Press Fit Standing Desk Review: An Affordable Option With U.S. Manufacturing And Materials

A standing desk is a resource for the home office that’s increasingly common, but they’re still not affordable or convenient in most cases. The Press Fit standing desk began life as a Kickstarter project designed to fix both those problems, with an innovative standing desk design that’s easy to assemble/break down and reassemble, and that won’t break the budget.

Press Fit is a new furniture company out of Boston founded by MIT graduate students David Yamnitsky and Isabella Trombo, which aims to create affordable furnishings that are built out of solid, sustainable materials, which can be manufactured in the U.S. and which can be assembled, taken apart and moved around easily by just a single individual.

The company’s first piece of furniture, the Press Fit Standing Desk initially sought $10,000 on Kickstarter to fund its first production run, and managed to raise just under $65,000. Now that the project has come to a close, Yamnitsky and Trombo are bringing the standing desk to consumers via self-run pre-orders so that those who missed the chance to get in on the action during the campaign can order one now.

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Yamnitsky sent over one of the first production prototypes off of the line so that I could check it out in action, and it’s impressive out of the box. Assembly, even on my own, took about 5 minutes, and most of that time was spent removing bubble wrap from the individual pieces. There’s no hardware, nails or screws to deal with, and yet the desk feels solid and doesn’t exhibit any noticeable shake when you’re typing away on your laptop while standing. Plus it breaks apart in less than a minute for easy transportation to another room or a new location.

The Press Fit has impressive fit and finish, too, even if the industrial design isn’t going to blow anyone away in terms of style. Also, I learned quickly to remember not to move the desk just by picking it up by its top surface, as it’ll just come off of the base.

For just $200, Press Fit’s option is a durable, convenient option that is amazing simply because of its easy assembly. If you’ve been shopping around for a standing desk but haven’t found one that suits your budget/space constraints, this is definitely worth a look.