Acquisition, retention, expansion: Why SaaS founders must understand GDR and NDR

It’s become increasingly difficult to sign new SaaS customers unless they can demonstrate high and measurable ROI with rapid time to value.

Daily Crunch: PSG, Battery Ventures invest $100M in open source password manager Bitwarden 

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Study up on churn rate basics to set customer and revenue benchmarks

In the early stages of building a company, churn gives you quick feedback, which other metrics seldom do. Studying churn lets you run tests on your platform and get feedback in a few days or months.

These simple metrics will tell you if your startup is ready to scale

Finding go-to-market fit (GTM) is a pivotal moment for a startup. It means you’ve found a repeatable formula for finding and winning lead that can be written into a repeatable GTM playbook.

As layoffs slow and churn improves, is startup health improving?

According to several metrics TechCrunch has tracked throughout the COVID-19 era, the fortunes of some startups appear to have bounced off lows set in March and April.

B2B SaaS growth may be on a path to recovery

Hello and welcome back to our regular morning look at private companies, public markets and the gray space in between. As the economy has worsened, the market for many goods and services has slowed. S

How SaaS startups should plan for a turbulent Q2

Let's talk about how Q2 is going to impact startups and how young companies might respond.

SaaS growth appears to slow as churn concerns rise

A set of charts provided to TechCrunch detail how the growth rate of SaaS companies, in both B2B and B2C, are falling. The market could be in for SaaS's first patch of hard times in recent memory.

6 steps to reduce churn for high-volume subscription companies

Your customers don’t really want to cancel. At least, not all of them. Between 15 and 30 percent of customers leave for reasons that are within your control. Tapping into these customers...

To be a top quartile SaaS grower, you need to focus on gross churn

SaaS entrepreneurs are bombarded with blog posts with an array of metrics and variables on which they need to focus in order to build their companies. There are so many metrics that are touted: gross