Pricey massage chair folds into a cube

The Venn diagram that drills down to the target buyer of this $800 chair must be a weird mix of people with lots of money, a tiny apartment, and sore legs. In cube form, the product “serves as an ideal footrest or stores unobtrusively in a closet.”

If I had an $800 chair in my house, I wouldn’t keep it in the closet. I’d try to steer every conversation towards the chair. “Yeah, we were thinking of buying a gigantic TV but decided on the Foldaway Massage Chair instead. I won’t tell you how much we paid for it, but let’s just say we were thinking of buying a gigantic TV. For $800. We bought the chair instead.”

According to the product description:

This chair provides an invigorating leg and foot massage and folds to the size of a small ottoman. The air cells along the sides of the footwells inflate and deflate to deliver a kneading and compression massage that relieves sore, tight muscles in the calves and ankles. Finger-like nodes provide a deep-penetrating acupressure massage on the toes, arches, and soles of the feet. Air cells in the seat expand and contract to soothe pressure points in the lower back and buttocks and provide gentle stretching of the hips and waist.

I’d be interested to see how comfortable this thing would be to sit in for long periods of time.

The Foldaway Massage Chair [Hammacher Schlemmer]