drills down to the target buyer of this $800 chair must be a weird mix of people with lots of m

Ecolok's flat-pack furniture will be handy in our dark, overcrowded future

<img src="" />In the future, when overpopulation has forced us all to live in 6x6-foot pods, flat pack furniture will be in

Pac-Man bookcase sacrifices shelf space to make room for mouth wedge

<img src="">Will nobody address the elephant in the room when it comes to this awesomely wonderful Pac-Man bookcase? The mouth wedge ea

Office Depot somehow gets exclusive rights to sell $230 NASCAR chair

<img src="">I don't know how in the world Office Depot managed to secure the rights to this exclusive, li

bdporter: Sony Music's roll-front cabinet with integrated Blu-ray player and projector

<img src="" /> Sony Music Japan has announced a pretty unusual product today, the so-called <a href="

Heated portable chair costs $120, makes being outside slightly less miserable

<img src="">If you've ever spent an extended period of time outside during the late fall or winter watching some sort of parade, sporting

"Reading Lamp." Very clever.

<img src="" />In one of those rare collisions of good design and practicality, this lamp appears to be the perfect thing for your

Cool home project: DIY shelves from steel piping

<img src="" />If you've got an area you'd like to fill with shelving, this looks like a great solution — if you do

F-4 ejection seat makes the coolest office chair ever

<img src="" />Kind of a crotch hazard, though! Why don't they remove that iron bar there in the intimate area? This great chair

Offi Paket fits a table and four chairs into a li'l box

<img src="" />If I move to Tokyo, I'm definitely getting one of these little sets, even though I doubt I'll be having guests and I'll prob

Leather 'Rock Box' ottoman stores your Rock Band gear

<img src="">Oh my, take a look at this feat of ingenuity. Anyone who plays Rock Band or Guitar Hero World Tour and lives in a sm

Is keyboard furniture the next memory foam?

<img src="" alt="keyboard chair" />If you've got about 40 of the same keyboard lying around (aww, I only have 37!) then might I sugge

Bookshelf with built-in projector screen

<img src="">Here we have a <em>GREAT</em> idea in the “Stuff-Your-Stuff Theater Set” from Pottery Barn, an unfortunately-named piece

Video: Vibrating chair makes you feel the music

<img src="" />This chair researched at Ryerson University will make you feel the music. It has vibrating coils that will stimulate

This entire office is made of cardboard

<img src="">There’s an office in Amsterdam where all the furniture is made of cardboard. It’s the office of a creative agency ca

Convertible web surfing loveseat

<img src="">The Calypso by designer Brandon Allen takes the concept of the futon, updates it to the year 2009
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