Bang & Olufsen’s David Lynch speaker is perfect for playing 50’s crooners and loud electrical noises

Fresh off the satisfyingly frustrating Twin Peaks revival, director David Lynch is lending his name to an extremely limited edition Bang & Olufsen speaker. It’s a weird collaboration from a weird director and a company with some of the industry’s weirdest speaker designs. A branding opportunity made in weirdo heaven.

The speaker is essentially a B&O Play A9 draped with a cover taken from a lithograph on the walls of Lynch’s pricey boutique room at Paris’s Hotel Lutetia. And like the room itself, the speaker doesn’t come cheap. The Paris Suite A9 is available exclusively through the MoMA Design Store for $2,999 — roughly double the price of a night at Chateau Lynch.

That ridiculous price is due in part to the fact that B&O only made 30 of the damn fine speakers available to the public at large. Each are signed and numbered by Lynch and a portion of the proceeds goes to the director’s foundation, which, naturally, uses Transcendental Meditation to help reduce stress in at-risk populations.

According to the company, Lynch is a “self-proclaimed long-time patron of Bang & Olufsen,” just don’t expect the thing to make a cameo in any of Lynch’s own films, if the director has anything to say about it.