Sigma’s Newest Full-Frame Wide Zoom Lens Has A Constant F2 Aperture

Sigma has a new zoom lens that could be the perfect walk around lens for street photographer: A 24-35mm zoom lens designed for full-frame cameras, with a unique feature that’s sure to add to its versatility – a constant, wide open f2 aperture.

It’s a lens that could replace three standard kit primes for a lot of DSLR photographers, including 24, 28 and 35mm focal lengths. Previously, if you wanted an aperture anywhere near that f2 mark, you’d have had to get separate glass for each; Sigma previously offered wide zooms for crop sensor (APS-C) format digital SLRs, but this one does the job for full-frame cameras like Canon’s 5D range, too.

That low aperture value means you’ll be able to achieve great background defocus effects (bokeh), and the lens also includes Sigma’s quiet HSM autofocusing mechanism, as well as a nine-blade rounded diaphragm to make sure your bokeh is nice and smooth. It also works with Sigma’s USB dock, which means you can program it to tweak AF performance across the range.

Sigma isn’t yet revealing pricing or availability, but it’ll probably be somewhere around $800 to $1,000 based on current lineup pricing.