That Nike-branded Apple Watch arrives October 28

Maybe you’ve been waiting for the Nike+ version of the Apple Watch to arrive before running out to buy the Series 2. Because, you know, life is a marathon, not a sprint and all that good stuff. Maybe you’re waiting for a brightly colored, breathable band that says yes, I do in fact work out.

Your wait, it seems, will soon be over. Apple’s updated its page for the Nike+ version of the Apple Watch Series 2 to include the official October 28 release date, so go ahead and make sure you can find a way to incorporate the wearable into your Halloween costume (dressing like Ken Bone will still be cool and original in a few weeks, right?).

The product is a largely unchanged version of Apple’s new watch, with a few key differences, including the aforementioned perforated band, which actually looks pretty nice in person and comes in black with either yellow, silver or gray peeking through the holes. The shoe company has tweaked the watch software a bit to include a Nike+ Run Club offering and has, naturally, marked its territory by carving swoosh on the back of the watch case (along with some branding on the strap).

It’ll run the same as the standard Series 2 watch – that’s $369 for the 38mm version and $399 for the 42mm.

via MacRumors