Bookshelf with built-in projector screen


Here we have a GREAT idea in the “Stuff-Your-Stuff Theater Set” from Pottery Barn, an unfortunately-named piece of furniture with an even more unfortunate $1299 price tag.

It’s probably built pretty solidly, though, and look how much fun these three kids are having!


Someone tell that one kid that playing drums while standing up is NOT a good way to meet people. The singing girl can stay, and the guitar kid should really be standing up in order to fully rock out, although it’s acceptable to sit for ballads. In a perfect world, the drummer and guitarist would switch spots.

If you can’t stomach the thought of spending $1300 on a single piece of furniture, I betcha it wouldn’t take too much money or time to fashion something like this out of a similar bookshelf.

Stuff-Your-Stuff Theater Set [PBteen via Unplggd/GeekSugar]