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D&I leaders from JPMorgan Chase, Ford and PwC discuss neurodiversity

“The future of work” is a phrase on the lips of corporate leaders across industries, and diversity and inclusion leaders are determined to make neurodiversity an important part of the conversation. 

While race, gender, sexual orientation and religion are commonplace diversity and inclusion focuses, professionals across the diverse spectrum of cognitive functioning are too often overlooked. Neurological differences across the workforce should not marginalize anyone, but building career development programs that serve neurodiverse individuals — including those with autism, ADHD/ADD, bipolarity, dyslexia, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), as a few examples — is easier said than done. For CEOs who don’t know where to start, there are diversity and inclusion trailblazers already helping pave the road forward for neurodiversity, and they’re happy to help. 

In the age of global pandemic, as the future of work is being reimagined, the neurodiversity discussion remains important as ever to diversity and inclusion work. But what remains even more important is action. That’s why CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion (CEO Action) — a coalition of CEOs who have pledged to take action to address the ongoing inclusion needs of their people and communities — encourages leaders to share their learnings and perspectives with one another. More than 1,000 organizations representing 15 million employees are signatories of the coalition, and we asked leaders who represent three of them — Ford Motor Company, JPMorgan Chase and Co., and PwC — to discuss their insight and best practices for developing neurodiversity programs.

This conversation has been edited and condensed for clarity.


From PwC:

PwC’s new series, Why I Act, produced in association with the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion™, highlights the many ways companies and their leaders are affecting change for a more diverse, inclusive and better future. With more than 1400 CEOs that have taken the pledge, CEO Action is the largest CEO-led business coalition focused on advancing diversity and inclusion in the U.S. To learn more about the coalition and its signatories, visit CEOAction.com. To hear the latest about workplace diversity and inclusion from business leaders who are taking action listen to our podcast “Time To Act.”