• ‘SofaBox’ is pretty much exactly what it sounds like

    It’s a sofa. It’s a box. It’s the SofaBox — a sofa that folds into its own box. Nice idea, especially for frequent travelers who can’t stand to be without a portable sofa for more than a couple of days or impromptu sitting sessions. The product’s website — – is in a mystical, magical foreign language but somewhere in there it… Read More

  • How to turn an old PowerBook into an arcade cabinet

    Oh my, this does look nice. Frederic Sebton has taken an old PowerBook and an IKEA side table (Ramvik is the model) and turned it into an arcade cabinet. Sebton has basically taken a PowerBook apart and mounted the screen and computer guts back-to-back, with the screen showing up through a hole cut in the top of the table. He then used a piece of black cardboard and a piece of glass as… Read More

  • Comfort: Thanko cushion lets you type from the floor

    What makes you look like a dork, yet could actually be worth the embarrassment? Maybe this Thanko cushion, chief. It’s for those of you who sit in front of your computer (laptop) all day long. You lie down on your belly and type, type, type away. It’s supposed to ease the stress on your frame. Might leave you susceptible to “pantsing,” however. I’m not a… Read More

  • Capcom + Ultimate Game Chair = Capcom Ultimate Game Chair

    What were you expecting, a labradoodle? No. It’s actually called the Reactor. If you’re not familiar with the Ultimate Game Chair (of olde), it’s essentially a really nice chair with built-in ports, speakers, and motors to bump you, punch you, and vibrate you as you play your favorite games. Capcom is working with them to make a new, more Capcom-y chair with the same sort… Read More

  • Deskputer: why don't we all have these?

    Now this is a desktop computer. It seems like a pretty obvious idea, and nothing occurs to me off the top of my head that would make it impractical. A custom motherboard with rotated PCI slots, a few extender cables, and you’ve got a really great setup. There’s plenty of room for vents and heatsinks, a natural place for drives, ports, and so on — really, why aren’t… Read More

  • Geneva Lab $3,500 integrated media center cabinet

    I’m not a huge audiophile by any means, but my wife and I do happen to be looking for a low-profile, wide TV table and she did say that we should buy something that’ll last us for a long time. So I present to you (and her), Geneva Lab‘s $3,500 media center cabinet-type thing with an iPod dock and a seven-speaker system built into it. It’ll be available in the October… Read More

  • Bendable shelf handles RSS feeds and text messages

    In what’s sure to be recognized as one of the greatest inventions of 2008 (by me, at least), here’s a shelf that can be bent every which way, thanks to the miracle of “elastomer” AND displays your favorite RSS feeds and any incoming text messages. Read More

  • One to Three for Five (Seconds): Two chairs, one table

    Here’s another wacky design/concept for you to look at, say “wtf,” then move on with your day. Apparently it’s called One to Three for Five (Seconds), which I can only assume alludes to the fact that it—and “it” is a piece of furniture—can quickly transform from one, I don’t know, square, into two chairs and a small table. The… Read More

  • Programmer's bed

    For those long, long nights spent programming your bubble sort comes a clever bed/desk combo that might be problematic if you fall through the bottom of the bed and onto your desk. It costs a mere $3,650, twin mattress included. Great for future college students and those guys who wear capes in the CS department and flirt with the desk attendants who are oblivious to their existence. Product… Read More

  • Shelf swivels in response to lopsided weight

    [photopress:bshelf.jpg,full,center] Here’s a cheap trick (n. the band) that’s sure to impress no one. It’s a shelfs that double as a balance. Depending on how much weight is on either side of the fulcrum, the shelf tilts to the left or the right. The shelf won’t completely tip over or anything (that would be silly! and pointless!), but instead provide a visual feast for… Read More

  • The Wave: 480 motion-sensing LEDs in a table, just for fun

    [photopress:LED_Table.jpg,full,left]Sure, it’s no Microsoft’s Surface, but it’s pretty cool anyway. Using an array of infrared sensors and a CPU, the LED table tracks motion and activates the LCDs in response. It’s not as expensive as Surface, but of course it does a whole lot less. That being said, $2,215 sounds a bit steep still. The Wave Interactive LED Coffee… Read More

  • Han Solo Carbonite Desk: Exactly what it sounds like, as cool as it sounds

    [photopress:Desk2web.jpg,full,center] No, you can’t buy it, it’s a one-off that a design company made for a client, but don’t you want it? I can’t imagine why Jabba the Hutt hung his on the wall instead of doing something useful with it like this. Han Solo in Carbonite desk [The RPF, via Boing Boing] Read More

  • Know what this place needs? Definitely a floating chair powered by magnets

    I’ll be saving up for the office chair version whenever it comes out but for those of you looking to really kick back after a long day of widget transconfiguration (or whatever it is you do), here’s the “The Lounger” by British company Hoverit Ltd. Defying gravity with the use of repelling magnetic forces in both the bed and base this contemporary lounger is… Read More

  • The Pencil Bench office furniture: 1,600 pencils, 1 bench

    Who, growing up, didn’t want a bench made entirely out of 1,600 pink pencils? Thankfully, Boex 3D Creative Solutions went ahead and developed exactly that. Its name isn’t too imaginative—Pencil Bench—but it was borne out of a silly, “wouldn’t it be, like, great to make a piece of furniture out of everyday objects?” It would, and it is. For $2,450… Read More

  • Plasma Lift: Hey Honey! What TV?

    Let’s say you go drop $1,200 on a new flat-panel TV, but you don’t want Sweetie to know you’ve spent the rent. What do you do? Return it to the store in recognition that you messed up, meaning you cave to your signif’s common sense? Or find a clever, gadgety way to hide your toy from his or her scrutinizing eyes? Good answer. The Plasma Lift is a fairly gaudy looking… Read More

  • A Collection Of Geeked Out Furniture

    The gents over at TechEBlog have compiled a list of the most geeked out furniture. You may recognize a familiar face or two like the Ultimate Game Chair, but some of the other pieces are extremely awesome. There’s a whole couch made out of blue mousepads (see pic), which looks comfy as hell. Also on the list are the Verte Seating Office Chair, the one that looks like it has a spine… Read More

  • Slinky Chair Wows Crowd There aren’t much details about this chair, but one commenter believes it is made out of a massive amount of flexible cardboard. Evan Ackerman over at OhGizmo! describes it as “a bunch of interlocking two dimensional chairs that can accordion out to whatever length you want, slinky style.” Regardless, I want one just to woo the ladies, who can… Read More

  • The Villain Chair: Direct Henchmen in Style

    Blofeld, Darth Vader, Dr. Evil, Lex Luthor, Dr. Claw. These were some of the absolutely lethal and diabolical bad guys from a few of our favorite films. The share evil genius, plans of total conquest, and slick knavish style. One common element of that style is the iconic Villain Chair. Made of dark leather on a menacing frame, the Villain Chair is enough to make anyone feel like a super bad guy. Read More

  • Roccaforte: For Serious Gamers

    Roccaforte, Italian for big and expensive, is a gaming desk put together by Japanese company M-S-Y. The desk features a bunch of extra mini-tables, higher-risen tables for multiple monitors and some great design. The desk would make a great addition to a high-end PC gaming rig, and for people doing video editing and sound engineering. There’s room for LCDs, speakers, monitors (the… Read More

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