Ecolok's flat-pack furniture will be handy in our dark, overcrowded future

In the future, when overpopulation has forced us all to live in 6×6-foot pods, flat pack furniture will be indispensable. You’ll wake up, collapse your bed, and pop open a chair and coffee table for your morning bowl of nutrient gel. The hidden Illuminati of the world are already planning for this and hoarding them, which explains why you can’t order anything from Ecolok, a company which produces tasteful and practical flat-pack stuff.

These tables are made of quality wood and are “relatively” light weight, not that it matters much with a piece of furniture that size. And I guess you can order stuff, it’s just that they want you to tell them what you want! What, I can’t pick from nine muted colors of the same particle board bookcase like at Ikea? So inconvenient! God!

Wait, maybe they can make that Tetrad storage unit I’ve always wanted but couldn’t afford…

[via Treehugger]