Valve Index VR headset is launching on June 15

Well, on Friday we thought we’d have to wait another few weeks to hear about Valve’s plans for its first virtual reality headset, but the company (accidentally?) seems to have let a few details and images slip regarding its high-powered contender to consumer VR headsets built by Oculus and HTC.

A product page for the Valve Index went live this morning and was discovered by Twitter user @Wario64. We’ve learned that while we’ll hear full details and pre-order the headset on May 1 per the teaser, the device will be launching on June 15.

No word on pricing, though the company did let some other details slip. Including that the headset will come with the “Knuckles” controllers that Valve has been developing, which are now called the Valve Index Controllers. The placeholder page didn’t have full details on resolution or other specs though we also now see that the wired headset has integrated headphones as well, something that has been controversially left out of Oculus’s upcoming Rift S headset.

Valve has confirmed the details to other publications, saying that the information is accurate, but not comprehensive. We have also reached out to the company for confirmation.